Surprises, Revolutionaries and Suckage

sasandvolI’m going to try to write a post but my husband has pulled one of his sneak day offs. He puts in for a day off and doesn’t tell me and then he’s just here, what’s that about. I think he’s trying to see if I phone my boyfriend to cancel our tryst … yeah … that’s what hes’ doing. HAHAHAHAHAHA! Fooled him! Surprise! My assignation was with my dog walking friend so he had to listen to her talk about her sister-in-law’s husband’s near fatal eczema for the whole walk, that will teach him!

Anyway, there’s Sasche conferring with Vol’jin, oh yeah they’re tight now that she’s a Darkspear Revolutionary, oh yeah she’s totally behind the cause she … what? Oh it’s nothing, really she’s been fighting for … WHAT! Oh, it’s just Gahz’rooki. No REALLY! She killed a bazillion of Garrosh’s lackeys for THE CAUSE … honest, she’s 100% behind Vol’jin on this, the fact that she got a battle pet out of it had ABSOLUTELY nothing to do with it. She was kind of happy though, because of the pet Cat kind of forgave her for harshing her mellow the other day. Now everyone’s friends again, glad that’s over but now Cat’s got other problems.

catreacherThat’s Reacher, he’s kind of the team leader of her battle pets. I think he got the job because their outfits kind of match, she likes that. They are discussing tactics … or the apparent lack of them. She accepted the challenge What We’ve Been Training For a few days ago. What has now become obvious is OMG WE SUCK AT PET PVP BIG TIME! I think in about 20 matches she’s only managed to win 3 and they all could have gone either way, she just squeaked by.

After brainstorming with Reacher on where they were going so wrong, they decided it was their lack of knowledge about the abilities of battle pets. I agree, I’m just not familiar enough with all the possible damage and special attacks they all have, and with my memory the future doesn’t look bright either. I think I got comfortable with certain pets and didn’t use some of my others to get to know them and NOW THEIR COUSINS ARE KICKING MY BUTT. Sigh …

Reacher’s idea was to hang around on street corners on the weekends hoping to take advantage of people with limited play time. Maybe it would even the playing field, maybe they wouldn’t be up on all the abilities either. That Reacher sometimes worries me. I think I’d better start battling with more of my pets, stop playing favorites and learn about them.

This all sneaked up on me. It started with, “Oh! Yay! I caught a Fawn! It’s so cute and it’s even a common, I’m so lucky!”

And now we’re having emergency staff meetings trying to decide if our existing rares are good enough or need replacing.

Pet battles … some seriously, serious business.


10 Responses to “Surprises, Revolutionaries and Suckage”

  1. Roo the Hunter Says:

    Hiya tome. At the risk of being drummed out of the men’s club, frying pans are a woman’s best kept secret weapon for keeping us on the straight and narrow. Ask me, I am proud to say the little woman (and yes, she is all of 4’10, 110 lbs) brought hers from Korea (that is where is from) 36 years ago when we married. 36″ across, my name in…well it is tarnished and blood splattered, gold, I believe.

    Anyway, lol, I took a small journey across the Northern Barrens – I can’t believe how Blizzard has messed up the country side with this war. It use to be nice and pristine and reminded me of…wait, did I write this before? Something tells me that I did, but I don’t remember. oh well, there goes that thought. have fun in collecting. I really can’t figure it all out.

  2. I have started many troll females, and every time I talk to Vol’Jin there is something…can’t put my two toes on it, but something about him….

    • I started a Troll Druid because I like the cat form but even the lure of Vol’jin and the beautiful cat form didn’t save her from the big delete. I don’t think Cat wanted the competition!

  3. Maybe your husband was there to stage an intervention on that pet hoarder problem. just sayin’…. 😉

    • LOL! It could be! He was watching me decimate the quivering filth population and asked, “Are you winning, um, what ARE you killing there?” I told him they dropped a pet. “Drop it where?” This communicating with non-gamers is tough.

  4. It’s a great storyline though. I loved doing them because of the quests. I wonder, what are the alliance side stories like?

    Good luck with those PvP battles! They can be killers!

    • I wonder too. That’s the trouble, I do something on one of them and then feel it’s done and never bother to do it with the other. Really should see what it’s like from Alliance point of view.

  5. My husband does the whole sneaky days off too. Cos I’m a Civil Servant (such an inappropriate label), I get way more holidays than he does as well as flexible work hours and so every so often he “works” from home to keep an eye on me.

    Gahz’rooki is terribly cute and does anyone know when the Qiraji Guardlings are meant to spawn yet?

    I know it’s realistic but I do wish Blizzard would stop “trashing” my favourite areas. Or at least reassured us with a promise that they would do a Plaguelands on us and fix it post conflict.

    • Those tricksy husbands! I have read that June 21st is when the Guardling will make their appearance, I have a battle-stone saved for one ready.

      I know! It’s bad enough the Goblins and their pollution but now desecrating the Vale of Eternal Blossoms! It has to stop!

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