Lard’s Picnic Basket and Cheating

picnicOver the weekend Liwu was enduring CRZ hell leveling in The Hinderlands. Jintha’Alor was crawling with characters and the respawn rate on the quest mobs could not keep up with the crowd. After getting frustrated, Liwu headed to the coast to look for ore which would at least salvage something from this mess. Off the coast was a little island, so she set off to investigate and found Lards’ Picnic Basket.

She looted it and was jumped by some ambushers, it’s apparently an item left over from an obsolete Horde quest. How had I never come across this before? Some Loremaster I am, sheesh. Liwu was pretty excited at being the first to discover the basket. I was excited to find that if you look, there are still mysteries in Azeroth to discover, I love that.

WoW Insider had a post on cheating on WoW. Yeah, looks like I’m not alone but I prefer to think of it as vacationing in a foreign land. Then I don’t have to be furtive about it, it’s all aboveboard and adult.

samefaceUm … yeah, I don’t know. It seems every time I visit my SWTOR characters they’re in some sort of sleazy dive. Here is my Jedi Counselor conversing with … ah … an interpretive dance troupe? Maybe? I’m in both WoW and SWTOR because my son-in-law is a committed Jedi Knight. He said he’s in a really great guild with nice people and I should join, so who would pass that up. I had been gone so long I just started over as I hadn’t a clue how to play my existing characters anymore.

I picked the Jedi Consular because it looked like I could spec her to come close to the play style of my Warlock. I could try to match up their keybindings and hopefully avoid the problems I have with playing multiple games at the same time. You know, the repeatedly hitting the wrong key and then the dying.

So here’s the thing. I’m playing along having a fine time when I get this feeling of deja vu. I don’t know, it seems like this Consular is familiar to me, like I’ve met her before. What’s that about? I just made her, don’t be ridiculous. I kept having this eerie feeling, so on logging off I took a look at the old characters still scattered around on different servers.

Hey there Cyborg Bounty Hunter! Wave! Wait … what? On close inspection she seems to be the clone of my Jedi Consular except for the hair and mechanical parts. Further research showed that I apparently, without knowing, had made almost the exact same character at least three times. What am I doing? Who is she? I mean the customization of characters is pretty broad in SWTOR, how did I manage that.

Thought that was pretty weird and I’m still suspicious of her and her motivation, how did she insinuate herself into my head and what does she want. I got spooked and headed back to WoW. I checked everyone out. Whew, she’s not here. I haven’t been followed. If I had found a Dwarf with her face I was going to swear off games. Honest … but no worries. The coast is clear.

16 Responses to “Lard’s Picnic Basket and Cheating”

  1. I just did Lard’s quest not that long ago. It still exists. ๐Ÿ™‚

    I know what you mean about CRZ hell though. I’m hoping to get around it this time around by leveling like, 4 characters at once in different zones so I can toon hop to whichever zone is more quiet at the time. xD

    • Yay! I’ll have to remember to do it then when my Horde Panda plays through there. That is a great idea! I did the “stationing alts all around” for pets, now I’ll have to try it to overcome CRZ.

  2. Just goes to show that even with all the options, we prefer certain “looks” to our characters.

    Of course, everybody has their own optimal look to their character, which is where the options come into play….

    • I guess so, what was creepy to me was I didn’t even know I had done it, lol. Like my brain was doing things behind my back. I keep looking at her to see if she reminds me of anyone but so far, nothing.

  3. Interesting. Very interesting.

    Right about now it’s a bit off till payday and I’m wishing I had that money I spent on character changes so I could buy some much needed coffee before I go to work. Alas, a Dwarf warlock held me down and made me change her from a human, otherwise…well the minion threatened me with terrible things.

    • I know, Blizzard’s been doing well off me lately. I need to be good for a while. Changing servers, buying new rides, geez, they really saw me coming!

      I need to save for the live feed so I can peruse the crowds for people I know!

      And I’d give up coffee too, rather than bear the wrath of a minion!

  4. Dangfool Says:

    There was the time my daughter and I made worgens and ended up with toons that not just looked alike, but had similar names!

    We both deleted them and tried again.

  5. Roo the Hunter Says:

    aye, denna ye know it. Me dadaidh “Tamhais” looks joost lik’ me.


  6. I was pretty surprised and amused the time I went through my alts of all the races and realized how many of them more or less matched how I would imagine myself as a member of those races :p And I think if I were to try out LOTRO or SWTOR, I would gravitate to similar types of appearances for my various characters….

    • That might be it, I noticed I never seem to make a blonde character. Could be I just can’t relate to them because I’m not blonde. Although I’m not Undead or an Elf and that doesn’t seem to bother me, lol!

  7. It sounds vaguely familar – I know I’ve done it – but I don’t remember that much about it! I used to cheat on WoW with Simcity. But not anymore.

  8. Also — I am starting to get tempted to do some “cheating” on WoW with the F2P editions of SWTOR and LOTRO myself…. ๐Ÿ˜›

    • GW2 and LOTRO F2P are quite enjoyable at least to me, SWTOR’s F2P could only be described as punitive, lol. I don’t think I lasted more than a few hours before I did a 2 month sub so I could get reacquainted in peace!

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