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Information Packed Posts …

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sadly never happen here. Yeah … I know, it bothers me too. So it’s Friday and I’ve got nothing, so I decided to REALLY think hard. I must know SOMETHING helpful … no, nothing so far … then I found Joanna! Yay! I can do this! You can do THIS! Let’s all PRANCE!

Yeah … the hair … I can’t do that. Maybe a ponytail would be appropriate … yeah … I can definitely do a great ponytail. Okay, the pants I’m NOT doing. I don’t think it will hurt anything if I wear jeans do you? Those pants … no … just … cannot.

So while I was prancing, I FINALLY thought of some great information to share. It might come in handy if you have allergies or sinus problems like I do. These problems can cause mouth breathing. One of the reasons I never want to talk on vent or mumble but never mind that, on to the helpful information!

When cleaning your toilet, take a deep breath BEFORE using the toilet brush. Now hold that breath while strenuously scrubbing the toilet bowl. If needed, stop brushing, back away. Release your breath. Take another deep breath. Repeat scrubbing. Continue to repeat the steps until toilet bowl is clean.

Failure to close mouth while cleaning can result in splashes of water hitting your face. This can result in screaming and dare I say, a lot of prancing around while screaming. Really, I you could end up using an ENTIRE bottle of mouthwash trying to disinfect your mouth.

Not to worry, when certain people in my house forget to put the toilet seat down, our dogs on occasion have had a sip of toilet water. They’re still here … so whew …

Yay! There’s my helpful, informational post! I love this being helpful stuff, I feel like a freaking Mother Teresa of Azeroth now, although technically I don’t think we have to scrub toilet bowls there. Maybe they’ll make a daily for it. Anyway, remember to prance and keep your mouth closed while doing hazardous tasks! And have a great weekend, my work here is done!

A Fairly Short Day and Drak the Magic Realm

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howlingCat did The Longest Day yesterday and I thought she’d have tales of woe to relate but no. Not a one. She started at 7:00am, I guess she stopped while I walked the dogs and then we continued and finished around 11:00am … 7/11 … not that bad, no problems and she did the hard ones first to get them out of the way. The only problem was not receiving the Marked Flawless Battle-stone but I sorta knew that was coming. The hardest part was the ticket about the Battle-stone. I don’t think Blizzard likes my browser of choice.

Ironsally has been REALLY mad at me. She thinks it’s beneath her to be relegated to pet spawning watch. An Ironman out looking for silly pets, she doesn’t share Cat’s love of pets, thinks they’re silly. Unborn Val’kyr my ass. WHAT! WHAT DID YOU SAY MISSY! Sigh … nothing, it was nothing. So anyway, I told her she should be enjoying the view. It’s beautiful in Northrend and as long as she stays on her flying mount she’s safe. Because she’s so squishy! Aren’t you Miss Sally Big Shot, too good to help out. Yeah … we’ve been having words.

Today I told her she should stop just sitting around Zul’Drak and check ALL of the spawn points. I mean she’s got TomTom loaded and I got her this list:

/way Borean Tundra 32 60
/way Borean Tundra 80 48
/way Borean Tundra 47 7
/way Crystalsong Forest 18 57
/way Crystalsong Forest 43 44
/way Crystalsong Forest 67 49
/way Grizzly Hills 62 18
/way Grizzly Hills 79 51
/way Grizzly Hills 26 57
/way Howling Fjord 46 42
/way Howling Fjord 71 43
/way Howling Fjord 68 67
/way Icecrown 47 86
/way Icecrown 73 64
/way Sholazar Basin 36 19
/way Sholazar Basin 58 22
/way Sholazar Basin 44 69
/way Storm Peaks 65 41
/way Storm Peaks 42 78
/way Storm Peaks 29 50
/way Zul’drak 75 22
/way Zul’drak 57 39
/way Zul’drak 24 63

Geez, stop the complaining and take a ride for heavens sake, Sally. So she grudgingly did but wanted to skip Crystalsong Forest because she says it’s right there under Dalaran, there’s no point. Someone would have got her by now. SALLY! Just check them.

unbornVSo of course it was there. See Miss Smarty Pants! But what REALLY blew both of us away was the (just what I needed) Flawless Undead Battle-stone that dropped from the fight. WHAT??? I couldn’t believe it. Yeah … I’ll have to remember this post to come back to when I’m feeling sorry for myself about RNG. I thought at first maybe it dropped for everyone, but I’ve read accounts and I don’t remember hearing about any battle-stones dropping so I’m going to assume it was my RNG day in the sun. I’d better savor it as who knows when that will happen again.

