Key to the Palace of Lei Shen

palacekeySasche was the first to venture to the Isle of Thunder because Cat, well … see for yourself.

catpandaShe was too interested in getting a cute little Red Panda so she did the Beasts of Fable rather than the whole saving the world thing. Hey Sasche? Can you handle that, I’m busy.

A killing spree? Of course! I am really not sure where she acquired her Key to the Palace of Lei Shen but I think it was looted from a Trove of the Thunder King. There was so much going on it was hard to keep track.

If you get a key you give it to Taoshi in the cave in Bleak Hallow to start Treasures of the Thunder King which is a whole lot of fun. She ran around in there looting all the things and having a great time. Although I was aware of this one-man scenario I hadn’t read much about it. Next time I will be sure to get some of the potions purchasable that would make avoiding traps and getting around faster.

I wanted her to stop and take pictures. I won’t even tell you what she said about that, it wasn’t polite. No way she was slowing down for screens shots!

She made a little over 300 gold and looted many Spirit of Harmony, Elder Charms of Good Fortune and Tattered Historical Parchments that can be used to purchase rep.

Apparently you can only loot a key once a week so she’s really looking forward to her next one. I told her to tell Cat. Maybe that will knock her out of her pet battle addiction … five minutes to loot all the gold you can … just think, you could buy more pets!

8 Responses to “Key to the Palace of Lei Shen”

  1. Oh congrats on the key. I can’t wait to try that place all I need is to find one.

  2. Information just in time Tome! Your red panda is so cute!

  3. […] I don’t have any images from inside the scenario (which is the same thing that happened to Tome just one night earlier). The first room will have a series of small spiders, lightning AoE and mogu […]

  4. I got a key but haven’t had a chance to try it. Can’t wait.

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