If it Weren’t for Bad Luck He’d Have No Luck at All

gamonOh Gamon, I’m so sorry. After years of abuse at the hands of players it’s now come to this. Being baited and jeered by Kor’kron Overseers in downtown Orgrimmar. He doesn’t deserve this, can’t we help? Why are those bullies friendly to us? I want to defend him.

sasxorSasche gets melancholy at times, something that’s probably part of being undead … memories of times past. I found she’d been researching dark, unthinkable procedures behind my back. Could it be true? Could she return to what she once was? Wasn’t it worth the risk to at least try? She hoped to regain her humanity, I on the other hand was thinking of all the support staff on Alliance side. She’d no longer have to buy everything she needed.


Thanks to Prinnie’s comments on a post, I might be taking out a loan to move everyone to Horde. Prinnie points out that as Horde when you visit Vol’jin in Razor Hill, all is as it should be but as Alliance, you see a bazillion flies buzzing around and there’s text talking about the appalling, filthy, conditions. WTF! Don’t make me hate my side. This is not my beautiful Alliance. Has the Alliance been infused with sha negativity?


flyzoneNO FLY ZONE

noflyzoneWhat is this? Yeah, sometimes my brain gets stuck … I don’t know why, it just does and it’s stuck on this. What’s up Blizzard? Is Alliance being portrayed as a bunch of elitist losers to balance out the huge mountain of dickery that is Garrosh? Well Sasche certainly stepped back from her plan for now. If that’s the humanity she’ll gain … she’s not sure she wants it.

Gawd … now I’ve done it. That song will play all day in my head … same as it ever was … same as it ever was … THIS IS NOT MY BEAUTIFUL WIFE … I’m smacking myself in the head like David does to get it out but it’s not working …. AAAAIIIIEEEEE!

Trouble … trouble, trouble, trouble, trouble … OMG! I’ve just made it worse!


38 Responses to “If it Weren’t for Bad Luck He’d Have No Luck at All”

  1. video settings for the different toons? I know it shouldn’t make a difference, but it does on my machine, even the same server or from toon to toon.

    Letting the days go by, let the water hold me down
    Letting the days go by, water flowing underground
    Into the blue again, after the money’s gone
    Once in a lifetime, water flowing underground

    David Byrne – the man is a genius!

    • No, I’m afraid it’s not video settings because if you’re Horde you don’t get remarks about the deplorable living standards, lol.

      Yes, I got mesmerized watching the video again. I’d forgotten watching is as important to listening to him!

      • remarks? oh yeah, I dont see them either. Either everything is turned off or way down. I am the most anti-social dwarf hunter there ever was.

        Besides, Horde has Goblins. Goblins are piggies. Ever see an area where they take up residence – look at the Horde capital, heck look at their beginner area.

        As the great Stan Lee use to say ” ‘enuff said”


        stay frosty

        • No no no, we aren’t piggies. That stuff you see there there is SCIENCE, and PROFIT. Our piles of stuff are incredibly efficient at storing stuff.

  2. What? What is happening? I am confused. I have little green paw prints swimming in front of my eyes from searching for spawns that do not exist. So you’re going all Horde? (Wants to crawl back under covers…,)

  3. Oh I really have to do this quest on an alliance toon to see the difference. Though I have to say since doing starting the quest chain, I’m seriously considering moving the rest of my toons to horde. Garrosh is ours it only seems right that horde toons get to take him down, not those alliance people who obviously don’t appreciate horde culture.

    • I know! I thought it was disrespectful to Vol’jin who is a pretty good guy. Cat was horrified and being a Druid she already hangs out with the Horde through her Cenarion friends.

      • Racism in the Alliance has been a huge whaleshark, just waiting for its moment to appear. Whether it is part of the fantasy setting or not, Alliance towns and races are generally pictured as good, clean and just – their towns are neat and always nicely kept. Even the “cluttered” style of gnomes doesn’t have the litter and smoke that goblins do, for example.

