WoW Fight Simulator

fightsimI was talking to someone the other day about how people learn differently. My reluctance to accompany a herd of strangers into LFR is because no amount of reading strategies or watching videos will help me know what to do. I learn by doing. Which probably means failing a few times. I’m not up for that with a group of potential foul-mouthed jerks. My fear is that spurred on by the foul-mouthed jerkiness I will then descend into responding in even foul-mouthierness. Trust me, it can happen.

So, I was thinking and I came up with a hair-brained scheme! All you smart people out there, listen! Couldn’t you just make a WoW Fight Simulator for those of us that learn by doing? No! I’m sure you could do it! I know Cat would pay big gold for something like that.

Oh well, it was worth a shot. Maybe Blizzard should do it. I’d pay at least as much as an expansion cost, and if they threw in a battle pet I’d even buy the World of Warcraft Fight Simulator Collector’s Edition for oodles of money.

Yeah. Think about it. I can’t be the only introverted, learns by doing, WoW player out there.

Yes, it’s come to that. I need a simulator game to be able to play my massively multiplayer online role-playing … game … sigh.

14 Responses to “WoW Fight Simulator”

  1. Ancient, I think that is fabulous idea, actually. I too learn by doing. So I read the strat and then I watch the video and then I walk into the fight and still nub it up for an attempt or two. >< Luckily, out of 25 people, I do not seem to be the only one… There are certain raid mechanics in particular I would LOVE to test this way first.

    Most specifically, the constructs on Amber-Shaper! I am still only vaguely comfortable with those. :/

    ~ Effy

  2. Just jump in Tome, seriously, though I have often wished for this too: a private tutoring lesson using the journals Blizz provides and DBM. A way in which I could freeze the action, take notes, and think about what to do. However nothing can simulate every situation, that “mojo” factor that is the best part. I promise you of all the derping I have done not a single player has ever come back to me and called me out later. Remind me to tell you about my demonic leap move in a dungeon last night into a trash mob when I thought I was getting on my talbuk. Yes. I did that. Anyway, I agree we need more tutorials, even for healing; maybe those are the blog posts we should be writing? Sure. Right after I r e z (damn auto correct) myself from dying of embarrassment.

    • And maybe it would help if I actually used DBM. But when I used it for a while all the noise and stuff from DBM made me jump right into the goo, lol! Sensory overload!

      So far I haven’t demonic jumped anywhere by accident except when I’m standing around the Horde motel talking, I would have LOVED to have seen that!

  3. I think that’s a cool idea! I know I’d be practicing my tanking then!

  4. That’s a really cool idea, although I’d still prefer if the Brawler thing was build that way or being able to redo a particular fight right from the bit you failed at (brings back memories of The Nexus from my Dragonwrath chain).

    But in terms of trying a LFR, I’d say do it. Usually the start of the week is better as you get a better group of players. What have you got to lose at this stage, you may even walk away with a few pieces.

  5. Learning by doing is the best way of learning! It is a shame that LFR is full of those foul-mouth jerks. But hey it’s a great idea. Maybe now that Sim City is done they’ll work on Sim WoW?

  6. A long time ago, when I raided Black Temple, there was this boss called Teron Gorefiend and I hated him so much. The thing was, he would put a mark on one player in the raid and after a number of seconds, that person would die and turn into a ghost. At this person’s location of death, 4-5 ghosts would also spawn and the dead person was the ONLY person who could kill them before they would get to the raid. When you were turned into a ghost you got like 4 abilities, one was freezing all the ghosts to the floor, one was an aoe damage ability etc. But the problem was, the damn ghosts moved so fast and no one could help you, you just had to handle these ghosts the right way (especially if you were the first person to become a ghost), or the raid would wipe.

    Our raid leader had posted a link to a small flash game version of the room of the boss and the ghosts, so everyone in the raid could practice until they could do it right.

    I practiced and practiced, but I couldn’t prevent the ghosts from reaching the raid. Every time we fought this boss, I would literally sit with a heart beat and nervous sweat hoping I would not be turned into a ghost.

    I think a lot of people hated that boss, winning was almost entirely down to one person and I despise that kind of raid design, because I get sooo nervous.

    I do LFR, but always with Noelani, who’s a retired raid leader, so I yell at him for directions, and pull it off looking like I know what to do, even though I’ve never done it before. Having a personal raid leader is a bit of a luxury though, but I would probably do less raiding if I went on my own. I’m a learning by doing type too, we need to fail before we can succeed 🙂

    ps: sorry for essay comment 😛

    • Lol, I like the essay! Now see, that would be so not fun to me having the entire raid dependent on me would ensure my failure. It is interesting that someone did make a fight simulator for it though, it must have awful.

      What a luxury you have! Your own personal WoW trainer!

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