So now Cat’s happily leveling her very own Unborn Val’kyr and Sally is happy to get back to Uldum and Ironmanning. Everyone’s happy. And again, my deepest thanks to the Magic Realm of Drak’Tharon … where yes … you might get killed, but all your pet dreams can come true.

A Tale of Two Hunters and PvP Pet Battles the Easy Way

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catfluxWell see, this is what happens when servers are down. I talk too much. Posting is ALWAYS preferable to cleaning.

Navi made a comment that made me feel sort of guilty. Sasche became a Darkspear Revolutionary almost as soon as it was available. I figured people would be doing it daytime since it was new. Navi said it would be interesting to see how Battlefield Barrens looked from the Alliance perspective … um … I wasn’t even planning on doing it with Cat, shame on me. Poor Cat.

There is a reason, the few scenarios Cat’s done have all turned into a nightmare. There has been a lot of willy-nilly running around aggroing everything. I don’t know what that’s about. One time I was sure the person had stepped away for a moment and their cat might have jumped on the keyboard. It was the only explanation that made sense. I’m not sure if it’s the time of day or Cat is just unlucky, unlike Sasche. But Navi is right, Cat should get to see her side of the story. It’s the weekend, surely people are queuing. Yep, they were and off we went.

Oh yay! A Hunter, with a bear! Blood in the Snow should go fine! And a Shaman, let’s get this done! The Hunter was fine and I’m glad they were there. The Shaman commenced with telling the Hunter to take out a tanking pet. Hunter responded that the bear was their tanking pet. Shaman told them they needed to take out their Turtle, Hunter said, don’t have one. Shaman responded with a rude little acronym that implied extreme stupidity on the Hunter’s part. The Hunter remained calm and dignified throughout.

Then the Shaman kept running off ahead on their own, trying to avoid everything but the objectives, which somehow always turned into a blood bath from patrols. Frequent shouts of, “WTF!” could be seen as once again the Shaman was dead. As we got to the last part it became clear the Shaman just planned on trying to down the Zandalari leader and ignore everything else, when it was a lot easier killing everything else and then kill him. The Hunter and I finished it off, Hunter said ty and I think the Shaman might have been dead again.

So, on to the Dark Heart of Pandaria. A Hunter and a Mage, sounds good, wait … what? They’re dead already … what? Okay, I think it would be better if we get the little ones first cause … dead again. The Hunter had some sort of wolf who unfortunately seemed to have a compelling desire to end it all … a death wish … which was fulfilled repeatedly.

Let’s have another go. Okay, this might take a while. Once we got to the last boss I waited to see if the Hunter would send his pet. Nope, I guess it’s once more unto the breach for me. Okay, now we’re all dead. I’d been trying to communicate with no luck, maybe they don’t speak English. It could happen I guess. When we got back I put down a Banquet. They ate and one said, ty. Okay, someone’s there.

With a rousing battle cry something like, “We’re coming for you, you big dummy! Be afraid, be very afraid!” I don’t know, I thought it might rouse them to action. We attacked! It was an ugly mess of me trying to melee the boss without stepping in the Blood of Y’Shaarj that was freaking everywhere by now. My comrades were running back and forth to stand in the orbs. Yes, it was a typical Cat experience. But done. Thank Elune.

But then I had a eureka moment! These same people are doing pet PvP battles! Right now! I just know it! Here’s my chance!

And they were.

Merciless Pet Brawler Done!

Experienced Pet Brawler Done!

My pet Reacher was right, do them on the weekends. Easy PvP Pet Battles.