        Yet we’re familiar with the story of Durnholde and one escapee in particular. There’s been a fair amount of quest text spent describing how Alliance racism sent Lorthie and the blood elves into the Horde. Varian Wrynn may or may not be overcoming his loathing for all things Horde for the sake of practicality (as seen when he was upset with Jaina for effectively preventing the blood elves from ever accepting any overture to join the Alliance), but the faction as a whole has yet to show it’s following suit.

        If the last, most powerful Sha that we need to watch out for is Pride, then the racism component involves the Alliance in that quite neatly. Garrosh isn’t “their problem” in the same way he is for the Horde of course, but the way they often think of Horde races is a problem if the factions are ever going to miraculously unite against some common, world destroying enemy. (Again? Again.)

        I frankly suspect that the flies and the notes of “intolerable stench”es are there so that Alliance players have a harder time ignoring that aspect of Alliance perspective. Many of us place a portion of our own selves or identities into our characters. In this day and age, being a racist is bad. We like to envision ourselves as accepting and tolerant. So we either choose to believe that our characters are not racist as well, or to not think about it at all.

        But that darkness is there.

        • it’s all because of the Goblins…. :0

        • Thanks Prinnie! I was hoping you’d give your thoughts on what the hell is going on here. Or is it Therm? I know those Goblins are always thinking deep thoughts, well, when they aren’t coming up with moneymaking schemes that is.

        • To Roo:
          Oh Roo, don’t be jelly of my rockets!

          To Tome:
          Generally, when I comment on posts, I’m doing so as myself. Therm may occasionally come up with deep things to think, but for the most part she’s dedicated to maximum efficiency. This means as little wasted effort as possible – and that includes thinking type efforts! It’s not, “Why am I here, fighting the Alliance?” It’s more, “THEY’RE SHOOTING AT ME! SHOOT BACK!! SHOOT BACK FASTER!!!”

          If we’re gonna get technical, the Alliance perspective is something that Therm would have absolutely zero knowledge of. She’s self-aligned at best and Bilgewater-aligned when necessary, which in turn means that it’s most convenient for her to be Horde.* And besides, there’s too much to be doing and too little time to be asking!

          She does like flirting with impressively mustachioed humans, however.

          * Alas, while the Alliance may pay better currently (See: The Dark Heart of Pandaria), it’s not like she can go Steamwheedle or Alliance thanks to the game’s setup. Oh well.

  4. Flies everywhere? Geez! I didn’t know that about Alliance side of the quest! Now it makes me NOT want to see it even more…

  5. OMG, what?!? Blizzard makes it so the Alliance sees FLIES all around the Horde places?! That’s… that’s deplorable! D:

    • I should send Cat out on a reconnaissance run to see if it happens anywhere else but they’re definitely buzzing around poor Vol’jin. Blizzard trying to provoke PvP in the area by dissing Horde leaders? I can’t figure it out.

      • I’ve only seen it at the tower. Presumably if you went into Razor Hill proper, you’d see more – but that town’s not a sanctuary and I’m not dying just to see flies.

        • I am just that nosy, lol. No flies in evidence in Razor Hill but when I went to visit Vol’jin and looked down there were a LOT of cockroaches besides the flies.

  6. Fly Zone vs No Fly Zone? That’s hilarious! I take it they’re the ones you can’t interact with, otherwise I’d be all over them for our critter kill achievement.

  7. Time for that low bass line….

    “Tum dum dum dum DUM……”

    “Born under a bad sign….
    I’ve been down since I began to crawl
    If it wasn’t for bad luck
    I’d have…. no luck at all…”

    Born Under a Bad Sign — Cream at The Royal Albert Hall in 2005

    There ya go.

    Oh, and I’m with you on Gammon. The dude gets no freaking respect.

    • Oh yay! I didn’t think anyone would get that reference! I know, poor Gamon. My level 12 bank alt is trying to help but the overseers aren’t paying her much attention which is a good thing, lol.

