The Incredible Boomfowl of Death

BIGfellowSasche was getting her daily quota of dinosaur bones the other day and saw a Boomkin fighting a large dino alone. Yeah … no, not that one. Did he pull it by accident? Sasche can manage the small dinos just fine. On occasion she’s accidentally pulled two, again fine. The big ones? No way, she can’t keep her Void alive AND damage it.

I watched the Boomfowl of Death quickly dispatching the large dinos with ease. I was impressed. I looked him up because I was just positive he must PvP. Yup, his gear was not vastly superior but he had lots of PvP experience. Ha! I thought so.

But then I started wondering about Balance. Cat was Balance once for about half an hour. Most of that half an hour was spent trying to unsuccessfully fight her way back to the trainer to change it back. She was awful. Okay, she was still wearing Feral gear but still. I mean she suffered from post traumatic spec disorder after that for I don’t know how long.

So this morning I’m drinking coffee and perusing The Godmother’s post on the iPad because I’m really lazy and she does all the hard work and finds out stuff. This means I can find everything out from her. Thank you Godmother!

So I see that we are getting Learn a Third Talent Specialization come 5.3.

Yeah … you see where this is going. Cat loves Feral when she’s alone. But fights, not so much. She doesn’t even mind the melee part so much, it’s the behind the boss part that puts her off. The bosses behind can move an awful lot depending on the Tank and she spends an inordinate amount of time trying to find his butt again. Can’t get rid of Bear spec either as she needs that for soloing old content.

Anyway, I’ve got to go study Boomkiness. I know zip about it. Cat is definitely going to give it a try … again. Maybe I should start making her clothes.

Great Dino Slaying Boomfowl of Fenris, I salute you! You are THE MAN … or THE WOMAN as the case may be.

22 Responses to “The Incredible Boomfowl of Death”

  1. Third talent specialization!!!!! Oh praise the god’s of wow, how awesome – I had no idea! ๐Ÿ˜€

    • I thought that was the coolest thing ever! I doubt my chances of being good at it but I’m giving Balance a shot!

      Oh, and thanks for that map of rares on the Isle of Thunder, I owe many valor to you!

  2. /scratches head

    So now I can be every spec?

    /scratches head

    Why not just make it so I can be every class and every spec on one character?

  3. Wait, what? Is that for real?? *eyes prot spec and starts plotting*

  4. Uh-oh…


    • It’s okay, lol, I have a guardian spec and I sure don’t tank either!

      • Heh. My paranoid fear is if this actually drops, those who have a tank/healer spec will be badgered into running as those to deal with raid/dungeon shortages. Which could be fine if you actually like doing that, but for those of us who don’t ever want to tank or heal (and, more importantly, don’t know HOW to do it), it could be more problems than it’s worth.

        I might dip my toe into this on my warlock though.

  5. I laughed so much about the traumatic spec disorder paragraph! I know exactly what you mean ๐Ÿ˜€
    Also, like everyone else here, I didn’t know about the third spec either!

    • I know! it seems it’s almost easier to start a new spec with a new character. I might have to roll a new Druid so she can tell Cat how to do it.

      Not sure what to think yet because of this tweet:

      We haven’t announced triple spec. With that in mind, take anything data-mine-able with a grain o’ salt.

      From Greg Street.

  6. YES

    Oh sh*t just sold those extra tier pieces….

  7. I dunno if I’d want to be boomy. I hit them in bear and it takes a while but at least I live for a while. Cat might be a bit squishy though and healer NO WAY! I look forward to a 3rd spec – I can finally be a cat or a boomy!

  8. Nice this will help my poor neglected paladin tank/healer as now she’ll be able to get a dps spec to do her dailies same for my druid Guardian/resto maybe I’ll try the chiken business with him now for my rogue I’m thinking 3 variations of the same spec -_-ยก

  9. This is another vote for loving the “Post Traumatic Spec Disorder” line. It captures so much!

  10. Looks like GC is clarifying things..

    Wonder if it would ever be possible to code tier gear to switch stats/abilities with spec? Might save a little room at least and you’d still have to fill non-tier spots for each spec if they still want some sort of gold/VP sink…

    • I know, I saw that this morning ๐Ÿ˜ฆ I will continue to hope though. That is such a great idea, I’d definitely be willing to spend gold for that rather than trying to collect a whole set of new gear.

      • I know the problems would be gems/enchants/reforgings having to change too. Not sure how to fix that, unless there’s space to code for “phantom” sockets and the like.

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