Ironsally Takes a Dirt Nap

sallyridesYep. Ride, Sally ride. Way, way, back in the olden days of 2011 two wizards plotted a fiendish task. I now think of it as the Psyn-Vry Ironman to differentiate it from the later WoW Ironman which was more well known and included one thing the earlier WoW Ironman didn’t. A no-death requirement. Ironsally leveled to 85 dressed more or less in her undies and no talents … and gets to die as much as she so desires.

After completing her challenge she bummed around, had no direction. It was a bad time for her and she ended up in a back alley on a PvP server with little to do. But now the time has come. It’s time to push forward to 90. Yes, her idiot handler has made things more challenging by leaving her here, but no one is up for a challenge like Ironsally, Warlock extraordinaire! (Her words not mine, but I thought I’d humor her after the whole PvP server thingy.)

After a little research it became apparent those Pandaren don’t go in much for selling useless common weapons and gear. For heaven’s sake they sell legitimate gear. How unfortunate. It seems her next gear upgrade would have to come from the scruffy line of poor gear which is unattainable. That was one good thing about being on Zangarmarsh, people actually listed poor and common gear on the AH. Oh well, she’ll have to tough it out.

poserOMG! Sally, you did not just do that! You poser! You know you can’t help Nozdormu, why did you take that quest … ah … okay, I see. So she’s stuck here because her hearth’s on cooldown. Oh, wait. I’ll just enter The Caverns of Time, there’s a portal right here. Then I’ll check in on Uldum.

dirtnapOMG, it was so good to finally get that over with. Sally takes a dirt nap at the hands of the Horde. I’ve got to wonder what he thought. There he is already for a big fight and bam. He one-shot her. Kind of wonder what was going through their mind. Damn, I am good, or what the hell is the matter with that Warlock. I’ll never know. I was afraid they might camp her poor little body but apparently they were looking for more of a challenge and soon departed so she moved on to Uldum.

crumblingdefCrumbling Defenses had somewhat soured her on Deepholm. Completing this quest spanned hours. She had to wait for the cooldown to Summon Doomguard to have any hope at all of killing these things.

Time to revisit Kavem the Callous. At 84 she couldn’t down him, let’s see if she can prevail and open up Uldum as an 85. Yay! Down he went. She’s very happy, now she’s free to spend some time in Uldum, a nice change from dreary, rocky Deepholm.

Don’t know if she’ll make it to 90 but we’ll have fun trying. I do think 85 to 90 might take as long as 1 to 85 did. Sally, you should never have left Outland incomplete. It’s going to come back and bite you. Just saying. Sigh … that girl just does not listen.

11 Responses to “Ironsally Takes a Dirt Nap”

  1. The nice thing about Outland is that it’ll wait for you. Patiently. Fruit Vendor and all.

    When I go to destress, I head for Outland.

    • BC is my favorite and I’ve been really happy it’s on my pet tamer circuit. I didn’t know I missed visiting until I started visiting again. Sometimes I stay to take in a show at World’s End Tavern too!

      • The World’s End Tavern is a perfect place for cross faction RPing, and it’s a shame that it’s not utilized more.

        That’s where my retired toons go to hang out and drink together. This sounds a lot like Ratters’ toons, but still…

  2. Dirt nap? Nah. She lost a contact lens, and was looking for it. Her earring fell out, and it was a gift from a favorite aunt! Oh, what’s this? A ladybug! How sweet! Hey, I think an X marked the spot here, perhaps there’s treasure, and I’ll dig for it. Dirt nap, bah!

  3. Outland is still one of my favorite areas in-game. I can still remember when that portal opened and it was OMG – will you look at that!! Oh yes, Pandaria is beautifully done, however, it didn’t give me that awesome feeling when we leapt from Vanilla to BC.

    • Pandaria is indeed beautiful and I do love it but for me too nothing will ever come close to the first time I entered that alien world through the portal. He was right, I was not prepared!

  4. One never needs an excuse to talk to Nozdormu do they? Omg he is sooooo sexy, if Navi could have a crush on someone in game it would be Nozdormu. So what if he’s a dragon? He can shift to blood elf form. Navi can shift to bear, cat, orca and crow… surely one of these forms would be compatible…

    Oops sorry. Carried away there. Ahem.

  5. hey Tome!

    I knew you could write. nice article. stay frosty!


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