Do You Know the Fight?

warmakerThis picture has nothing to do with anything, Sasche just felt sorry for Kar Warmaker because apparently he’s old news and nobody wants to fight him. She told him that apparently the word is out that he cheats with that Cracking Blow ability. If he’d stop it maybe he’d have some company.

changefWhat she really came here to say is Blizzard WTF! How dare you! What kind of crack is that? What the hell are you trying to say? Okay, you disguised my hair a little but why are you thinking that ANYONE would want to change from a beautiful Forsaken to a Blood Elf. I resent the implication that I’m less than attractive. Really, how could you.

I thought I should post today although I don’t have any of my usual helpful information to give you … HAHAHA! Yes, that Sasche said that, she’s quite the jokey Undead.

The REASON I thought I should post was because it might be my last chance to say: Hi, you guys! I’m hoping I don’t get booted off WordPress. A while back I was contacted by someone from the New York Film Academy. Apparently they have a game design program and wanted to do a guest post.

I know I would be interested in hearing what’s involved in becoming a game designer so I said sure. Hopefully since I’m getting nothing in return this isn’t in conflict with the whole WordPress no advertising thingy. I’m looking forward to reading it.

Lastly I had to add to my FAQ page. I get this a lot. I need to clarify. I get variations of, “You all know the fight.” Do you know the fight?” “Everyone knows this one.” NO I DON’T EFFING DO! I do not know one single fight! Over the years while you all are spending your time watching videos and studying strategies I have been sunning myself on the beaches of Tanaris and Thousand Needles.

What? Yes, I’m very lazy but everyone enjoys the game differently and if I think it’s fun to go back and pound on unsuspecting bosses with a bear 20 levels higher than them so that mechanics never have the time to become an issue then that’s what I’ll do. 20 levels though it would probably be my Cat pounding on them. Whatever. Cat is in a one person guild and has refused to pug since BC. Trust me, she doesn’t know the fight.

So in the interest of full disclosure. No. I DO NOT KNOW THE FIGHT! That is not why I play. I play to kick goats off of cliffs but if you still want me to come YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!

JD and Laid Back Raids knows this and yet they still let me come … I know! How crazy is that!

14 Responses to “Do You Know the Fight?”

  1. I see what you did there: New York Film Academy? Sounds presitigious! Hey, don’t worry about the belf thing; if Lady Sylvanas gets a hold of Blizz’s butt over this poor planning, well…

  2. Ooh I’d forgotten about the goat kicking quest, might go and do it on an alt to get revenge for being punted off the cliff by those mean goats who don’t want to be cut up into steaks. Ok, being a Priest means it’s not fatal but ending up at the other side of the zone is a tad annoying.

  3. Didn’t I just read the other day that you thought BE’s were beautiful? But I can understand – you shouldn’t be urged to change if you don’t want to. Then again, those LBRs are great for those who have never seen or experienced those fights before.

  4. I’ve been there. And when someone drops group if you dare say “no”, then yeah, I’ve been there too.

    • Yup, Cat gave up years ago before LFD. Spend hours getting a group together and then nope, you need 30,000hp you only have 29,500hp or you don’t know the fight, can’t come. Fine, I will amuse myself, lol!

  5. Those guys are so disappointing don’t you think? They write to you and say how wonderful your writing is – click this link and for a tiny fee you will have more traffic thru your blog than you dreamed of!
    Lucky for me I’m just lazy and can’t be bothered clicking things /snicker
    And I’m still not sure why those guys selling fans and air conditioners keep visiting. The hot air in my blog won’t go away…

  6. You know, Tome, the reason why JD (and by extension, the rest of us) let you come with us on the LBRs is because we love hanging out with Cat! (not to mention, we botch the mechanics because we don’t research in advance either. 🙂 )

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