A Little Romance?

romanceWell, I just can’t catch a break here can I? Being in a WoW funk I decided to check in on SWTOR. Maybe chat up a companion. HEY! A little romance couldn’t hurt! I didn’t start a subscription, thought I’d just go free-to-play. It wasn’t even free-to-play really, I got preferred. I guess cause I had pre-ordered the collector’s edition originally. So cool, I can run fast.

I looked at all my existing characters and realized I hadn’t a clue how to play any of them anymore. So fine, brand new character. I’ll level them up real quick and have a companion to flirt with. I picked a Jedi Consular.

Level … level … level … level … HEY! What do you mean I have to subscribe to get my reward! The hell with that … I’m not falling for that! Level … level … HEY QUIT IT! THAT’S NOT FUNNY!

Sigh … they are very crafty aren’t they. I didn’t make it half a day before I subscribed because I wanted to know what the rewards I wasn’t getting were. I WAS however circumspect I’ll have you know. Just TWO MONTHS. NOT RECURRING. See. I can be sensible.

corsoSo I get to level 9 and I get my first companion. WHAT! I’m looking for a little action and I get HIM! So much for the romance. But I was having fun trying to rediscover everything I had forgotten, but still … what happened to this guy? Have to look into this. I’m not saying I don’t like old Qyzen-Fess up there, he seems like a very nice guy … but yeah … romancing is out.

So I’m having fun and then find out there’s going to be a really big SWTOR patch today. GEEZ! COME ON! I just got here.

So no romance, no GAME even. I’ll log into WoW and check the AH. Maybe I’m rich now.

bankingSo my banker and her bodyguard go to the AH and NOTHING SOLD! I got it all back. ARRRGGGHHH! Everyone’s in a buying funk. Okay, fine. I’ll go get Cat.

gladThere are some things she does without thinking on logging in. She went and bought 20 leather so she could learn a new pattern. I don’t know why she does this. It will either be another freaking, stupid, piece of PvP gear or even worse a wonderful pattern that would require 200,000 worth of Haunting Spirits to make, which is somehow even worse. OH! THE FUTILITY! THE PAIN!

After pondering my predicament I can only come to the conclusion the Gods of Spring Cleaning are behind this and I know they think they’ve got me.

HA! HA! HA! You think this will work? It so won’t! The neighbor who has bunnies has decided to expand. I don’t have the heart to tell her this isn’t farmland. She has now purchased chickens. Hopefully no roosters, I’m going to go check those babies out.

YOU HEAR ME GODS OF SPRING CLEANING! You can screw around with my games all you want, I’m still not going to clean right now! I’m looking at chickens! So knock it off! If the server isn’t up by the time I’m finished looking at chickens … I’ll … I’ll … I’ll play Minesweeper … or SHOP FOR THE GROCERIES! So just go away and leave me alone.

7 Responses to “A Little Romance?”

  1. Corso’s the Smuggler’s companion. Qyzen is the starting companion for the Counselor, the R2-unit is the companion for the Knight, and you get ol’ Jorgan for the Trooper.

    If you’re playing the Counselor as a female toon, your first companion that you can flirt with comes at the end of Nar Shadda. (My Counselor is female, but isn’t so inclined to get in between that companion and his “virtual friend”. šŸ˜‰

    Yeah, my kids weren’t so thrilled about F2P vs. L1-15 free, but they’ve adapted.

    • I knew someone had Corso as a companion. I left all kinds of characters littered around. I’ll have to hunt her up.

      I should know myself by now, lol. Not being given anything at all wouldn’t have bothered me but when I knew I would have been given something I cracked under the pressure and subscribed … just for a little while … maybe.

      • Don’t worry about it. You can survive on F2P, it’s just that the biggest limitation is 2 toons IMHO. If there was a way to drop some points or bucks or whatever to unlock an extra toon or two, that’d be good.

  2. Noble garden started yesterday and I was actually sad I had no reason to beat up small players for eggs. Damn real life, spring cleaning and evil dust bunnies. Maybe SWTOR is on Mac now…

    • I know! I used to jump up in the morning to camp those damn eggs, lol, now I’m sad I don’t have to. Just never happy. I know they had planned on a Mac version at one time but don’t know if they ever followed through.

  3. Well i thought i had nothing to gain from noblegarden as well until i saw this mount thing: http://www.wowhead.com/item=72145
    Is this new? Because i don’t remember it from the previous noblegarden O.o Or was i in a wow break then? And to be honest i find it quite ugly to not even try for it šŸ˜¦

    Also your banker reminded me i have almost 3 -4 collumns of returned AH items. Come on people buy our stuff!

    • I had to login and check to see if I already had the Swift Springstrider and I did. Can’t keep track of my pets anymore, lol!

      I know, I was so disappointed that all my auctions came back but maybe people are in a buying slump. Maybe we’ll have to have a big spring sale!

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