Is Nothing Sacred?

violatedSo Cat logs in and sets off to battle pets. She notices her calendar flashing, strange since she’s the only one in the guild. Has her handler totally lost it and started setting up events she has no memory of? NO! I feel so violated, it’s a crappy gold seller!!! Setting up events in my calendar! WTF!!!

Have you no decency AT ALL! Stay out of my calendar! Were you spying on me? Did you think because I just bought this great big Yak I bought gold? I DO NOT BUY GOLD STUPID GOLD SELLER.

yakallthewayhome I’ve been playing and saving since 2006 for this mount, I don’t need your stolen gold! Cat knew I was feeling down irl and she got it to cheer me up. BLIZZARD, HELP!

Okay … as you were. I’ll get back to trying to fish up Tiny Carp and pet battling. Has this happened to you? Geez, it was creepy.


27 Responses to “Is Nothing Sacred?”

  1. Luckily, I’ve never had a gold seller setup anything in my calendars – I would think you might want to contact Blizzard in regard to the matter, sounds like some kind of breach of security on your account, perchance.

  2. Oh my gosh I got that too and was so damn mad; Watchdogs if Azeroth: unite!!

  3. Oh wow, that’s a new one for me. We need some sort of Azeroth Watch for this sort of thing.

  4. Windyfart Says:

    This same thing happened to me on sun.

    • Well I’m glad I’m not alone! Really wonder though what determines who they decide to include in the event. And I can never figure how they think being annoying is a good sales pitch.

  5. That’s scary! I didn’t know they could make events like that in your calendar? Totally freaky!

    • Reading the forums I found out just any old person has always been able to do this to people not on their friends list or in their guild. Now I’m surprised it doesn’t happen more often.

  6. At first glance it does sound like a security breach, but I think it more likely that they exploited a bug/hole in Blizz’ software. Do you use an ID badge as a secondary authenticator? If you do, then it’s not likely that they hacked your account.

    Still, I have to wonder what the gold farmers exploited to set that up.

    • I have an authenticator and after reading about it on the forums I stopped worrying so much. I didn’t realize that the capability to do this has always been there. I just assumed it only worked for your guild. I was surprised though to find out it’s been going on for two years at least.

  7. Wow, I didn’t even know that was possible. I’d definitely report that pronto. Those gold sellers are ruthless, yikes! D=

    • I know! What really surprised me is that it’s always been possible to do and I didn’t get it any sooner. In the forums it’s suggested you report the name. If it happens again I won’t be so quick to delete.

  8. That’s very annoying. However, I don’t think there’s any security issues with it. As far as I know you can invite annyone to an event in the calendar as long as you have their name. And names of characters are easy to get.

    And yeah, seems like a good idea to report it as spam.

    • You’re right, no security issues with it but I never knew you could invite anyone so my knee jerk reaction was OMG! What’s going on, lol!

      If I get another at least I’ll know how to report it as spam now and at least I was spared an entry every month like some people got.

  9. I started getting those damn things tonight. Not only that, every time I reported one (you can report it by right clicking the event and it auto-deletes it) a new one would show up a few minutes later in the next month! Every month this year, on the same date….grrrr.

  10. Wow, I wasn’t alone with those annoying calander invites then. Here’s hoping it won’t be a regular tatic now 😦

    • I know! I was talking to someone on my server who was worried that they were being targeted because of their pet collection so at least it looks like that’s not the cause, they are harassing ALL of us, lol.

      I sure hope not too.

  11. I got the same thing in my guild calendar and I had an attack. I ticked and apparently it’s happening a lot. I didn’t know you could invite *anyone* to guild calendar events. I only got one so far as well but I’ll probably ticket every time because I like being annoying πŸ™‚

    • Yes, I didn’t know that either. I might not have freaked out so much had I known, lol. Now I’m just waiting for them to try again and this time I’ll know to report them before I delete. I’m ready for you this time rotten little spammy spammers!

      • You can (right or left) click on the invite as if to delete it; at the bottom of that menu is an option to report it. How might I know this? Darn gold sellers hit me up, too! I still like the idea of opening a ticket as well. Lets share the spam.

        • LOL! I was kind of excited when I logged in this morning and those stupid spammers had done it again for the whole year! I spammed Blizzard with reports, lol! Next one gets a ticket too!

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