Communique from the Front Lines

searchlightWhat? I meant MY front line of faffage, not the … you know … FRONT front lines, geez. I did however converse with one of Wrathion’s lackeys who was wandering around surveying. He was extremely interested in my furbolg disguise, he thought it might have military possibilities. I told him it could be his. Simply get to exalted with the Timbermaw Hold faction in Felwood and Meilosh would be happy to sell the Stave of Fur and Claw to him. See, I am helping the Black Prince.

anglerswharfSo Cat heads over to Angler’s Wharf to turn in another book to Nat and then this. She kept trying to tame it. She thought it would make a great battle pet, really throw off the opponent … play head games with them … but no. Oh well, at least now she knows they’re out there, sneaky little Shore Crabs.

hozenidolfishSo Cat’s been trying to fish up more Tiny Carp. She only has the green one so far. She was moaning and groaning about how she’d been fishing for hours and hours and nothing. I called her attention to the time on the fishing lure. Oh. Fifteen minutes. Oh. Well it felt like hours and hours.

So anyway, while she was spending those hours and hours fishing she had a lot of time to think. She came up with an achievement for the guild. She thought getting Critter Kill Squad using ONLY the Hozen Idol would be fun. What is wrong with that Druid. Since this guild consists of me, me and me that’s so not happening. Forget it Cat.

baradYeah … I’ve been stalling. I’ve needed to go to Tol Barad and do dailies to get another Fox Kit. And I don’t know why I’ve been putting it off because it’s not that hard. I have the magical tabard that sends me right where I need to be. And there’s no competition, no one’s there. The mobs are easy now, whole thing only takes a few minutes. Best of all though is now I can BUY that Fox Kit instead of the whole killing fox thing … ugh … I’ve had enough of that.

Oh … yeah … about the killing thing. Sorry my Tauren friends, really truly. But I need those fish. Only 129 commendations to go!


18 Responses to “Communique from the Front Lines”

  1. ROTFL, sounds like you wander around as much as I do in game. Really enjoyed the screenies and the commentaries – yep, I’m a solo guild person too so, it doesn’t matter what I do with my time.

  2. All’s fair in love and battle pets, Tome. Diplomatic negotiations ends at rares especially.

  3. PS I think I use one of those Hozen things in my day job.

  4. Roo the Hunter Says:

    thank ‘ye for the info aboot the fox kit.

  5. “Explode from pressure” = “What-the-hell-are-you-doing-leave-me-alone-why-don’t-you!”

  6. Those poor villagers 😦 No wonder they’re suspicious and slightly upset when they meet strangers.

    Also I’m just starting to realize the pitfalls of continuing to read wow blogs whilst not playing. You suddenly find yourself thinking “oh I never finished that quest line, achievement, pet grinding”.

    • You’re right, I guess that’s how those Rustberg Villagers got to be so bad tempered to begin with. Shame on you Cat!

      LOL! I don’t want to be the one who lures you back to grind commendations to purchase Fox Kits!

  7. Aww those poor critters! But carp.. bleh. Just spent ages fishing again to no avail. But at least Nat and I are best buddies now and I have his hat which makes it easier to fish for carp. Good luck to you though!

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