      • Ever since I found that YouTube clip, I’ve been playing all of the Royal Albert Hall concert this afternoon. I’d forgotten how awesome those three were.

  8. I really hope they do something where poor Gamon gets to be a hero after all the abuse he’s taken.
    As far as the flies I actually didn’t notice them on either horde or alliance running those quests, but I may not have been paying close enough attention.

    • It would be wonderful if they’d let Gamon have the spotlight in a good way for a change. I know I’d love to see that.

      I tend to pay attention the first time I do something new and not so much the next time through, so since my Forsaken went first my Alliance character noticed nothing amiss until Prinnie pointed it out.

  9. I was thinking about this driving home, and although Prinnie’s comment is probably all the thesis anyone will ever need, there are a few things I thought of before I read it:

    1. Sometimes there were flies when my mage and shaman were there, and sometimes not. All Alliance. Seriously. It was situational.
    2. Perhaps when there were flies there it was the shit on the boots of the Alliance dragging them in (the flies) and NOT the Horde.

    Just some more theories.

  10. And now we are officially over-thinking it…

    • LOL! I know, but I don’t know why I get stuck on some of these things. I’m going to go broke paying 10 gold for transport to Racket to keep checking for flies! You might have something though, the flies are only there when Alliance are around, very suspicious.

      • I fear the intended implication is that the Trolls/the Horde/Stinkies are used to the flies and smell, and so no longer notice.

        But I like the theory that the unwashed Alliance are bringing them in with ’em.

        • I honestly didn’t notice; maybe my Mage and shaman have no sense of smell? They actually have kind if a voodoo crush on Vol…And it’s Chen drawing the flies. Seriously.

  11. Off topic a little but something Prinnie said stuck in my mind – ‘the litter and smoke of the goblins’. Coming from a pure alliance perspective until a month or two ago, that was what I noticed the most – how cluttered and unfinished the horde shrine was compared to the alliance one. I never thought about why it was like that but I left me vaguly discomfortited, there’s no reason why horde races have to live in squalor or mess but it sort of felt like that at the start. I don’t notice it now though but in the early days it stuck out like a sore thumb.

    • Yeah, exactly. I started as Alliance and didn’t have a Horde character until much later. It took a while to get used to the vastly different living spaces although I quite like Thunderbluff. Org I will never find my way around … ever.

      • Protip: Live in the Goblin Slums. Seriously.

        Your AH and Bank are RIGHT there. You got First Aid and Cooking trainers. Many class trainers are in the area. About the only thing you have to leave for is transmogging, since those silly ethereals want their own shop instead of a perfectly respectable and serviceable tent.


    • The strange thing is, I liked goblins MORE because they were litterbugs. The Alliance has always seemed too “clean,” too beautiful to me – I prefer things with a bit of a bite, where issues aren’t so nicely tucked away.

      Some of the squalor (like the Slums) is also situational. After being doublecrossed, almost sold into slavery and escaping from more than one volcanic isle – Bilgewater goblins have nothing left when they walk into Orgrimmar. Garrosh certainly isn’t interested in housing these refugees in comfort, but it’s a hell of a lot better than living in the desert.

      I’m positive some goblins would continue to live in an atmosphere like the Slums because it’s functional and you can keep making money, but most would probably prefer to size up to the Pleasure Palace if they could afford it. The player character, for example, was practically a Trade Prince/Princess until Deathwing screwed everything up! Bad Deathwing, bad!

      The thing that bugs me most about Horde vs. Alliance shrines is how THEY FLIPPED THE TOP FLOOR. So the bank is on one side as Horde but the other as Alliance, and the same for the portals. IT DRIVES ME NUTS because I’m ALWAYS going to the wrong side.

      • OMG! I know! I think that’s why poor Sasche is skin and bones, it’s from running back and forth to the wrong side, that was MEAN to switch the floor layout Blizzard!

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