Psst … Over here … It’s Me


Yeah, it’s me in disguise. I’m on the Isle of Giants. I can’t stay long as my Intact Direhorn Hide disguise is kind of wonky. It keeps going poof in the most dangerous places … like when I was passing under the tail of a giant Devilsaur, don’t know what’s up with that. Might be Blizzard’s sense of humor, I don’t know. I’m going to have to have a word with the vendor about this.

Anyway while Cat is doing this:

catpugsYeah, I TOLD her they’re not battle pets but after getting her Crate of Kidnapped Puppies from Borginn Darkfist she didn’t care. She might have to take them to the vet though for a checkup, awful lot of butt scooting going on.

ANYWAY, back to dinosaurs. My new obsession. I need about 11,000 dinosaur bones for this A Mountain of Giant Dinosaur Bones and this A Large Pile of Giant Dinosaur Bones. I must have that mount and pet. This looked like something Cat the masochist would love but on taking her there I found the amount of time and effort it took for her to kill one small Dinosaur was not worth it.

Sasche to the rescue! Oh man, is that Warlock going to rub this in, poor Cat. Sasche has no problem with the small dinosaurs and the iLevel of her gear is about 10 or 12 under Cat’s. But if she shares what she gets I’m sure Cat will get over it.

dinoshipOh, and I want to ask you smarty pants who have been posting about fighting on the boat, how the hell did you get on that boat. I don’t mean getting past the giant dinosaur, I mean I can’t figure out how to board it, lol.

Okay, gotta go. This disguise could disappear any minute. Back to work, only 10,762 more bones to go!

10 Responses to “Psst … Over here … It’s Me”

  1. Nice, you managed to get my fav colour combo for the pic. 🙂

    If you jump on the back canoe (left facing the pic), there’s a bit of an invisible step so keep trying (at least it worked for me) minus the costume though – I couldn’t get on the boat in direform. Maybe jumping in stealth?

  2. It was the same canoe for me, two bounces and I was up. Took me two goes though (the first time Mr Harpy got chomped by the dinosaur whilst trying to advise me :p).

    Must admit I’m not looking forward to the bone farming but that white raptor must be mine.

    • LOL! Poor Mr. Harpy! The bone farming on small Dinos is okay but my Warlock just can’t do the Dinomancer because of the healing, my Wrathguard has an interrupt but cooldown seems to long for them. It will be a loooooong journey but must one day have that mount!

  3. Gratz on your Crate of Kidnapped Puppies. I must of killed this guy 20 times already and he just won’t drop them!

  4. I want a baby direhorn for a battle pet. The raptors are cute, but I’ve been a fan of triceratops ever since I was a kid. 🙂

  5. Yay that puppies crate is finally yours 🙂 I still feel like my head is in the cloud somewhat with the patch. Don’t know how I’m going to talk about it tomorrow….

    • They really are too cute butt-scooting around, lol. Yes, I have to get Sasche to go back and finish Klaxxi and August Celestials before continuing with her Dinosaur slaughter but just had to check everything out first.

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