A Weekend IRL

halfhilltruckI have no WoW stuff to talk about cause I had to spend the weekend irl. My husband has been looking at trucks for about a year now. I finally decided to assist, as my Google skills are somewhat better than his. He was trying to find a nice used truck and I found them to be awfully high-priced. I decided to look at some new ones and they were the same price, what’s that about anyway. So I told him I’d find a new one. He was MOST pleased.

I don’t want to sound sexist but what is it with guys and vehicles. I find one that looks promising but it has all kinds of junk we don’t need but he’s enthusing over this baby saying it has everything he wants. Really? You need bluetooth capability to answer your phone on the steering wheel? Um … you don’t have a cell phone … just saying. It has a camera to see behind you? This is something you’ve driven millions of miles without but now it’s a must have? Okay and it has some futuristic radio that I’m pretty sure you can contact alien ships in outer space with. It has an electrical outlet in the bed … I don’t know … I’m not even coming up with anything there.


But the one I really liked was the very fancy towing package. I had thought the only necessity was 4×4 so he wouldn’t have to borrow mine in the winter to make the trek to the house of hell every day. But APPARENTLY we have been in dire need of a towing package all this time. Who knew? Is this an omen? Is there a boat in our future I don’t know about? I’m having a hard time figuring out why a towing package created such glee.

So we went to have a look in person. He really loved it. Then ensued the grueling slog through the negotiations. And the even worse bombardment of addons like magic window treatments and insurance to cover loss of your keys when I should be farming in Halfhill.

FINALLY, it was over. He’s really happy with it. I’m still confused about what it is we need to tow. So I decided to head out and see if it could start paying its keep. I finally got contracted to move a big mushan out of a field. It seems the adventurers that used to get rid of the big beast have moved on. He comes back pretty regularly so I’m thinking I’ve got a good gig here.

So there it is. My weekend irl. We purchased four wheels of fury. Yep, I am the Lawgiver. Real life, always an adventure.


18 Responses to “A Weekend IRL”

  1. Dangfool Says:

    It is a fact that many items emit low level mind control vibrations and people different in their ability to resist. Natural selection has played its part. Trucks have adapted to improve their ability to ensure their target demographic, which typically is found on a Y-chromosome.

    I can hear Tim Allen now, “More Power!” -grunt, grunt-

  2. I was hoping that the WoW Toyota ad would show up. 😉

    Well, I can’t say that I go for all of the gadgets –particularly when most of them are oriented for all things Apple, which I don’t have– but all I’m really concerned about with a car is a) whether it runs fine, and b) whether the music is good on it. I don’t mean separate subwoofers and all that, since there’s enough road noise in a car for me to not bother, but something that actually sounds good. Gotta be able to handle Dvorak and Metallica.

    • I know, I love that ad and we actually got a Toyota Tacoma so it seemed right!

      You hit on the other thing in his life that’s serious business, music. In his early years he took out a loan to buy a pair of Klipsch speakers. However taking him furniture shopping is embarrassing as he tends to yell out prices in horror!

      I didn’t think he was into all those gadgets either, shows what I know, lol.

      • I got around the insane prices for good speakers by learning how to build my own. I probably saved about 70-80% on speakers by doing it that way. Of course, I can’t do that with car stereos, but if I look hard enough I’ll find an economical solution.

        • Oh, I had forgotten about that. My father used to build his speakers. Now that’s a great idea!

        • Probably the best book out there for speaker building is the Loudspeaker Design Cookbook by Vance Dickason. I hope your husband isn’t afraid of math, because you need it to design some speakers. If he’d prefer to build from a kit, Parts Express has kits of their own in addition to speaker components.

        • Hmm… I should have mentioned that there are a few more basic books out there, like David Weems’ Designing/Building Speaker Systems (4th Ed. a bit dated from 1997) and Ray Alden’s Speaker Building 201.

          That said, if you want the quick and easy method, a kit is the way to go.

        • I will definitely pass these along to him, it sounds like something he’d be interested in doing.

  3. I absolutely loved the video – actually made me do more than chuckle a little bit. Sounds like you got all the bells and whistles on the truck that every guy “must have” in order to feel good about it. Hehe, great read.

    • I love that video too, it still cracks me up every time I see it.

      He has a nasty commute so I figure he deserves a nice ride. My car is a 2001 Forerunner that I hope lasts about twenty years at least and it might as it only has about 50,000 miles so far.

      • LOL I have a 1987 VW Cabriolet parked in my garage – yes, they do last a few years and it is still my favorite car of all time. My hubby drives a much newer model than I do because he’s out and about more.

  4. I’m glad someone’s finall towed that mushan away – was spoiling the view!

  5. Well that answers my question! Love that video! You know how it is, boys and their toys… but I’m glad it was not a wasted weekend!

    • I’m happy he finally found something he likes but I don’t know what he’s going to do as a hobby now, lol! He’s been sitting in front of his computer searching for a year!

  6. I will never look at Galleon the same way again. Tow package?! OF COURSE. You never, ever know when a world boss is going to need to be hauled off somewhere. And yes, I suspect there is a boat in your future. Sorry.

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