Who are you … (Cymre Watch Out Ugly Face Incoming)

greenfaceWho who who who. I woke up in a Stormwind doorway … sigh. I’m in a mood, not a HUGE mood. You can always tell by the amount of effort I put into my ugly face and today … yeah, phoning it in.

But really doesn’t it seem wrong that while “playing” a “game” I FREQUENTLY worry about the future of the human race and I don’t like the odds.

Okay, that was my wordless rant. I’m done. To those that deserve it consider this a BIG FU from me to you.

8 Responses to “Who are you … (Cymre Watch Out Ugly Face Incoming)”

  1. Oh thx for the warning. I had a bit off a ‘some people are shitheads’ moments today but I showed him! Hope yours fares better though.

  2. Yikes! No thank goodness I saw the Cymre warning. No headbumping for me today.
    I hope I didn’t make you do that either!

  3. 😦

    Sprout will flay their ankles for you!

    On a slightly related note, Mr Harpy thinks if there are Aliens floating around out there, picking up our signals and trying to decide if we’re the sort of species they want to hang out with, they’ll take one look at something like WoW and nuke us from orbit. Of course, his behaviour in pvp will do nothing to change their minds.

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