Cat Does Pandarian Shake

Yeah, I know I overindulge her. But really, what she SAID was she wanted to show off her Vile Fumigator’s Mask. Okay, that’s cool. I didn’t know she was going to cause a scene in the Seat of Knowledge and upset poor Lorewalker Cho!

Really Cat it’s been done to death, even Grannies did it.

16 Responses to “Cat Does Pandarian Shake”

  1. lol…too funny!

    I love how the one “grannie”, in the other video, starts getting tired and she’s all like, “Frig this…I’m bushed”.

  2. /cough

    You know it’s old when…..

  3. Holy cow. Hilarious.

    There are just no words. Well, no other words.

    Err, and the cow comment has nothing to do with the fact that Cat’s a Druid–really. 😉

  4. HAHAHA Ancient! Both videos cracked me up LOL

  5. Cat is clearly quite the accomplished diplomat, to pull together that amazingly diverse group of backup dancers! 😀

  6. I only watched my first one yesterday and it was weird. She had some nice back up dancers there.

  7. Could you please let me know what you’re blackmailing Illidan with, that way I could “persuade” him into dropping the right loot sooner rather than later :p

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