Another Day IRL

dayrlOkay first, I did a really bad job of cropping that photo. I was hoping to avoid revealing that I bought a leather couch when we have two giant, clawy, dogs. I know, what was I thinking. It’s been covered up with unattractive covers since it arrived. Yeah … I have no idea. But anyway, there we are waiting.

So yesterday I had a quest irl. The furnace has a device attached to it that magically clears the air of sinus-headache causing bad juju for me. THE LIGHT WAS BLINKING! SYSTEMS FAILING! CALL THE LEARNED MAGE!

Oddly I didn’t know at the time that that is just what I was doing. What the hell am I on about? I met another WoW player IRL! First time … well I don’t count my son-in-law. I’ll refer to him as Tichondrius to protect his identity since he’s on a PvP server and I don’t want anyone ganking him on my street or anything.

It was so nice to talk WoW irl and interesting too. He said he frequently sees people playing WoW when he arrives on a call. What was interesting was that they are never his age, they are probably closer to mine. Not that close, but still.

Interesting also was many of his friends moved on to other games on the release of MoP, one of the complaints seemed to be the big changes to talents and some classes play style. On that one I’m no judge, I have an extreme case of “it is what it is.” I guess a lot of people don’t want to relearn their class every expansion. It probably depends on what you play. I really enjoyed all the changes to Warlocks, your mileage would vary depending on class.

He’s on a realm with a queue! I didn’t know they were out there! I don’t think Fenris has had a queue since it was born. I told him about Drak’Tharon, if he was looking to transfer to a quieter PvP server well that would be it. Definitely no queues there.

I asked if his wife played, he said she did show an interest when she saw a female Blood Elf, so I guess those Blood Elves were a good call.

We commiserated about finding a good guild. My opinion is that is was a lot easier pre-LFD, LFR, as you got to know people when you grouped before joining a guild. Not that I don’t think those were great additions but they cut down on interaction with other players on your server. World bosses seem to be the group quests of today.

He thought he’d give League of Legends a try. I of course went to read about it, sounds interesting. Hmm … I don’t know, I might just have a look sometime.

See! Real life can be exciting too sometimes! Today is another rl day. I have to go to the vet’s and get groceries. What do you think? Should I wear a WoW t-shirt in the hope that my vet will finally reveal she’s a Resto Druid? I mean really, that’s what she’d have to be. I’ll bet she is. She’s the right demographic apparently … older.


26 Responses to “Another Day IRL”

  1. I found a player at work, of all places, when I’d accidentally left a WoW background on my laptop before coming into the office.

    • I had been checking comments on the iPad and he noticed the blog. We’re out there! I think my daughter has someone at work too but can’t remember how she found out.

  2. lots of wow players who work at my college, but they are either pvp or goblins. : ( And most are a whole lot younger than me.

  3. We are all out there, lurking and fixing furnaces…

  4. Since I’m in the Senior Citizen category of life – I don’t find too many out there that play in RL in my age group, however, I have found quite a few – my neighbor across the street from me plays – we keep in touch a lot of time through RealID – tv repair guy is a WoW player and a hairdresser gave herself away with a Horde tattoo on her wrist. Yep, there are a few of us out there.

    • I’m going to have to be more vigilant! Check out tattoos! I know the few people I encounter walking the dogs aren’t because I have to go show them how to work “the gmail” all the time so I doubt they’re gamers, lol. I’m like the neighborhood tech support.

      • Same here with the tech support and the sad thing is that what I know about PCs you could lose in a thimble. Neighbor across the way is my guru for things sometimes, although, I will willingly admit that I am one that will call on their children if I can’t figure something out.

  5. I’m watching 60 rapidly receding in the rear view mirror too. I live in the country though so hardly see anyone – noone who plays. (That I know about :)) I suspect we are all rogues in real life just stealthing around.

  6. I remember “coming out” to my prior guild during WotLK, that I was about 50, and being shocked that the majority of the guild were 40 and up.

    It turns out, those 20 somethings were the ones really shocked. “We’re playing with a bunch of fogeys!”

    • I remember back around 2006, or 2007 watching chat in Stranglethorn. Two kids I guess were discussing how they had run into a “grownup” in their twenties and how creepy and sick that was, they said they hoped they wouldn’t be playing games at that age. I’m not sure what the kids thought, at some point you get a personality transplant on reaching maturity, lol.

  7. I sometimes wonder if people I work with play. I once overheard a couple of people talking about wow on the train but that was years ago.

  8. btw, doggy looks comfy on the slip cover. Never apologize for trying to keep the couch in good shape. Thats the last thing one needs to spend more money on as we get older. šŸ˜€

    • The only trouble is it reminds me of my gran who kept the plastic cover on her sofa in case, I don’t know, the vicar came to tea. I’m afraid my girls (14lbs and 75lbs) are allowed on the leather sofa. Whoa betide them if they try to get up on a fabric one though.

  9. Roo the Hunter Says:

    Oi! Aye, Lossie! Whaur are ye?

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