Tell Me of your Troubles …

darkportalReally? That’s so nice of you. I mean people say things like that all the time but they don’t REALLY mean it, that’s so kind of you to say Sharinga, well what happened was … WHAT … oh … TRAVELS! Oh, you want to know about my travels … oh … sorry. My mistake.

Well you know really, they’re the same thing. On my TRAVELS I encountered TROUBLES. Hellfire is part of my pet leveling circuit so I’m using the Dark Portal a lot lately and I’ve run into a problem I can’t remember having before. I fly through the portal and then instead of magically appearing in Hellfire, I smack into the mountain BEHIND the portal. Yeah, what’s that about? Is it the fault of the goaty little mount I’m riding or is something more sinister afoot here.

Possibly a Pandaren plot to have their way, oh I know they’re all fuzzy and cute but come on, they must have a dark side. I didn’t smack into the side of the mountain before they appeared, just saying. I’m just wondering if they are trying to enforce that “Slow down” they’re always saying in a sneaky, subtle, way … like making you run into a mountain if you don’t slow down. I am not paranoid! Seems mighty suspicious to me.

hyacinthI got an urgent message from my bank alt. Cat was out of control at the AH. She was about to buy a Son of Animus for 16,000 gold. I had to go talk her down. Let’s wait a little while, see if they come down a bit. I KNOW you want one but patience. So I managed to convince her a Sen’jin Fetish and a Hyacinth Macaw for half the price was a wise decision.

murlocrideYeah … sorry, this is a reminder for me. I’m sticking this here to remind me that as soon as I login I need to go to the Darkmoon Faire and buy a Carousel Murloc. Really, no one should be without one of those. First stop I’ll go see Gelvas Grimegate about buying a supply. I don’t think being repeatedly smacked into that mountain addled my brain. I’m pretty sure I’d want some of these anyway.

troublesHere. Just to keep things in perspective. Yes, I had my Dark Portal troubles but really, this screen shot illustrates what we all know. Things can get MUCH, MUCH, WORSE. It’s like a law. I guess they got stuck in a storm up there on that mountain in Kun-Lai Summit. Either that or some Pandaren made them smack into it.

11 Responses to “Tell Me of your Troubles …”

  1. Travels nothing….

    I read “Tell me about your tribbles” and I said “wait, what???”

  2. At least they died together rigth? They’re even looking at each other in death. It’s ALMOST romantic in a macabre kind of way…

  3. There are a few of us old enough to remember The Point ( from 1971. While “Me and My Arrow” may be the best known song, my favorite is ‘Think About Your Troubles’

    Sit beside the breakfast table //
    Think about your troubles //
    Pour yourself a cup of tea //
    And think about the bubbles

  4. I sometimes wonder about those two skeletons. Maybe they got lost trying to find Tamer Yon

  5. weel, its the goaty thin’, denna ye know, lossie

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