The WoW Reset Button and RepCheck

swiftwindsteedYeah … I have the WoW doldrums. It happens, might be from too many dailies. In the past I usually play something else for a while but I don’t really have anywhere I want to go. I could show up in SWTOR where my son-in-law lives. Yeah … I can see it right now. “Oh, guys … hey guys … good news, my MOTHER-IN-LAW is here!” That’s not really fair though as I don’t think he’d actually mind.

I also usually start a new alt to cure this and that almost always works. I was in Hellfire the other day listening to the talk around Honor Hold. Scouts never making it to Nethergarde Keep, the only trace of them entrails by the side of the road. I remembered the fear I felt in Hellfire. I want that back.

So in an attempt to cheer Cat up I bought her a mount, a Swift Windsteed. I used real money as I’m concerned that she’ll do something silly. She’s been hanging around an awful lot gazing at the Grand Expedition Yak. She was going to buy some ridiculously priced gear on the Black Market too, but I wish they’d vary when they list those things because they always end in the middle of the night and she gets outbid because I have the nerve to leave her and go to bed.

horriI know, we’ll go fish. See if that helps. I had just read Navi’s post about Krakkanon so headed up there to fish out a big pool. Don’t bother, it’s just like she said. It takes forever and all I got was a Flying Tiger Gourami and I already had one. Stupidhead Krakkanon. A whole lot of fish but no pet carp. Well, that didn’t work.

Luckily at present I don’t have the irl doldrums. WoW is my cure for those. If the WoW ones and the irl ones ever aligned I’d be in big trouble. Maybe it’s time to get Ironsally ironmaning again. I must come up with a plan to reset my WoW enthusiasm. Sasche’s even fallen behind on her quest for A Mountain of Giant Dinosaur Bones I think she kinda stalled at around 2,000.

If you think of something let me know. Cat thought maybe finishing Legendary Pet Battler might help but no.

I did however get a nice email from the creator of RepCheck. It’s always nice to get wow-related email but in this case it was even better as I really love his website. Mr. Bear Butt had posted about it and I have to agree, it’s wonderful. There are rewards available from factions I didn’t even know had them, it’s really going to be helpful. Very great idea Namzad!

There are things I can buy that I didn’t even know about. Yay! Shopping road trip! Yay! I feel better already!

27 Responses to “The WoW Reset Button and RepCheck”

  1. I’m kind of feeling the same way right now. I definitely blame it on the dailies. WAY too many dailies, ugh. My hubby has started to call it “World of Dailycraft” lol.

    If I were you I’d whip out Ironsally! 😀 I love reading about her adventures.

    • I think you’re right, those people on the Isle of Thunder are really expecting an awful lot, kill this, kill that, geez. I’ve gotten to the point that I do a few and then become a Saurok and enjoy jumping off cliffs or go find rares.

      Ironsally will be so pleased to hear that!

  2. Took the words right out of my mouth….all of them

  3. You know, killing that Krakkanon is always the same. BORING! I would have left it alone but I figured I may as well try the pool to see if it was any better.

    I also received an email from the creator or RepCheck yesterday.

    • He is boring, lol. I thought maybe he’d drop something good but I should have saved the time and looked him up at wowhead first. Still no carp though, I’m going to have to dedicate a day to fishing!

  4. If you want to hook up some time in TOR, let me know.

    I’d offer to run some BGs in WoW, but Azshandra is mired in the middle of BC right now.

    • Oh, thank you! If I decide to get back to SWTOR I will look you up! I can’t even remember what servers I left everyone on but my son-in-law tells me they might have been moved while I was gone.

      • Mine were all moved while I was gone, and now my main is flagged for a name change. I was having dreams about it and missing it a lot, but … that was probably the final straw. I don’t think I’ll ever go back.

        So far I’ve managed to always find enough things in WoW to keep me occupied. And that is with a whole lot of avoiding dailies. Heck, I’ve got new characters rolled that I haven’t logged into yet. Oh that reminds me, I need to make that other one yet …

        • Oh, my son-in-law got so mad about his character’s name changes he even came back to WoW for a while over it but he’s back to SWTOR now.

          LOL! More alts! That’s the ticket!

      • Yeah, it happened on the server consolidation. TOR wasn’t the only one affected last year, either, as Age of Conan went through server consolidation too. Seems like LOTRO and WoW have avoided that so far, although WoW has been delaying things a bit by cross realm zones.

        • I just started a new character since I couldn’t remember how to play any of them. But OMG! I just watched chat for a while in disbelief. So much helping each other going on and the exchanging of pleasantries, what is all this niceness!

  5. It’s nice to know I am not the only one who is going through this. I have officially dumped dailies and tried running LFR for the first time. Almost two hours and we only downed one boss! That did nothing for my rut, either. I actually willingly chose to do housework instead… yeah…

  6. Oh what is that repcheck? Must go see.
    Oh and I have a confession. You may have noticed I wasn’t posting as much or playing. I have been playing Simcity and it has got its hooks in me. The addiction is worse than wow… so bad I was ashamed to tell anyone on my blog. 3am sleeps every day are very very bad. And running to my comp first thing in morning to check my city is a very bad sign. I never did that with wow…

    • I have been wondering what in the world was going on! I feel better knowing it’s Simcity rather than something wrong irl, whew!

      I’ve never had any interest in Simcity and it sounds like I better keep it that way, lol! 3am would be awful as I usually get up at 4:30 or 5:00. Have fun there but get some sleep Navi!

      • It’s ok, Navi, we all have those things. For me, it’s the new Harvest Moon. I must make every bachelor LOVE ME, every last one! And water everything. And fertilize stuff. And raise lots of chickens. And and and and … and suddenly, there went my life.

  7. JD Kenada Says:

    I’m sure Tyria’s nice this time of year (their April Fool’s vid is hilarious).

    • I haven’t checked in there for quite a while. My problem is by the time I come back to some of these places I have forgotten the class, I’ll have a bevy of level ones all over the place, lol.

      • JD Kenada Says:

        Yeah, the few times I’ve popped into Tyria…completely forgot I need to DODGE.

        • I know! If I’m gone for any length of time from a game it’s better to just start over, lol.

        • JD Kenada Says:

          You and I play solo enough that “starting over” could constitute learning everything that our level 20 character knows without having to worry about impeding anyone else.

  8. Sorry for the doldrums Tome, it happens. I’m not even working on my alts this expansion (rare for me) and I still like I’m falling behind on everything. Maybe that’s the same feeling you’re getting too, but in the reverse since you have a lot of high end alts?

    I can’t remember, but did you get the trinket from the giant clam? The one that makes you look like the Birth of Venus?

    I’d recommend trying some SimCity, but after reading Navi’s comments it might be a bad thing 😉 This is why I won’t pet battle! Ha! It will have me hooked!

    • All my alts are suffering this expansion, only have three character’s at 90 which is unusual for me. I lay the blame for that at pet battling’s feet, lol. When you pass 5,000 battles you know you’re addicted.

      No, I haven’t run across that trinket yet, I remember a post both Matty and Cym had about it. Will have to investigate!

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