Better Than a Green Fire Quest Line!

microemailI got up this morning and found this comment from Ishtla. Eventually I will get the tome; however I think Cat may need to check her mail. Cat wasted no time hurrying to the mailbox. OMG! The Sunreaver Micro-Sentry that Haywire drops! It’s just what she wanted! Thank you! Thank you Ishtla!

He needs a name! I will call him … wait. The mail came from Ravenpayne, the comment from Ishtla and I was going to name him after the person I know is Ishtla. How do I know this? Am I sure? I don’t remember why I’m sure Ishtla is that person. Maybe I’m wrong. I’ve always thought they were the same. I need to ask someone.

microdogI’m not sure why the dog would have this information but hey, let’s assume Cat knows what she’s doing.

“Ishtla is Helke of JD’s LBR and Mogolympics fame isn’t she?”

I don’t know what the dog replied but Cat still seemed uncertain so she went to consult with another friend.

jogumicro“Jogu! Jogu! Wake up! I need to talk!” Yeah, Jogu the Drunk sleeps in Cat’s pond. She couldn’t rouse him. He’s … ah … a heavy sleeper. He was no help.

microfightYeah. That’s the first thing she did. Farmer Nishi is Cat’s first stop for all her babies. With two good level 25’s she’s a great trainer to get off to a quick start. Cat seldom needs the second level 25 and there’s a lull in there with the  Singing Sunflower when it’s too distracted by all its healing that the baby can safely go in for a round.

Cat sent word to Sasche that she should be on the lookout for another Sealed Tome of the Lost Legion. Try for groups with no other Warlocks so you don’t have to worry about that first click thingy. Come on Sasche, we’ve got this cool pet! Let’s try to help get Ishtla her Tome! Thank you so much!

10 Responses to “Better Than a Green Fire Quest Line!”

  1. Maybe Jogu tried my head cold cure of Alka Seltzer and New Castles….works like a charm. Fortunately I had a bed and not a pond. Congrats on the Sun! May he shine brightly in all things Battle!

  2. I guess I should clear up the name confusion. Helke is indeed my main, however Ravenpayne is the name of my warlock.

  3. JD Kenada Says:

    Ishtla’s pretty darn awesome, yes.

    • JD! JD! Wave! I know! Incredibly awesome. Sasche’s trying to find a Tome for her but today anytime I found a rare it was surrounded by other Warlocks. Didn’t see it drop for anyone though.

      • Appreciate Sache trying, but there is the little issue where Raven is alliance. She will take Sache’s good wishes in looting the tome 🙂

        Also good to see you here JD!

  4. Awwww, well thank you. I know Cat will give him a good home.

  5. What a nice gift from Helke! I remember she was very well dressed in all JD’s mog contests.

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