Warlock Takes a Break from her Snit

babypicsSo Sasche and Cat are in a WoW snit and I’m in a blog snit. As I often do when disgruntled, I was browsing through my character’s baby pictures. What? Don’t you? Aw … look how cute she was as a baby, all dressed up in her heirlooms … oh the memories. Yes, it cheered those two up.

As for me, I’m contemplating how to get out of the rut I made and trying to keep quiet while I do it rather than resort to the effing disease. So, what’s safe to do? I know I’ll go back and reread posts at a leisurely pace. On a giant screen instead of that wee, tiny, itty-bitty iPad screen. That’s what I’ll do …

WHAT! How did I forget this! Geez, if I had a memory I’d be formidable … well maybe.  I had read Amijade’s post earlier on the iPad meaning to return but as usual while taking the stairs of forgotten memories to get upstairs … gone … poof … nada. So now I’ll remedy that.

Warlocks aren’t heartless no matter what you’ve heard. Well okay maybe …  but still, Sasche wanted to make sure everyone saw this part of Amijade’s post about a fellow Warlock. And there’s stand-up to see! Sasche threatened to bombard me with Hellfire if I didn’t do something. She told me dogs are partial to Warlocks and they wouldn’t mind sharing some of the money they donate to places like this with a Warlock that could use some help.

Well damn, she was right. Dogs apparently DO like Warlocks, I mean who wouldn’t right … well there was the threat about turning their dog cookies into turnips.

Okay, that’s all. I’m going to go back to contemplating my WoW navel now. Figure out how I screwed up my fun and fix it.

11 Responses to “Warlock Takes a Break from her Snit”

  1. Been there and done that with a lot of my characters – I found that by curtailing some of my activity in game helped tremendously with my attititude and I’ve found fun in the game again. Even wrote a post about it.

    • I think I’m missing playing my alts, I’ve driven the dailies into the ground on my Druid and Warlock and my poor alts are collecting dust. I’ll have to check your post out!

      • I play my alts sporadically when I get burned out with the dailies and Pandaria – which you do get that way now and again. Just kick back, relax and rediscover the old content for a while. *hugs*

  2. A change of pace! I did old raids and totally dropped dailies becsuse they were busting my bubble. Chasing transmogs with a bunch of strangers (and also with a bunch of friends) was a nice change of scenery.

    • I did a scenario yesterday until I got an achievement which was a nice change. When it was over I was back on Thunder Isle. Thought about doing the dailies and then immediately logged off, lol.

  3. Daily burnout is definitely not fun and sadly very easy to get a case of right now. If it helps cheer Sache up she might be happy to know Ravenpayne finally got her green fire tome.

    • Oh, tell Ravenpayne grats on that tome! I’d love to hear what you think of the end boss when you do it. When Sasche gets her mojo back she’ll give it a try but I think right now it would be suicide, lol.

  4. I sometimes wish when you start a toon, you would look like the children/orphans and then mature to adult form once you reach 60 onwards

  5. Hey Tome,

    Thanks for posting the stuff about Demonicric. He really is a nice guy and I would love for him to see his own green fire when he gets it. He’s at the final boss like me and knowing him he’ll beat it before me.

    Btw, I never used to capture screenshots much until I started my blog, but I wish I had. I only have a few pics from when my toons were babies. Ah yes, the memories! They grow so fast…

    Tell Sasche not to forget to fill out her questionnaire 😛

    • I have about 9.5GB of screen shots and that’s only what I accumulated after the computer crash of doom where I lost all my early ones. Can’t seem to stop myself!

      I hope he does too, I feel a little guilty. I haven’t even entered the Temple yet. Stalling until she’s a little better dressed.

      I asked her, she said she sent it to you on April 4th. I’ll resend right now, maybe it went astray in the twisting nether.

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