Bad Decisions …


Decision 1. Thinking Sasche would look good in beachwear.

Sasche remembered Cymre posting about the Hozen Beach Ball dropped by Ik-Ik the Nimble. I think there was a lovely screen shot with Cymre at the beach having fun in the sun. When Ik-Ik was kind enough to drop it for her, Sasche was so excited about the new look she’d have!

Yeah … no … something lost in translation, somehow just doesn’t look the same on Sasche. I mean even the Voidlord is having a hard time not staring. I tried to console her by telling her that I thought her Golden Fleece from Omnis Grinlok was MUCH more impressive. She’s a little sensitive and I want to keep the peace.

wanchaigarroshDecision 2. Jury still out on the sanity of this guy.

Yeah. Wanchai met Garrosh. Can I get a do-over? Those Tauren on the Wandering Isle seemed so nice and he … maybe she shouldn’t jump to conclusions but she thought he might be one card short of a deck. Of course she’d didn’t SAY that. Oh well.


Decision 3. Talked into LFR.

That is my reminder. I was right. Don’t go in there again. I can see how raids might be enjoyable with people you knew and could communicate with, but this? This is repeatedly poking yourself in the eye … again and again. Why Mechanical Yeti, why?

A guildmate of Sasche’s wanted gear for an alt and said please won’t you go with me so against her better judgement she relented. Sasche had watched a video of Mogu’Shan Vaults but her memory is no better than mine. I was assured this was of no consequence at all …

My time was limited and waiting forever to get in chewed up a bunch but finally got in. To see I was alone. No guildmate. Gone. Same guildmate has repeatedly dropped Sasche on her head from her flying rocket ship. Now she lured her into a place she vowed never to enter and left her there. Sasche? See a trend here? Wise up. She’s a Blood Elf and I KNOW she’s just doing these things because she’s jealous of your ethereal Forsaken beauty. Harumph.

So as soon as we’re in there some lunatic races off. Oh, must be the tank, great. Could someone tell me what the hurry is? So the rest of us run after the guy and the Stone Guard thingy was kind of a chaotic mess but didn’t take too long. Then the lunatic rushes off again. Cries of “I need mana!” ignored. Sasche didn’t cause she’s a Warlock but it would have been nice to wait. If he’d waited maybe stupid Fend the Accursed wouldn’t have taken half an hour to kill.

True to form Mr. Pants On Fire raced off again, not a word. I do have to say whoever the healers were they must have been in there for penance for something they did, because the fact that they kept us alive that long was amazing.

So Gara’jal the Spiritbinder. Oh good, I don’t have much time left, this hell will soon be over. At least I’ll get an achievement. Oh, sadly no. The thingies to enter the spirit world appeared and my memory kicked in so I entered. I was there all alone. It’s possible that this was people’s first time. A little chat from the tank at the beginning might have been useful, but no, he’s too busy speed-tanking.

Sasche managed to kill maybe one and a half spirits while she was in there. Gara’jal had maybe 63hp left when we all died. THEN THE TANK SPEAKS! The running one at least.

A torrent of abuse was hurled at everyone for being too lazy to enter the spirit world and take care of the spirits. Sigh, at this point I was out of time and had to leave. I hope they managed the next time since they now knew what to do. I think taking the time to ask beforehand if people knew what to do would have saved EVEN MORE time Mr. Pants On Fire.

So I didn’t get an achievement, valor or anything useful. Just that necklace that I’m keeping to remind me to never do it again. You guys are made of sterner stuff than me. That was so not fun and I’m afraid I’m all about the fun. Look out dinosaurs! Sasche will be back!

Yeah … um Sasche? Many would say grinding 11,000 dinosaur bones is NOT FUN either. Whatever … to each his own.

18 Responses to “Bad Decisions …”

  1. I don’t much care for LFR either. I’m not very well geared and I get competitive and then discouraged when I’m not doing as well on the heal meters as I’d like to, and there’s always at least one person who queued as a healer but runs the whole thing as a DPS making it that much more stressful. So I can fully understand, and support your decision to never go there again, I like to go once to see the content and that’s good enough for me.

    • Six healers are required, if I remember correctly. There was the one Elegon fight where four of the healers dropped through the floor …

      Makes me glad I am DPS and only responsible for my own incompetent self.

    • I know, I usually don’t use a dps meter unless I do something like this so I can make sure I’m not the problem. What I’m afraid of is not getting the last boss for the achievement is going to prey on her mind and she’ll go back in there, lol.

