A Reasoned Treatise on LFR … Not. Picture of Me, Might be Scary

dogmeYeah … I’m not sure what this means, it’s happening a lot lately. I wrote this giant post on LFR based on my vast experience of doing it three times, about a week ago. Since then I’ve read A LOT of posts about LFR and mine added nothing so DELETE. In a nutshell I just used a lot of words to say I think Blizzard overestimated the ability of 25 strangers to cooperate or even communicate.

BUT. I had this photo of me in disguise since I was kind of ranting and I didn’t want to delete it. Yes, it’s me in a dog disguise. With nothing useful to write … not to imply that I EVER write anything useful but sometimes at the time of writing I think it is. Delusional … I know.

My husband wandered in the room when I was creating my disguise. He usually takes me in stride but this time he asked if my teachers sent notes home to my parents when I was in school. Saying I might have ISSUES perhaps. They really didn’t. I did draw all the time in class back when my hands worked better and I could actually draw. I drew horsies all the time back then. Almost exclusively, safe territory … no notes to parents. So there.

I did at least manage to work in “a lot” a lot of times so Matty will know that I know how to use it now. I’m not sure if in the past I typed alot or a lot but from now on I will ALWAYS remember to type A LOT.

So … yeah. Really nothing to see here folks. I’m just decorating my picture with some typing at the bottom cause that’s kind of what people expect to see when they read, operative word here, READ a post.

I think it’s enough typing now to be a post. I have many baby pets to raise, Ironsally wants to start leveling. Got to go. I’ll be back.

12 Responses to “A Reasoned Treatise on LFR … Not. Picture of Me, Might be Scary”

  1. Remember those training simulatations we wanted? LFR is Blizzard’s answer I think–maybe if we both look at it that way, it’s just a simulation, then it won’t be so darn annoying. It’s weird, but actually going in there with guildmates or potential guilds has been more unnerving than total strangers. It’s easier to skinny dip around no one you know than friends and family, I suppose.

    I think your perspective on LFR is really important, Tome. Remember when I was so upset that folks didn’t want the Average Joe such as myself to get legendary quests/weapons? That it wasn’t special? I think this is Blizzard’s way of biting back–the only way I can finish getting any kind of closure with Wrathion is to finish my 40 trillium bars and 20 thingamabobs. His currency, his demands, are pretty high right now. Always knew he was up to no good.

    • You are right, LFR really has the potential to be a great simulator and I really do appreciate them giving “the rest of us” a chance to see the content. That part I am wholeheartedly for, the part I hated was people on follow, Hunters with pets that never left their side, people dancing in the corridors.

      Hello! Hello! If you’d help out here we wouldn’t have to do each boss twice. What is that about, I was doing old content so I was probably the only one who didn’t know what was going on. What have we learned here, Tome is not a patient person, lol.

      I want everyone who has the temerity and strength of character to endure countless LFRs to get an UBERLEGENDARY! It just won’t be me though.

      • Hi Tome,
        My name is Roo, how do you do!

        I can understand the fustration you are feeling with hunters with pets in LFR, but did you know, we get yelled at if we do use Fido (and I don’t mean those that leave [gasp] thunderstomp or growl on) or don’t use Fido?

        We get yelled out because someone read that a a certain pet is bad. I know we can have 5, but to be honest, hunters are not mind readers, one can still “not have the right” pet : (

        Maybe that is why the hunter you are thinking of, simply left him by his side.

        Was there pre-chat about everyone’s position in the LFR or since most LFR’s is chat free except for the usual immature banter, did any one chat with the hunter about Fido’s job?

        Heck, I have been yelled at and kicked before the LFR started because I am a BM and didn’t have the right pet for them. Oh well.

        Not trolling as this is the first time here and just wanted to add food for thought. You should have posted what you wrote. I like your writing style.

        Nice looking dog. Yours?

        stay frosty…


        PS – I agree – 25 complete strangers doing things as one for the first time? Not going to happen. It tooks us a while to learn to operate as a platoon.

        • Hi Roo! Oh, I feel bad, I didn’t mean to call out Hunters, mine would be furious at me if I did! And I know what you mean, Warlocks get told they’re using the wrong pet all the time too.

          Oh no! There was no talking at all, just got in there to see the behind of the tank running off, which he continued to do despite the pathetic cries for mana.

          What became apparent was half the people weren’t doing anything. If my Warlock is fifth or sixth in DPS that probably means only five or six players were dpsing.

          After we couldn’t manage to get the boss down, the tank would yell at everyone to stop being so lazy, I’m paraphrasing there, can’t say what he really said. But the thing was he was right.

          After yelling the same exact boss would go right down. I couldn’t figure it out. I was fighting my heart out because I wanted to get the hell out of there, lol!

          No, he is a lovely dog but not ours. Ours are both black so they aren’t very photogenic, usually come out looking like shadows so he was a stand-in.

  2. Come on Tome, that’s not scary. At least I know what your eyes look like now. Actually I’ve seen your body now too so I just need to put the two together and fill in a less canine head 🙂

    • I don’t think it’s scary but I just didn’t know if you would, lol. So I decided to warn you just in case.

      The final part MUST NEVER BE SEEN! It would turn you to stone, oh, the horror!

  3. Does your disguise come with the ability to sniff out trouble? And I am with Matty – you should write your experience with it. There are lots of people like you Tome, venturing in. Not everyone is a seasoned LFR veteran. You speak for them!

    • Oh I wish! I have long wanted to know what is so fascinating on walks that the dogs have to spend 10 minutes studying a smell.

      I think my problem is patience, by the time I actually get in there I’ve lost it. Could be the time of day I queued for them. Maybe daytime all the people are sneaking on at work or something and that’s why they’re all on follow.

  4. Hi Tome!

    Please, I did not mean to make ya feel bad, honestly.

    And I feel sort of rotten that you felt bad. See, if you had wrote that “my life in LFR” post, the whole truth would have been known. 😀

    That really is a shame that the people who were in the LFR did not want to contribute to the downing of the boss. And for that, blast away at them.

    From reading here and Grumpy Elf, LFR’s are no picnics because of the time suck they have become.

    Tried to reply to your reply, but there wasn’t the ability too.


    • I know, I hate that when I can’t reply where I want! I was thinking about you this morning. I got in a group that Did Galleon, Sha, and Nalak together. The top dps on all was the same Hunter, yay Hunters!

      I felt even better when I looked closer and went hey! That’s my guildmate. Oddly the groups for world bosses are always pleasant and don’t seem to suffer the problems LFR do, not sure why. Don’t feel rotten at all, you must stick up for your class!

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