And Navi was right, if I hadn’t done these quests Alliance side, I would never have done Gathering Intelligence. I would have missed it. I was changed into what looks like a little Fluxfire Feline who had to stealth around right in front of Org looking for important intelligence. When my mission was complete I changed to fight form. Imagine my delight when I became a Flying Fluxfire able to fly around over the heads of the enemy.

I spent quite a bit of time flying around, hurling insults down at them, pelting them with Deeprun Rat Kabobs so they’d know the Alliance had prevailed! So worth it.

So that’s me up there, The Dreadful Deathkitten of Doom. Garrosh?

Be afraid.

The Hordebreaker and …

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PocketReaverYeah, you knew it didn’t you. Pets. And more pets! Must have all the pets! My precious, my prec … sorry. Got carried away for a minute. I really love having a reason for doing all these old raids and while I love having a pet drop, I think I’ll be sad when I get them all. I took pictures of each one I got so I can look back fondly on the first moment we met. Sasche, say hello to Pocket Reaver for the first time. She had her horns on, I hope she didn’t scare him too bad.

Okay, Cat got The Hordebreaker title yesterday but it doesn’t really suit her. Well she can’t stand Garrosh but she has no problem with the Horde, I don’t think she’ll wear it, she’d feel uncomfortable. I mean she’s such a pacifist she did almost all the collection of lumber and meat and stuff from the air so as not to have to kill … Horde. I know, Druids … what can you do.

Sasche on the other hand actually enjoyed getting the Darkspear Revolutionary. There is nothing in the world a Warlock enjoys more then being jumped by five or six dirty, rotten, little, Garrosh followers … Warlocks live for that shit stuff. She liked all that killing so much I’ll bet she’ll do it again.

PhoenixHawkHatchlingCat admiring her Phoenix Hawk Hatchling … well, yawning at it … really Cat. What kind of welcome is that. So back to Hordebreaker. Sasche is probably going back to beat up everything for another week because of Cat’s curiosity. She can’t help it, she is after all a cat. She’d read that the Latent armor, once infused, created iLevel 489 gear. She didn’t need it. But being a cat she had to find out for herself and wasted the Radical Mojo to find out. Yep. So she sold it for 15 gold. Cats and their curiosity, sheesh.

wavelingThere she is with her new little Tainted Waveling. I have to admit Cat’s a bit lazy. She stealths through most of these raids avoiding conflict. Sometimes it backfires on her, sometimes all those mobs she left alive come to the aid of the boss. Whoops! Shadowmeld! All good now! Raiding with Leashes II: Attunement Edition has created a problem though.

cantvendorI mean just look at that staff! I can’t vendor that! And the cloak, and the … it went on and on. I have no space left. I’m looking at getting rid of tabards, but can’t face it yet. I know! But what can you do! High fashion does not come without a price!

Report from the Battlefront

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wolfWell, pet battlefront anyway. FINALLY the big bad wolf made an appearance. The Draenei came through! And poor thing, she’s dressed in rags and for a moment there it looked like Attumen was going to kill her. I KNOW, really, how embarrassing would that be. It’s partly gear but mostly, my complete inability to remember how the hell a Enhancement Shaman works anymore if she isn’t jewelcrafting or making glyphs. Oh how the mighty have fallen. I was happy she was the one to acquire our new little pet, might help with her self-esteem a bit.

Then Cat logs in and sees she has mail, hmm … must have forgotten that I mailed myself something or one of these factions wants me to knock off someone for them. BUT NO!
zpet It was from Zeirah of Azeroth Life! Zeirah always has lots of beautiful screen shots and is a fellow altoholic. And now we know she’s also extremely generous because she had sent Cat a Menagerie Custodian of her very own! Cat knew she’d be out most of the day at a birthday celebration irl so she took him to her cottage in Halfhill to get him settled in and introduced to everyone. Thank you so much Zeirah! And thanks for your kind offer, but Blizzard ruined one of the best things about CRZ when they changed it to no more than three times zones. I had forgotten, but the other day I grouped with Cymre and Luxy for the Darkmoon Rabbit and although I was standing on top of their dots, they weren’t there! Oops, I forgot! One of the few things I liked about CRZ and they took it away.

