The Hordebreaker and …

PocketReaverYeah, you knew it didn’t you. Pets. And more pets! Must have all the pets! My precious, my prec … sorry. Got carried away for a minute. I really love having a reason for doing all these old raids and while I love having a pet drop, I think I’ll be sad when I get them all. I took pictures of each one I got so I can look back fondly on the first moment we met. Sasche, say hello to Pocket Reaver for the first time. She had her horns on, I hope she didn’t scare him too bad.

Okay, Cat got The Hordebreaker title yesterday but it doesn’t really suit her. Well she can’t stand Garrosh but she has no problem with the Horde, I don’t think she’ll wear it, she’d feel uncomfortable. I mean she’s such a pacifist she did almost all the collection of lumber and meat and stuff from the air so as not to have to kill … Horde. I know, Druids … what can you do.

Sasche on the other hand actually enjoyed getting the Darkspear Revolutionary. There is nothing in the world a Warlock enjoys more then being jumped by five or six dirty, rotten, little, Garrosh followers … Warlocks live for that shit stuff. She liked all that killing so much I’ll bet she’ll do it again.

PhoenixHawkHatchlingCat admiring her Phoenix Hawk Hatchling … well, yawning at it … really Cat. What kind of welcome is that. So back to Hordebreaker. Sasche is probably going back to beat up everything for another week because of Cat’s curiosity. She can’t help it, she is after all a cat. She’d read that the Latent armor, once infused, created iLevel 489 gear. She didn’t need it. But being a cat she had to find out for herself and wasted the Radical Mojo to find out. Yep. So she sold it for 15 gold. Cats and their curiosity, sheesh.

wavelingThere she is with her new little Tainted Waveling. I have to admit Cat’s a bit lazy. She stealths through most of these raids avoiding conflict. Sometimes it backfires on her, sometimes all those mobs she left alive come to the aid of the boss. Whoops! Shadowmeld! All good now! Raiding with Leashes II: Attunement Edition has created a problem though.

cantvendorI mean just look at that staff! I can’t vendor that! And the cloak, and the … it went on and on. I have no space left. I’m looking at getting rid of tabards, but can’t face it yet. I know! But what can you do! High fashion does not come without a price!

9 Responses to “The Hordebreaker and …”

  1. Oh nice job on those pets. I managed to get my hydra today after waiting a whole week to start that stuff. I vendored both Latent pieces since I don’t really like my yellow set. Not that I have the room anyway 😛

  2. Um…those pet bandages could be put in an alt storage….you know…in case one of your alts goes crazy and wants to do the longest day, too…

    Wait, no one is that crazy.

  3. “Just look at that staff!”

    What, your Night Elf uses that staff at the beach or something?

    • Well she was thinking she might find some nice blue clothes to go with it. Oh … yeah, Cat had a hard time adjusting to Mogit’s habit of showing her in her skivvies but now we hardly notice. Had I noticed I might have rethought the whole standing there yelling, “Just look at that staff!” 🙂

  4. I have alts holding my bandages too!
    And redbeard is making me laugh again with his comments!!

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