The Carp is a Lie and … Stuff

carplieYeah, this is getting ridiculous. It’s even interfering with pet battling , I hope this Carp thing doesn’t advance to Minfernal level. I mean I don’t need them all right away … just one as kind of a sign that they really do exist. I’m not picky, any color will do. On the up-side I’m finally getting some rep with Nat Pagle.

I was playing SWTOR a little over the weekend. I was really proud, I’m level 20. I am such a fast leveler, you might say I EXCEL at leveling … already level 20, I am moving so fast, I am … what … oh. It seems they were having an event where experience was doubled for a period of time. Oh … OMG! I AM A CRAPPY LEVELER. GEEZ! Stupid little slow poke Jedi Consular.

Anyway, this might be just me, maybe I’m doing something wrong but where’s the faffing stuff. It’s all business. If I login I have to go do something, I mean something meaningful like kill a bunch of people or turn off a bunch of valves or something. As should be apparent I spend most of my time in WoW faffing. Archeology, pet battles, fishing, exploring. I can’t seem to remember what you do in SWTOR when you want to faff. It’s probably how we ended up buying a vehicle because I couldn’t find any faffing to do.

I wrote a whole post the other day and just trashed it today. I thought about it and if you have to whine on the internet about being unhappy in a GAME YOU PLAY FOR FUN then you need to get a grip and grow up. I got a grip but I doubt I’ll ever grow up. The only part that saddened me was that the post had I Hate Myself For Lovin’ You in it and any chance to watch Joan Jett should be taken.

Anyway again. There still is just this one thing. I won’t whine, it’s more of a conundrum … yeah … a conundrum, that’s what it is. I have come to hate the Isle of Thunder dailies. I pretty much go there and kill rares and then leave. On reflecting, I remembered coming to hate the Molten Front dailies a whole lot too. What confuses me is that I’m pretty sure I got multiple characters to exalted with the Shattered Sun on the Isle of Quel’Danas. I don’t feel like retching at the thought of Isle of Quel’Danas dailies like I do with the aforementioned daily sites. And back then there was no buying anything the first time through for increased rep for alts either.

I think I’ve figured it out. Molten Front and the Isle of Thunder are kind of dreary and full of things trying to kill you. Isle of Quel’Danas is beautiful, sunny, has a wonderful beach and is full of things trying to kill you. There it is. Apparently I’ll endure anything as long as it takes place on lovely beachfront property.

So there you go Blizzard. You need to make these daily zones more cheerful. Maybe I’m just a big scaredy-cat. It could be, I would just login to Diablo and look around and go, “Oh crap, this place is too scary for me.” and log out again. How about at least a hot dog stand along the road somewhere. Oh come on, I so see the Goblins doing that, what do you say?


16 Responses to “The Carp is a Lie and … Stuff”

  1. I have to agree with you, dreary and dark…and things trying to kill you is a lot more depressing than a beachfront area. Thanks for the chuckle because I’m happy to know that I’m not the only one that feels this way.

  2. But there is a nice non-Horridon-the-horrible Direhorn available for purchase once you hit exalted with the Isle of Thunder Alliance, surely that’s something to aim for, right? =)

    • They were very clever to have that Direhorn or NO ONE would help them, lol. Sasche’s exalted but she didn’t buy it as there’d be no hope of Cat getting to exalted if she already had the mount.

  3. I admit once I got to exalted, I kind of stopped doing stuff on the Isle – short of killing a few rares, like you. I can’t wait to loot my chest and key for the week though on 3 of my toons.

  4. Maybe that explains part of my current mood: the Isle looks EXACTLY like my backyard. No joke. I’ll take a picture later and prove it. I am experiencing some “Facebook Envy” now too as everyone is on spring break with happy families, warm sunshine, and gleeful souvenirs. What am I doing? Dying to trolls.

  5. I am with you on those carp!

    Like 10 hours of fishing already and not a carp yet. I hate them as much as the Minfernal I still haven’t got yet.

    Beginning to think it’s like the turtle mount I still haven’t managed to fish up in 3 years! I will never own them.

    • I just tried again and nothing but a giant sea monster. At least it wasn’t like the Giant Rat, I’d been standing there fishing for it for hours and someone ran up and cast twice and got it 😦

      I will think luck at you!

  6. I am lazy and I got tired of dailies, sometimes I go there and sometimes I don’t. I didn’t even get a chest last week! 😛 And carp… you know if I didn’t have that teaser white carp I would also believe they don’t exist.

    • Sasche always get’s her key for the week and then starts not wanting to to back and help them, lol.

      Yes, I’m afraid those Carp are going to turn into another Minfernal but at least I don’t have to go to another server to fish.

  7. Dangfool Says:

    I see you didn’t have the experience of attempting to overcome your fear of sharks, due to the recent release of “Jaws”, by visiting a beach, only to watch people dragging a SIXTEEN FOOT SHARK out of the water you had just been playing in.

    While I do visit beaches, I prefer them on freshwater lakes.

    I suppose if the freshwater lakes I visit had many large reptiles, like the Isle of Thunder or Australia, I might fear beaches even more!

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