ioncannonI was battling a tamer and realized another problem I have that might be contributing to how HARD getting 10 wins for What We’ve Been Training For is turning out to be. I’m now at five. Why can’t I go up against goofy people like me who are trying out an all bunny team. Oh come on! There MUST be others, I can’t be the only one! Anyway, Mechanical Yeti. I just HAVE TO use him. I use him sometimes when he really isn’t the best match up, but Ion Cannon! Just look at that! How can I not use that! Yes, I not only put together teams based on how cute they are, I make other teams based on how cool their abilities look. And while I’m starring in awe the other team is finishing me off.

Oh well, I must toughen my heart and pick a team of capable brigands who will tear through the pet PvP community with impunity! Tough! I’ll be tough!

Bunnies! Oh, Bunnies! Where are you? Let’s have one more try!

Surprises, Revolutionaries and Suckage

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sasandvolI’m going to try to write a post but my husband has pulled one of his sneak day offs. He puts in for a day off and doesn’t tell me and then he’s just here, what’s that about. I think he’s trying to see if I phone my boyfriend to cancel our tryst … yeah … that’s what hes’ doing. HAHAHAHAHAHA! Fooled him! Surprise! My assignation was with my dog walking friend so he had to listen to her talk about her sister-in-law’s husband’s near fatal eczema for the whole walk, that will teach him!

Anyway, there’s Sasche conferring with Vol’jin, oh yeah they’re tight now that she’s a Darkspear Revolutionary, oh yeah she’s totally behind the cause she … what? Oh it’s nothing, really she’s been fighting for … WHAT! Oh, it’s just Gahz’rooki. No REALLY! She killed a bazillion of Garrosh’s lackeys for THE CAUSE … honest, she’s 100% behind Vol’jin on this, the fact that she got a battle pet out of it had ABSOLUTELY nothing to do with it. She was kind of happy though, because of the pet Cat kind of forgave her for harshing her mellow the other day. Now everyone’s friends again, glad that’s over but now Cat’s got other problems.

catreacherThat’s Reacher, he’s kind of the team leader of her battle pets. I think he got the job because their outfits kind of match, she likes that. They are discussing tactics … or the apparent lack of them. She accepted the challenge What We’ve Been Training For a few days ago. What has now become obvious is OMG WE SUCK AT PET PVP BIG TIME! I think in about 20 matches she’s only managed to win 3 and they all could have gone either way, she just squeaked by.

After brainstorming with Reacher on where they were going so wrong, they decided it was their lack of knowledge about the abilities of battle pets. I agree, I’m just not familiar enough with all the possible damage and special attacks they all have, and with my memory the future doesn’t look bright either. I think I got comfortable with certain pets and didn’t use some of my others to get to know them and NOW THEIR COUSINS ARE KICKING MY BUTT. Sigh …

Reacher’s idea was to hang around on street corners on the weekends hoping to take advantage of people with limited play time. Maybe it would even the playing field, maybe they wouldn’t be up on all the abilities either. That Reacher sometimes worries me. I think I’d better start battling with more of my pets, stop playing favorites and learn about them.

This all sneaked up on me. It started with, “Oh! Yay! I caught a Fawn! It’s so cute and it’s even a common, I’m so lucky!”

And now we’re having emergency staff meetings trying to decide if our existing rares are good enough or need replacing.

Pet battles … some seriously, serious business.

NEWSBREAK: WoW Players Have Heightened Psychic Abilities

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tyletterWell, at least Tyledres of Frost and Claws does. I was feeling sorry for myself this morning, wasn’t even going to login. I was going to CLEAN INSTEAD … yes CLEAN, that’s how bad it is.

Some people’s characters are an extension of themselves, mine aren’t. I don’t really know where the hell they came from … really. Cat is happy doing pet battles, exploring, occasionally killing things if it’s absolutely necessary. She’s very low maintenance. Sasche on the other hand is causing problems, she wants to do things that aren’t possible. So with Patch 5.3 instead of, “Oh YAY! More pets to collect!” Sasche was a big downer and said “Oh YAY! More stuff I can’t do.”

