PSA: Where Can you Buy Disguise for Island of Giants

kiteflightI frequently check to see what search terms bring visitors here. This morning I felt kind of guilty. I usually prattle on about stuff, yada, yada, yada, and rarely give any true facts. Yeah, no true facts here, just me going on and on about really, squat all.

where can you buy disguise for island of giants

Twice already this morning some poor person was deposited here, on my doorstep. Did they find the information they were seeking? NO. So Cat set out on a dangerous … yeah, okay a kite flight … mission to acquire the knowledge they desired at great personal risk … OKAY! ALMOST NO RISK AT ALL … there, you happy?

After mapping the Isle of Giants and knocking off a bunch of Dinomancers to try to get the last pet they drop, Cat returned from her mission. Success!

islegiantsAgrant Sharpshot is The Alliance representative of the Jurasssic Expedition and will be happy to sell you your disguise, Arnold Raygun is the Horde vendor for disguises.

If you’re interesting in finding out what rewards Ku’ma the Bone Collector offers to those brave adventurers who have piles of dinosaur bones to trade, visit Ku’ma in his cozy cave.

agrantOm Nom Nom Nom! Be sure to bring your Picnic Basket along and make a day of it! Yum, grilled dino!

There, I feel better now. Some ACTUAL information. I hope they come back. Hey! Hey! Come back, I made you a map and all!


13 Responses to “PSA: Where Can you Buy Disguise for Island of Giants”

  1. Lol! I am glad the old Ancient is back! I gave missed reading her 🙂

    • You know how you hear people say they are “retired raiders?” I’ve decided that’s what I am. I’m happy now that I’m a retired raider who just skipped the raiding part.

  2. Have you stupid thumb phone typer /smacks head

  3. And here I thought that they meant the disguise you put on for the Brunnhildar village in Storm Peaks.

  4. That kite is so handy. It’s annoying when you drop into the ocean that first time but at least it’s not too far to swim. I usually just ride past the dinos on my mount until I get to the middle of the island or cave. I’m just crazy like that!

  5. Oh oh !! I have a WOW fact too!! Those disguises are trade-able and soul bound!

  6. As soon as I heard about the dino costume I ran to the island just so I could run around as a triceratops for fun. But when I looked up the vendor I didn’t think to check the faction… Let’s just say that the Alliance camp NPCs were not sympathetic to the idea of a Tauren in a dino costume. If only you’d posted this sooner, I wouldn’t have made such a fatal error! LOL

    • OH NO! I feel your pain! I’ve died horribly at the hands of Flight Masters around the world not to mention the hotels in the Vale of Eternal Blossoms. I mean really, don’t you think for a first offense a warning would do!

  7. […] really paid much attention to what people are searching which is directing them to my blog but Tome sometimes posts about her searches so I started to look and these were my posts for […]

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