Fear, Faffage and Self-esteem Issues

hellfiretamerSo I’m doing my morning circuit of pet tamers for leveling pets and this giant foot comes into view in the corner of my screen. A thrill of fear shot through me. I can now probably kill Fel Reaver in my underwear in caster form unarmed while simultaneously doing the dance of the seven veils. Doesn’t matter … I was terrified. Still. Redbeard posted about MMOs and the lack of spontaneity, and after thinking about it I’d have to say Fel Reaver is for me, about the only thing in-game that still comes close. I love you Fel Reaver, don’t ever change man.

weekreviewSasche hon, you have to stop doing this. Fly to the RED. RED! I KNOW she flew right in your doorway but she did apologize and try to leave for heavens sake. The level of savagery displayed by that cute furry Panda was shocking, simply shocking. It was an honest mistake. Cat and Sasche have such a hard time with the whole factions thing. She was pleased that she managed to retrieve her body without further bloodshed and get on with faffing.

librarycatIt seems lately that’s all we do. Cat only wants to level her pets, Sasche hangs around Thunder Isle looking to make quick valor off rares rather than work for the Sunreavers and I’ve been lazy about commenting. I’m to the point that I feel guilty, but I continue to read posts in the morning on the iPad without even leaving a cheery wave.

Comments I make while on the iPad generally leave the impression that I’m an illiterate nit-wit. I’ll have you no know I might be a nit-wit but I’m not illaterate illiterate … much. I did tell Cat to get busy and find all the bookmarks she made of blogs to add to our blogroll. And then I need to ACTUALLY ADD them. Sigh …

infestedbearCat cares deeply about all her pets, their welfare is important to her. She’s been worried about her Infested Bear Cub, she thinks he has self-esteem issues. She tries to cheer him up but really, what can you say to him. You’ve got great … um …

Yeah, see? There is NOTHING redeeming about this poor bear. How do you cheer him up. Cat was thrilled to receive a Flawless Undead Battle-Stone and thought this is just what he needs! She held a little ceremony so he’d know how special he’d be and bonked him with that stone and done! You Sir Bear are a rare! If you were to return to Hillsbrad, all your friends would marvel at your special snowflakeness! You are a Rare, hold that head high!

I have to admit it was a good idea, he’s been prancing around practically giddy with glee. Now if only there were Flawless IRL Battle-Stones all would be right with the world.

18 Responses to “Fear, Faffage and Self-esteem Issues”

  1. We approve of your continued faffing 😀 Do what makes you happy, first and foremost

  2. Why doesn’t there seem to be a good equivalent of ‘Wrath Babies’? ‘Outland Babies’? Crusade-Babies?

    I think that instinctive fear of Fel Reavers is telling.

    Prancing Infested Bear Cubs doesn’t sound right. Does he dance like a Druid in Bear Form?

    • I know! There should be a suitable moniker for the rest of us who were around before Wrath.

      I think now that he’s rare he may start dancing like a Druid in Bear Form, he’s much more confident now. Maybe he’ll even visit a Dermatologist for the problem on his back.

  3. Tome: I am sitting here in a millwork lumberyard indirectly supporting the arts, reading this post, and feeling all warm and fuzzy, cause I know you are a kindred spirit.

    And I think instead of biscuits we should get spider-egg infestation shampoo for those poor little guys. And and and….a little more clemency for flying to the wrong hotel

    • Oh great idea, I’ll have to visit a shop and check for the shampoo!

      And what I was thinking while being beaten about the head and shoulders was, “It’s not like Matty didn’t give you fair warning, why do you do this repeatedly, why?”

  4. Someone needs to explain what “faffing” is in this context. Is everyone able to faf? Or, is it only for a select few to faf? Is there such a thing as a “faftastic” day?

    Inquiring minds need to know!


    • It’s the best thing ever! Goofing off, having fun without doing anything remotely considered productive! And everyone can faff!

      Of course if we all faff no great enemies of Azeroth will be
      downed so it’s lucky there are some taking care of this leaving me to faff worry free!

  5. You know, I’ve captured two of those bear cubs now ( I went back later determined to get a rare) and I’ve never taken them out for a run or fresh air. I do wish we could pop those things on their backsides for good though.

  6. OMG it’s reverse horde hotel!
    I don’t know if it’s because I read this post, but I got an undead stone today as well! Wonder if I should use it on my bear? 🙂
    And don’t ever stop faffing. One of the bets things I love about you – and oh there are so many things I admire and love so well about you /hug

    • I know! Poor Sasche comes back from a hard day on the farm and those Alliance kill her for a simple mistake!

      I think that’s only the second Undead stone I’ve received and I had to use it on him to cheer him up, lol.

      /hug to you too Navi!

  7. I’ve had some issues with the Infested Bear Cub, it creeps me out badly. But you’re story about your bear made me be less creeped out. Might give my own infested little guy a new chanse…hopefully without getting queasy.

  8. The sound of metal and steam, a giant foot, and….



    Yeah, I’ve been there. Even though I know the pattern the Fel Reaver travels, I still get that burst of fright when I’ve not been paying attention and THERE. HE. IS.

    That was how I died the first time in Outland, not knowing just what the hell that thing was, but it sure could take me out with one swing.

    (The second time I died in Outland was because Q the L60 Blood Knight was ganked by an L80 Rogue. Still haven’t forgotten THAT one.)

    On reflecting on it, the Fel Reaver is probably the closest thing to PvE in-game spontaneity. Even though it is on autopilot, it’s the closest thing to that random “surprise!” that you’d find in the PvE environment. There is the Storm Giant in Howling Fjord, and there’s Luzran and Knucklerot in the Ghostlands, but those aren’t quite the same. The Storm Giant makes the screen jump when he approaches, and the abominations stand out like sore thumbs in the perpetual twlight of the Scourge infested home of the Queldorei and Sindorei. That Fel Reaver, though, manages to sneak up on more people than you’d believe.

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