Playing exclusively in the daytime can really limit what you can do. I’ve been in many guilds with the same result. There may be a few people on in the daytime. They are out doing dailies or collecting mats to prepare for WHAT THEY ALL DO AT NIGHT. They aren’t doing anything together. After a while … and I just couldn’t help it … envy would raise its ugly head every morning when I’d see what the guild had done or achieved the night before. I decided I’d be happier on my own. If I don’t have to see how everyone’s progressing, it won’t bother me. Kind of a virtual nah nah nah nah nah I can’t hear you.

Cat gets this, Sasche does not. She is younger than Cat, maybe she’ll mature. So after Sasche rained on our parade, Cat and I were just not feeling it this morning but the lure of leveling a few pets was too strong and she logged in.

Tyledres you MUST be psychic, this wonderful gift could not have arrived at a better time! Thank you SO much. I teared up over this little guy. I was even in Karazhan yesterday, nothing dropped and I had to leave before getting to Prince Malchezaar.

frostyclawsI found a suitable place to introduce Minfernal and Netherspace Abyssal, they were a little wary of each other at first, then Drak told a joke and kind of broke the ice. Fast friends now. Then to pick a suitable name … hmm … I didn’t feel comfortable naming him Tyledres cause I kept imagining Ty at the bottom of the ocean under tons of water because of the whole abyssal thing. I kept having to take deep breaths when I thought of it. Won’t do. I’ve got it! Frosty Claws after Frost and Claws and because Ty was kind of like a physic Santa!

Thank you again so much Ty and you’re timing was scary perfect! I may just let Cat play today and let grumpy Sasche stew a while and consider the error of her ways!

EDIT: ROTFL! Well, crap. It’s always upsetting to see typos after you post BUT THE TITLE TOO. I have edited and now Ty properly has Psychic powers, geeeez …

The Big Reveal!

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clamshellGo ahead … eat your hearts out you Blood Elf, Night Elf, Draenei, Human women … all y’all KNOW you can’t hope to compete with the ethereal beauty of the Forsaken. Ohhhhh! Ohhhhh! I hear the lamentations of the women That’s right, you can’t touch this!

Okay, I’ll stop channeling Conan the Barbarian. I was in the neighborhood fishing when I remembered seeing both Cymre and Matty a while back in their very own shell thingies so I went to find Gokk’lok and get a shell of my own. Cat had no interest, too busy pet battling but Sasche wanted one … go figure.

So anyway … unbelievable as it may seem, THAT’S not the big reveal. Additions to my blogroll are. More like I’m adding a whole new blogroll to my existing blogroll but they have no calories so I can have as many as I want. Being lazy, this has taken me forever and considering my disorganized method of saving them I may have missed some but here are those I managed to track down.

Admiring Azeroth

Azeroth Life

The Bizarre World of Roo the Hunter

Diary of a Gnome Spy


The Pixel Lives of Lorelei

She Rides Dragons

Sunshine, Luxypie and Rainbows


They are free and have no calories so you will look wonderful displayed on your very own shell!

The Tale of the Draenei Leprechaun

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saltcatI was kind of torn on the title, tale or tail. Don’t know, cause it could have been the tail that did it. Anyway, I have been after that title since 2006 … no, that’s a lie. I’ve been playing since 2006 but really, I was a complete clueless noob for at least the first year. And then when did they come out with achievements anyway … seems it was Patch 3.0.2 so I’ve been trying to get this since 2008 then.

On Sunday I was all set with my Anglers Fishing Raft, my annoying to everyone else fast Druid flying and yes, even though it clearly states, “pools in Pandaria” I still used my Ancient Pandaren Fishing Charm for luck. All set.

Oh! There’s Matty! She’s preparing too! As the countdown to the Stranglethorn Fishing Extravaganza ticked down we wished each other good luck. Didn’t think much of it at the time but it appears Matty’s luck is REALLY GOOD. Like rabbit’s foot good, or luckydo good. She’s a freaking Draenei leprechaun I think.

