Enabling Jogu the Drunk and Pets!

staremoreOMG Cat! You’re going to stare a hole through Brad Rhodes! Stop it, it’s embarrassing! Yes, she’s been trying to come up with 10 days of Pet Battles but keeps getting side-tracked by well … things. She’s been having a moral dilemma over Jogu the Drunk. Buy A Fish A Drink? Buy A Fish A Keg? She really feels she should stop contributing to his problem, but darn the pays too good.

She couldn’t wait to get her Onyx Cloud Serpent to ride but now finds it makes her nauseous when she rides it, so she just mounts it and kinda stands there … looking cool. Or not. Who knows. Okay, enough. Let’s get down to business.

Oh wait, just one more thing.

morukI wonder if anyone else has had this happen. Moruk is sweet on Cat apparently. He gives her a Flawless Battle-stone of some kind VERY frequently, so frequently that I think he’s going to get in trouble with the RNG Department. Oh and that Courageous Yon NEVER gives her anything. Perhaps he’s heard what a slacker she was at helping out the Shado-Pan.

Okay now I’m REALLY ready. I’m doing it all at once to make it look like I have a lot to say.

Day 1:  Your first day pet battling.

I vaguely remember I seemed to think PvP battles were what you were supposed to do. I can’t remember all my team except for Clockwork Gnome. I proudly entered the ring with no concept of which pets worked best against other pet types with three level ones expecting to meet three other level ones.

My team was beaten to a pulp repeatedly by a variety of teams consisting of a level range between 1 to 7. My Clockwork Gnome was annihilated by a Elemental. My learning began. We were hammered by a Pandaren. Perhaps we should do some reading and come back when we have a level 25 team and that was day one.

Day 2:  What pets don’t you like and why?

Bugs and Beetles and Roaches. Ugh. I don’t even care if they kick butt I’m not using them. Ick! Ick! Ick!

Day 3:  Who is your favourite pet?  If you could bring it out into the real world, tell me what you imagine you would be doing.

I know I said if I ever got a Minfernal I would beat it to death for playing that hard to get, but I found once I HAD one it was love at first sight. I didn’t care that he was common. Then Navi made him a rare with her Battle-Stone and I loved him EVEN MORE!

In the real world? I guess I’d take him with us on our dog walks to impress the neighbors. You think he’s rare in Azeroth? That’s nothing to how he’d stand out here! We’d be the talk of the neighborhood, not sure in a good way though. I’m afraid he might do some lawn-scorching along the way.

Day 4: What was the most epic pet battle/capture you ever had?


Day 5: What pet do you want more than any other pet?  What would you do to get it?

MINFERNAL! LOL! I transferred to a magic PvP server to obtain him.

Day 6: What pets have you got in your favourite team(s)?

This one’s hard as it changes all the time and pets go in and out of favor and the teams change all the time and I have so many.

petteamsI like some of my Dragonkin with heals a lot as they’re good utility players but I STILL haven’t perfected my perfect team.

Day 7: Do you use mods?  If you could only have one pet mod, what would it be and why?

I use quite a few but the one I couldn’t do without is PetBattle Teams. Best thing ever.

Day 8: What is the stupidest thing(s) you have ever done in a pet battle?

I wish I could say there was a stupid thing I did once. But I can’t. I REPEATEDLY do this. I forget to check to make sure my team is healed up from the last battle and engage to find one dead, one at half health. This used to be painful as I had to waste a bandage. Now since bandages have multiplied like rabbits it’s not such an issue, but still! Stop doing it!

Day 9: What is your favourite pet ability?  If you could have a pet with your favourite abilities, what would they be?

Right now it’s Tranquil Mechanical Yeti’s Ion Cannon!

Oh, I’d do something stupid like a great heal, stone rush without the damage to my pet and ION CANNON! Oh, and maybe make the cooldown on Ion Cannon shorter too.

Day 10: Design a pet!  What model would your pet have, where would it come from and what abilities would it have?

dog8This is my pet. He comes from the seventh level of hell and I would steal his ability from the Hozen Idol and it would work on critters AND Elementals!

15 Responses to “Enabling Jogu the Drunk and Pets!”

  1. Your pet design is going to give me nightmares!

  2. Does that abomination against all that is alive and decent in the world have a name!?

    • I used a few parts of my rl dog to make him so I guess his name is Mikey which doesn’t sound threatening enough. Maybe I’ll call him Jaws of Doom which would be fitting as lots of things around the house have fallen to the Jaws of Doom, lol!

  3. Why do you make so many reconstructed dogs! LOL!! I would think you have chosen a more cute fluffy puppy HAHAHAHA!

    Yay for playing ❤ TY ancient!

    • Actually when I made this I was mad at my dog (then puppy) for eating a good portion of a leg on our kitchen table. So I took it out on him by making him look this way, lol. He was a cute fluffy puppy hiding SATAN inside!

  4. I have a Minfernal too, found him inside a tree, where I’m sure a lot of others gave up on fighting him. But I managed to, and he was just a small poor chap. Oh well, I am seriously considering upgrading him, like you. He sounds like he could be good.

    That add on, pet battle teams. I think I have to look into that!

    • Grats on your Minfernal, that was the hardest pet ever for me to get.

      And I LOVE that addon, I think I have 50 some teams that I can label because I’ll forget what I made them for. I couldn’t live without it now.

  5. Your design pet OMG creepy!! LOL You transferred to a magic PvP server, WOW thats some pet battle dedication (or addiction haha).

  6. As usual, though I love the pet battle stuff what caught my eye was enabling the drunk. Sadly there are no support groups so let’s just leave him to it.

  7. What the hell? that pic is…. unusual 😛

    I admit I’m not doing as many of the tamer battles as I used to but maybe I should if you’re that lucky with stones. I could sure use a lot of them to pimp up my collection.

  8. […] wish I was as creative as Ancient (Tome of the Ancient) was with her design-a-pet answer but alas creativity was just not in the […]

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