Stupidhead RNG and Conversations While Waiting for a Raid to Fall Apart

stupidrngYeah, how stupid is that. I was doing Haywire because I wanted THE PET! THE PET I SAID! Not the damn Sealed Tome of the Lost Legion stupidhead RNG! So there she is hanging out with Jubeka and Kanrethad. Every account of a successful end boss encounter that I’ve read or seen, the person was wearing gear close to iLevel 500 and oh … they were skilled. Sasche hasn’t even broken 480 yet so that’s as far as she’s going for now. She also is quite fond of her big purple demon form and really has no desire to change but feels at some point she must try it or forever be banned from the Warlock Union. Right before 5.2 I bought a Blood-Soaked Invitation and haven’t even gotten around to that yet. Too much to do.

Sasche’s quite the social butterfly now as the guild she’s in is now peopled by … well … people. Before long Gray Dawn might have enough leveled members to fill at least a five man group. There is the problem of the cheeky Mage though. She really needs to find The Tome of Mage Insults. I wonder who has that. Maybe Amijade, Sasche should try to remember to ask.

Sasche’s spent a lot of time lately waiting while trying to form raids for Sha or Galleon. She noticed that from watching the behavior and chat you could pretty much tell, first, could the group successfully down the boss. Second, was this attempt going to fall apart before even trying. Remarks like, ” He’s really hard, I think you need like maybe 10 people.” Probability of success not high.

Oddly in her unscientific study she found that the more strange vanity items brought out and the more Mammoth trains, the odds were a great deal better that the raid would form and actually down the boss. Weird, haven’t figured that one out yet. One more that doesn’t make sense. If Sasche prepares a banquet for everyone this raid will fall apart before the fight. Every time. Without fail.

I know! I have no idea! I can only guess that she’s a really, really, bad cook. Don’t mention I said that but what else could it be?

12 Responses to “Stupidhead RNG and Conversations While Waiting for a Raid to Fall Apart”

  1. Hmm…. Want a pet vs. Warlock quest line…..

    Yeah, I’d say you’re a bit addicted….

    • I know, I’d been waiting for him to spawn for a try at that pet and was disappointed when I got the Tome instead and then felt kind of guilty. But Catwynn is ready for a new pet and Sasche is so not ready to complete that quest line!

  2. See I want that tome, but have only gotten the pet so far. Too bad we can’t trade.

    • I know! I had thought by the time I was ready for the Tome I’d just buy it as the price on my server has already come down drastically. I might have to end up buying the pet instead. I wish you good luck!

  3. I am in such a full-force mode of derping now, I don’t know what end is up….and how could I have left Warlockery off my list of warlock resources!?! I blame minions.

  4. Aww, I’m sure her cooking isn’t that bad. I look forward to reading her encounters with the chain when the time comes though.

    • LOL! I’ve become superstitious now about those banquets. It might be a while, gearing her is agonizingly slow as certain people who will remain unnamed keep Sasche from playing because they are leveling pets.

  5. Hi Tome! I’m a frequent reader but never left a comment here πŸ™‚ Anyways wanted to say gz on your tome (even tho u didn’t really want it 😦 ) I was farming it on my poor lock with no chance almost a week after patch released :<
    I'm sure Sasche will look cool in green fire, the hardest part was to get the tome i think so the rest will be just a matter of time.
    On an other note my bf looted that pet you wanted from Hyewire and gave it to me. I'm not a pet collector neither tamer so i wish i could just give it to you as a "thank you" for making such a fun wow blog to read!
    Take care πŸ™‚

    • Hi Eleyan! Thank you so much for saying that! I did enjoy the quest line though but I’m still going to wait on the boss part a while. Sasche’s making slow progress, she’s ilevel 482 now.

      And thanks also about the Sunreaver, a wonderful LBR friend sent me one and he’s almost level 25 now.

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