The thing is, I thought I had all the required achievements except to win the fishing contest. I had fished for years and years to get the One That Didn’t Get Away but I knew I had it. No, I later learned Cat didn’t have it and then remembered it was an upstart Goblin who is now history who got it.

Good lucks wished … tension mounts … we’re off! My first cast I was shocked to receive One That Didn’t Get Away. WHAT? I didn’t have it? But I got it on my first cast? This must be an omen … it must!

catcheeseI’d read that the contest usually had a winner around 20 minutes in. I saw I had 20 fish at around 8 minutes in. I’m on track! It’s the luck of the Draenei! I just know it! There was one tense period when I got about five or six Oily Blackmouth in a row but I was still looking good … no more Blackmouth … nothing but Tastyfish! 38 … 39 … 40!

I hearthed to Booty Bay and ran to turn in my fish to Riggle Bassbait who was damn hard to see as he was surrounded by characters. Did I make it? Huh? Huh? DID I? YES! My hands were shaking so badly I had a really hard time picking my reward but I finally managed to select the Dread Pirate Ring. Thought my alts would appreciate that. After that Cat ran around Stranglethorn telling all her friends.

So yeah … don’t ask to rub her tummy or anything but if you need luck, well apparently Matty’s got it. Don’t know if it’s in her tail … maybe those horns, but she’s one Draenei Lucydoo! I just wish Night Elves had that lucky mojo going so Cat’s good luck wishes worked as well. Thank you Matty!

saltypOh come on! You knew I’d have to go there … just have to. Don’t think she’ll be going anywhere soon. To get my name I had to roll her on a high population PvP server. But she’s a Rogue … and a Goblin. You never know she might make it, only time will tell.

Ironsally Considers Life on a PvP Server

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reaversWhile trying to level Sally, I keep getting an uneasy feeling. A scary, creepy, uneasy kind of feeling. A hairs-on-the-back-of-your-neck-raising feeling and I finally put my finger on what it was like. I am CONSTANTLY drifting through reaver space and reaver space is not as empty as I had hoped. Middle of the day, weekdays … there be reavers.

For those of you not familiar with the Firefly Series, reavers are … wait, here’s a description from someone with first-hand experience.

  “If they take the ship, they’ll rape us to death, eat our flesh, and sew our skins into their clothing. And, if we’re very, very lucky, they’ll do it in that order.”
    ― Zoë Washburne

But the thing is, sometimes they’re sated. Sometimes if you stay calm and hold your ground and don’t run … they’ll leave you alone. Every time Sally sees the opposite faction she feels like she’s passing a reaver ship in deep space. Sometimes they leave her alone … sometimes they don’t and sometimes she doesn’t even see them coming.

She generally sees Horde approaching and thinks, “Oh CRAP CRAP CRAP!” Okay … be calm, act cool. Yeah … I’m bad. I’m bad, don’t even think about going there … yeah, you don’t want to mix it up with me, move along. YOU DON’T WANT ANY PART OF ME BUDDY! Oh geez … whew … they’re gone. That was close.

Her other technique if she has time, is to fly straight up into the stratosphere and hope they leave. Geez, damn reavers.

It certainly adds some excitement to leveling Sally but I think this is going to be a long, long, trip. And sometimes the reavers strike from behind, you don’t even have warning.

collguardianI know I’m on a PvP server. I’m not complaining about being killed but really, the timing sucked. She was on the quest Colossal Guardians. To kill one of these bad boys is an enormous production of healing Void, bandaging, fearing, and it takes about five minutes at least. He came along and killed her at about 4:55. He killed her and then did the quest. Guess he couldn’t wait. That’s how those reavers roll.

flyingdeathReally reavers? Shouldn’t you be in school? At work? What is up here. But it’s all good, every time she gets killed I get to enjoy flying death again. I miss that. I think she has yet to be killed by a mob since starting to 90 … just reavers. Will she make it? I truly don’t know but I’m enjoying the trip so far … well, at least until one of those reavers use her skin for a pair of underoos.