  2. I can only wish a priest had thought to keep an eye – and a well-timed Leap of Faith -on Mr. Pantsonfire.

    I’m currently running them on Therm (and will eventually on Alexalis as well), so if you need to go for whatever reason, just let me know. I can commiserate, or at least add to the tragic comedy.


    Really, it’s ok. Yeah.

  3. When nobody says anything on how to run the place, I think there are a couple of assumptions at play:

    1.) It’s been out how long now, therefore, everybody knows how to do it – and if they don’t, they’re better off dead and we’re better off as a result.

    Of course, death can reach critical mass and wipe everybody … but that never happens.

    2.) If you intend to do raiding of any sort, even LFR, you’ve probably installed DBM, which will generally tell you what to do. (a.k.a., Elegon: GET OFF THE FLOOR OMG IT’S DISAPPEARING RUN).

    But there are some things where it just sorta SUGGESTS, like when it tells you that Garajalalalala has summoned a spirit totem! Use it to get to the spirit world! (And … do what? The first time I did that, I just shot all the things because they were there and that’s what I do.)

    • I’m one of the derps that doesn’t use DBM since all the noise it made scared me worse than the boss. HAHA! Death did indeed reach a critical mass on this one, lol.

      • I’ve grown accustomed to DBM, but that’s also because I now use GTFO to tell me when I’m standing in stuff. GTFO uses an air horn sound when you’re standing in something fatal.

  4. I don’t think our mettle is anymore mettle-r, but masochistic? Yes, definitely. But tnank you for the beachball link; I have a buddy who runs around like a Jimmy Buffet-esque Dwarf, and I was jealous. Now, I’ll just go get my own! HA! At least Sasche doesn’t get sand in her crack, cause it just pours right out…don’t tell her I said that.

    • Matty will look charming in that outfit, Um, Sasche needs a little more coverage I’m afraid! LOL! Don’t worry I won’t tell her!

      It’s odd how I have the patience for some things and not others but I guess that’s what makes the world interesting. I can’t imagine what it must be like to try to get that weapon in LFR. I didn’t even take his quest cause I knew I didn’t have what it took to hang in long enough to get it.

  5. rotflmao 🙂 The rocketship probably should have been enough warning.
    lol, I also have learned to ‘ask first’ when that little window pops up!
    I am glad you got to see a bit of it, though I’ll admit the conditions could have been better.

    • I know, and what’s suspicious is that I see she managed to get them done AFTER I was gone, lol. If I had been on my own I would have dropped because of the length of the wait in queue, I always think of things I’d rather be doing and usually leave.

      Ask her about the dinosaurs, don’t know how many times Sasche died with her “helping” her. I am positive she’s jealous of Sasche’s lovely complexion!

  6. I love that golden fleece. I managed to pick one up on my alliance priest but haven’t managed to get one one Cymre yet. I get excited when I hear the cha-ching sounds 😛

    Glad you got a chance to try the raid even with all the mishaps. See you remembered to go into the spirit world even though you made the journey alone…

    • She hasn’t used it yet but now I can’t wait to try it and hear the cha-chinging!

      I’m sure it could have been worse, and I think what annoyed me the most was that I didn’t have time to stay and complete it which really wasn’t LFR’s fault.

  7. I lack the fortitude to enter looking for raid 😦
    Garrosh is definitely a dodgy one, but who would argue with a Warlock’s choice of clothing? Certainly not me, I’ve been hit by too many 200k chaos bolts recently.

    • I don’t know that Sasche will be going back to LFR either and I KNOW Cat never will, all she wants to do it pet battle!

      I’m going to tell her you like her beachwear that will cheer her up, lol!

  8. I feel bad. I am horrified you went into LFR alone when I know it isn’t your thing. Or maybe I am just translating my tanking fear onto your LFR anxiety. I would go with you next time!
    And it’s true to each their own. I am slow at killing dinosaurs. But at least I went.
    And we can’t all be gorgeous like Cymre 😉 I don’t look good parading around half dressed so I prefer to be fully clothed. Grats on getting that space wasting beach ball 🙂 /hug

    • No, you’re right, lol, it’s JUST like your tanking anxiety believe me. I wish I was on the same time as you are but I think you’re leaving when I’m coming on and vice versa.

      I know, Sasche got all kinds of space wasting goodies doing Glorious and she won’t let go of any of them!

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