The Tale of the Draenei Leprechaun

saltcatI was kind of torn on the title, tale or tail. Don’t know, cause it could have been the tail that did it. Anyway, I have been after that title since 2006 … no, that’s a lie. I’ve been playing since 2006 but really, I was a complete clueless noob for at least the first year. And then when did they come out with achievements anyway … seems it was Patch 3.0.2 so I’ve been trying to get this since 2008 then.

On Sunday I was all set with my Anglers Fishing Raft, my annoying to everyone else fast Druid flying and yes, even though it clearly states, “pools in Pandaria” I still used my Ancient Pandaren Fishing Charm for luck. All set.

Oh! There’s Matty! She’s preparing too! As the countdown to the Stranglethorn Fishing Extravaganza ticked down we wished each other good luck. Didn’t think much of it at the time but it appears Matty’s luck is REALLY GOOD. Like rabbit’s foot good, or luckydo good. She’s a freaking Draenei leprechaun I think.

The thing is, I thought I had all the required achievements except to win the fishing contest. I had fished for years and years to get the One That Didn’t Get Away but I knew I had it. No, I later learned Cat didn’t have it and then remembered it was an upstart Goblin who is now history who got it.

Good lucks wished … tension mounts … we’re off! My first cast I was shocked to receive One That Didn’t Get Away. WHAT? I didn’t have it? But I got it on my first cast? This must be an omen … it must!

catcheeseI’d read that the contest usually had a winner around 20 minutes in. I saw I had 20 fish at around 8 minutes in. I’m on track! It’s the luck of the Draenei! I just know it! There was one tense period when I got about five or six Oily Blackmouth in a row but I was still looking good … no more Blackmouth … nothing but Tastyfish! 38 … 39 … 40!

I hearthed to Booty Bay and ran to turn in my fish to Riggle Bassbait who was damn hard to see as he was surrounded by characters. Did I make it? Huh? Huh? DID I? YES! My hands were shaking so badly I had a really hard time picking my reward but I finally managed to select the Dread Pirate Ring. Thought my alts would appreciate that. After that Cat ran around Stranglethorn telling all her friends.

So yeah … don’t ask to rub her tummy or anything but if you need luck, well apparently Matty’s got it. Don’t know if it’s in her tail … maybe those horns, but she’s one Draenei Lucydoo! I just wish Night Elves had that lucky mojo going so Cat’s good luck wishes worked as well. Thank you Matty!

saltypOh come on! You knew I’d have to go there … just have to. Don’t think she’ll be going anywhere soon. To get my name I had to roll her on a high population PvP server. But she’s a Rogue … and a Goblin. You never know she might make it, only time will tell.


14 Responses to “The Tale of the Draenei Leprechaun”

  1. Congrats! Finally! Now you can be salty and it is such a grand title, and Pistachia looks… well, pleased to say the least. And what is that thing sticking out of her head?

  2. Awesome!!! Such a tough title to get, Congrats! 😀

  3. Massive gratz! I was soooo happy when I finally got the ‘Salty’ title 😀

  4. That reminds me of that Arnold Palmervquote about practice and luck! I take no credit, but will take a belly rub!

  5. How… Spicy!

    (Spicy? She’s Salty, not Peppery.)
    (However, definition 2 of salty is ‘coarse’, as in humor)
    (Well, Tome is funny, just usually more… smooth?)
    (Enough with the internal monologue!)


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