A Puerile Sense of Humor

windbreakerWell, thanks a bunch buddy for the warning. That’s one title I won’t be coveting. The trouble is later that day Sasche was cursed with not the title but … well … the problem.

sasridingThere she goes. If that doesn’t look like breaking wind I don’t know what does. She probably shouldn’t have snickered about Jinho’s title. He must have put a wind breaking spell on her. After suffering through dailies like this a kind priest came to her rescue and cast a Levitate so she could dispel it and have her life back. She’ll never giggle at Jinho again. Lesson learned.

Sasche finished Glorious a while ago and was really adrift. Luckily she cheered right up when she learned of A Mountain of Giant Dinosaur Bones, her new obsession. It will take a while, she’s taking it slow trying to get at least 100 giant bones a day. I think she’s around 1,400. I imagine she’ll go for the pet after that.

Cat is still all about the battle pets. She occasionally does some dailies on the Isle of Thunder but mostly she’s just looking for pets. About the only thing that will knock her out of pet mode is a group to kill Galleon. Don’t know why she has it in for him. Personally, I think it’s his extremely LARGE BUTT. You can’t miss it. Sasche can stand any which way but Cat needs to see which end she’s at, I’ll have to ask her. I’m pretty sure that’s it.

Yes, I’m rambling. It’s maintenance day. What to do. What to do. Well … yes … I could do work, but it’s easier to do it when I know I can login if I want. Five hours and 42 minutes and counting …

6 Responses to “A Puerile Sense of Humor”

  1. When I took a lot of screenshots of the piles of poop in the new zone, I knew I needed some psychological help: yes, Blizz makes me kill piles of poo, and I do it with a smile. God help me.

  2. That is hilarious and you have made my day thinking about wind breakers and sasche’s farts. I love maintenance day! So much goodness to read.

  3. “Redbeard the Wind Breaker”

    Yeah, that’d work. I have a couple of middle schoolers, so that humor would fit right in….

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