Alts Saved My Life

voidstuckWhat? Too melodramatic? Okay then alts saved my WoW life. I mean look, even the Voidlord refuses to do dailies on Thunder Isle anymore. And by the way I’m fine with all the dailies, I appreciate that they’re available if you want them. It’s up to me to have the good sense to STOP doing them at some point before I burn myself out. So I’m reading a post at Reputation Grind and I think, “We’ll yeah you big dummy, that’s what you like to do so why aren’t you doing it? You’ve strayed too far from your roots! You’re an altoholic, act like one!”

I have little desire right now to level my 85-86 level characters but I love leveling low levels and seeing the world again through their eyes. So what to do? Eureka! Zounds! I have a plan!

JD at Amateur Azerothian had given out wonderful panther gifts to LBR participants and I was one of them. I started a Monk on Runetotem, I was welcomed to Claws of Nature, I started leveling her and got to level 22 or so. I got distracted, JD quit WoW and then she was abandoned. I would feel guilty about her but wouldn’t login because I was sad JD wasn’t around.

liwumenthilI know, I’ll transfer her to Fenris where she’ll have rich big sisters to help her and heirlooms and she won’t be sad cause JD’s not going to login. TA DA! I’m happy again, of course it was a little sad to have to give someone the boot to make room, but in the stoic way of Orcs, Darknell took it rather well especially considering Liwu is Alliance.

I love professions and they are fun again. Instead of Cat logging in and learning another pattern for PvP gear she doesn’t want and won’t sell or learning a lovely iLevel 522 piece she can’t get the Haunting Spirits for out of habit, Liwu is GOING to be an Engineer, and it’s FUN. I promise you Liwu I won’t delete you as I have every other Engineer. See, it’s in writing. You’re safe. We had a fine time yesterday running around in The Wetlands and gained 6 levels. She’ll be riding that panther in no time.

Everyone was happy about this, Scribe resumed scribing as she might learn something Liwu needs. Miner went out to mine copper to kick-start Liwu’s mining and engineering. Even my bank alt was excited. She hangs on to so much stuff that no one can use. Finally someone to send bags to!

travelbackpackI don’t know why I was so stupid I forgot what I enjoy. Even Ironsally is on the move again. In the same time it took Liwu to gain six levels Ironsally gained two bars into 85. Yeah … this is harder than I remembered. Can’t keep Void alive, each mob is the equivalent of soloing a Thunder Isle rare … but harder. Add to that the constant fear of being killed because she’s on a PvP server. We’re having fun again! Easy Liwu, hard Ironsally, professions! Ah, life is good again. I even wrote a note for me on my about page so that if I get lost again I’ll remember what is was I liked about WoW. Whew, I’m glad that’s over.

9 Responses to “Alts Saved My Life”

  1. There are times that if I didn’t have as many alts that I do that I just might have walked away from the game – Love the new expansion, however, those little alts just remind me of why it is that I play the game – it’s fun.

    • You are so right. My joy in WoW has always been exploring the content. I’m not much of a competitor in-game or out, I’m here to sight see and I forgot. That little alt reminded me 🙂

      • Hehe, sometimes it’s just fun to do the “little” things in game. I’m with you on the side-trips you can take on your little guys that you were in such a rush to get to the higher levels that you missed.

  2. tyledres Says:

    Grats! I’m glad you found your passion back! Alrhough I think leveling an iron toon is insanity but you’re doing it on a pvp server! Oh the inhumanity of it ! 🙂

  3. I am glad you found yourself again. Now that’s more like the Ancient I know! Getting bogged down in this LFR and dailies stuff at max level… though it’s what most of us do, it’s the “raising a child” thing you seem to love best – lucky this virtual children all they need is a bit of playtime and a sleep in an inn, no nappies/diapers, broken sleep or vomit to deal with.

    • If these young characters were like my daughter I couldn’t do it. She was “the one who never sleeps.” I found out I couldn’t wake her for school because she spent the night in her closet reading, lol. Liwu seems to be fresh and rested when I login so she’s probably not staying up all night reading, whew.

  4. All we need are just a few more quest chains that lead us to our own paths of glory…

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