NEWSBREAK: WoW Players Have Heightened Psychic Abilities

tyletterWell, at least Tyledres of Frost and Claws does. I was feeling sorry for myself this morning, wasn’t even going to login. I was going to CLEAN INSTEAD … yes CLEAN, that’s how bad it is.

Some people’s characters are an extension of themselves, mine aren’t. I don’t really know where the hell they came from … really. Cat is happy doing pet battles, exploring, occasionally killing things if it’s absolutely necessary. She’s very low maintenance. Sasche on the other hand is causing problems, she wants to do things that aren’t possible. So with Patch 5.3 instead of, “Oh YAY! More pets to collect!” Sasche was a big downer and said “Oh YAY! More stuff I can’t do.”

Playing exclusively in the daytime can really limit what you can do. I’ve been in many guilds with the same result. There may be a few people on in the daytime. They are out doing dailies or collecting mats to prepare for WHAT THEY ALL DO AT NIGHT. They aren’t doing anything together. After a while … and I just couldn’t help it … envy would raise its ugly head every morning when I’d see what the guild had done or achieved the night before. I decided I’d be happier on my own. If I don’t have to see how everyone’s progressing, it won’t bother me. Kind of a virtual nah nah nah nah nah I can’t hear you.

Cat gets this, Sasche does not. She is younger than Cat, maybe she’ll mature. So after Sasche rained on our parade, Cat and I were just not feeling it this morning but the lure of leveling a few pets was too strong and she logged in.

Tyledres you MUST be psychic, this wonderful gift could not have arrived at a better time! Thank you SO much. I teared up over this little guy. I was even in Karazhan yesterday, nothing dropped and I had to leave before getting to Prince Malchezaar.

frostyclawsI found a suitable place to introduce Minfernal and Netherspace Abyssal, they were a little wary of each other at first, then Drak told a joke and kind of broke the ice. Fast friends now. Then to pick a suitable name … hmm … I didn’t feel comfortable naming him Tyledres cause I kept imagining Ty at the bottom of the ocean under tons of water because of the whole abyssal thing. I kept having to take deep breaths when I thought of it. Won’t do. I’ve got it! Frosty Claws after Frost and Claws and because Ty was kind of like a physic Santa!

Thank you again so much Ty and you’re timing was scary perfect! I may just let Cat play today and let grumpy Sasche stew a while and consider the error of her ways!

EDIT: ROTFL! Well, crap. It’s always upsetting to see typos after you post BUT THE TITLE TOO. I have edited and now Ty properly has Psychic powers, geeeez …

21 Responses to “NEWSBREAK: WoW Players Have Heightened Psychic Abilities”

  1. Rock on!! That is awesome! Damn, we know the nicest, coolest people!

    But…Tome….Tome….you cannot say Cat and Sasche are not an extension of yourself…at least in the sense of virtual fulfillment of sides of our personalities that are fun to imagine…Come on now, you know you’ve wanted to drop-kick a rude person once in awhile, warlock style?

    • If I am one of them I’m afraid it’s Sasche, lol. Cat is much nicer than I am that’s why I like her. Way more fun to hang out with her than a grouchy Warlock who is channeling … well … me.

  2. Ty *is* totally awesome.

    I named mine Vaunt, after Ty’s warlock. ^.^

  3. Congratz on the pets – as for playing along in-game without the stigma of not being one of the “Ones” that gets all of the neat stuff – forget about it 😀 I play alone most of the time as well and have really started enjoying the game – no pressure to keep up and I have time for my RL stuffs.

    Hehe, don’t look now but there is a little piece of your real persona in all of your characters, however, it’s much easier to roflstomp something in-game rather than trying it on some annoying individuals you may run into in your life. *Hugs*

    • I think what set me off yesterday was trying to find somebody, anybody to do a Zandalari Warbringer just once. I checked and there were people in the zone but as much as I stood there and hollered, not one taker, lol.

      It did get better when Sasche went to the barrens, on the first day or so people do actually group for the champions because it’s new.

      • Oh yeah, sometimes it’s hard to get people to group up for stuff even if this is an MMO. I still haven’t started the “new” content on my characters yet – which might be on the agenda for later today when I have my domestic duties finished.

  4. I can appreciate the lack of a guild, since most guilds I’ve been in haven’t been very active during the hours I’m typically on. Of course, I’m only in one guild at the moment, and that one is mostly dead already. (Apparently Ysera-US’s population has plummeted as well, with something around 5k users if I read the entries right on the net; it was far more active in Wrath and early Cata.)

    Watching 5.3 drop and having a whole lot of “not much to do” does suck, and I feel for you, even though my Rogue has only just hit L87.

    • Yes, I think the loneliest thing is being in a silent guild, well except my own, lol. I’d guess Wrath was the peak on Fenris, Pandaria is pretty quiet, you have to go to a CRZ zone daytime to see people but what’s weird is that the first few days of new content it’s populated again. If I weren’t so chicken I’d have a go at PvP again.

  5. AMG! That’s so awesome 🙂 Gratz to you!

  6. Roo the Hunter Says:

    what a very nice and thoughtful gift. congrats Tome and ty Ty.

  7. What a fantastic gift and they both look great together. I take it that’s the realm you were able to collect your Minfernal on?

  8. I’m glad my gift was able to make a day go from bad to good. Although I think it’s a bit funny for a firey pet to be named frosty claws XD.

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