I Am a Freebird

flyCat enjoys getting to know the locals; she did feel sorry for Xiao Niao the Nightingale though. Being a Druid she doesn’t have to wish she’s not fettered to earth, she can soar. And swim, and bite, and RAAAWWWWRR. She’s pretty lucky that way.

fishingbreakSasche enjoys a break from fishing and the fishing was a break from dailies. My characters who are doing the Isle of Thunder dailies generally do them up to about Horgak the Enslaver then lose interest, run off to look for rares or go fishing for the elusive Tiny Carp. On leaving the Isle one day a guildmate asked if I wanted to do them. I said I was done and those demanding Sunreavers would have to get by without me. I was going fishing.

She replied that I was lucky. I was confused, I thought she meant because she was a healer and I said, “But you have a dps offspec don’t you?” She said that’s not what she meant, she HAD to do the dailies as she HAD to get 6000 valor for Wrathion and if she didn’t get them by the end of the week she’d HAVE TO wait another week and she couldn’t stand it.

Hmm … see for me HAVE TO is for real life. This is not luck, this is a choice. Is there sometimes envy involved when I see characters strutting around in gear I’ll never have? Sure, but I get over it. They did the HAVE TOs to get it so they paid the price I’m unwilling to pay. I do not do HAVE TOs. I sometimes do painful things in-game, but by choice. I choose to get the Insane title back when it cost me a veritable fortune in Pristine Black Diamonds and Darkmoon Decks but it was a good pain because I wanted to do it I didn’t HAVE TO do it.

I have gone in LFR three times. It was not as painful as some accounts I’ve read but it came close to sticking yourself in the eye with a sharp stick. Not quite but close. I did it for a chance, A CHANCE mind you that something would drop. Yeah, that’s enough. I do not have whatever inner strength it takes to do this. Wrathion, you can sit and spin if you think I’m going to ruin WoW for me to help you out. You can find your own Sigils of Whatchamacallit, you’re on your own.

I think you’ll get help from many people who are made of sterner stuff than I am. I hate RNG. I hate it. I cannot endure it. Pickpocketing elventy billion Junkboxes was nothing, NOTHING compared to the determination it would take to endure endless LFRs in the HOPE RNG will shine its lovely bright light on me.

barteringSo Cat will continue on her happy way, stopping at the Yak dealership to check out the inventory. Pet battling, fishing, whatever. I’m still here after seven years so whatever she’s doing it’s working. I’m not going to interfere. Sasche will continue on her … okay … unhappy way. She’s Forsaken, shooting for happiness is unrealistic. We’ll go for mildly not happy, that should work.

And speaking of painful things that I don’t have to do, I see Ironsally has procured herself a bank alt on her new server … whatever could that mean?

22 Responses to “I Am a Freebird”

  1. I have to agree with you, it’s nice to skip the “HAVE TOs”. It’s been a few years since I went from doing “HAVE TO” to only doing “want to”. 🙂

  2. I have to agree with you wholeheartedly – I was getting so burned out on “Have TOs” that I damned near quit the game. Now, I’m back to doing what I want to do – if I want to spend the entire day doing archeology or fishing, I’ll do it – the armor thing, well, I’ll get here when I’m ready.

    • I know, every once in a while I forget what doing the “have tos” does to me. I stop wanting to login and then I come to my senses and go back to goofing off. Whew, much better!

      • When a game starts feeling more like a job than “fun” it’s time to step back and look at it real hard. I kept hoping I’d get a check in the mail from Blizzard – Haha. Anyway, my more relaxed playstyle has worked wonders for my attitude towards the game.

  3. Might be worth considering that, as of the next patch, I believe they’re talking about the Wrathion VP questline only being 3000 instead of 6000. curses!

    But I agree completely .. I don’t really understand those who complain that they spend all their time in game doing stuff they don’t like, because they “have to” … if you don’t like dailies, don’t do them; farming .. ditto; LFR … same. There are so many different things to do in game that there’s no reason to do stuff you don’t want to do.

    I know some people state they feel they HAVE to do dailies, farming, LFR, to get gear in order to get into the next level of raiding – but that’s complete rubbish. With a bit of planning and help from Alts, or the auction house, or friendly guild members, you can bypass all of that.

    I recently levelled my hunter to level 90 – barring a very few heroics I ran on her, I did no dailies, no farming – yet she easily reached the ilevel required to enter normal raiding. It took perhaps an hour or so of effort on my main character looking for pandarian rares and archeology finds – which I was doing anyway for achievements … but I could easily have simply dropped some money on the Auction House and kitted her out that way.

    • I am one of those weird people who finds grinding leather on my leatherworker calming lol. You’re right, my Druid was wearing around 485 fairly quickly and I never do anything with her other than a world boss. She’s too busy pet battling. It’s my Warlock who causes trouble at times, must have a talk with her but I’ll word it very carefully. Don’t want a minion set on me!

    • I tried the same experiment on my Mage with less than desired results: but she’s still hawt

      • Cat has lots of money so she just said screw it, and bought very expensive patterns and made her clothes. Don’t let Blizzard know though, I’ll get in trouble for not earning it painfully like she’s supposed to, lol.

  4. The only true thing is to balance when something is a get-to and something is a have-to; love this post Tome

  5. You know what I thought when I saw that there was a valo(u)r requirement – I thought of you. And then I thought, well there is dailies which give a little bit of valo(u)r so that’s ok. And you can do scenarios too. But, then the NEXT bit of the chain which requires you to PvP… oh my, not sure how Cat will go there…
    But hey I am like you in the sense that I don’t like the have-to-do-this – I don’t cap valour ever week, I don’t run LFR to get gear upgrades… I am much happier digging, fishing and doing whatever I like best. I’m with matty – I like this post of indignation you’ve written LOL!

    • Cat never even thought about helping out Wrathion. She did her usual thing and bought horribly high priced patterns and made her clothes, she’s not stopping pet battles to help that guy, lol. She’ll stop if a Galleon group forms but that’s about it.

      It’s Sasche who’s the problem, wouldn’t you know it would be the Warlock acting up.

      And the LFRs seemed to be full of people on follow, really. Sasche’s dpsing her heart out so it will be over sooner and she can get out of there and there are all these people doing squat all, lol, what’s that about! Aren’t Hunter’s pet supposed to attack something?

  6. Bankalts on other servers. We approve 😀

  7. Ditto, ditto, Tome 😀
    I know that I will “have-to” run Throne of Thunder LFR eventually to get geared up enough to run the Siege of Orgrimmar LFR, but most of my playtime recently — and really in this whole expansion so far — has been in “want-to” mode — and I’ve been enjoying it very much.

    • I’ve pretty much always been in “want to” mode and once in a while I forget myself and accidentally fall into “have to.” I just need a swift kick in the pants to come back to my senses, lol. Especially since there’s so much “want to” to do in Pandaria.

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