Wine, Lesser Charms and Trying to be Clever

beautifulOops, oops, oops … I meant to say whine. I’m going to whine. I kind of feel guilty though doing it, I mean look at the beautiful world Blizzard made us. See! Isn’t it spectacular! Thanks so much!

Okay, now that I got that out of the way … no, I was REALLY being sincere … I can move on to one itty-bitty little whine. Really, just this one thing. Maybe this is just me but it really bothers me to have all these Lesser Charms of Good Fortune, it’s kind of like being a billionaire but no one excepts your brand of credit card anywhere.

lessercharmCat’s a freaking charm billionaire … well, okay … thousandaire. She’s closing in on 4,000 despite turning 50 in every week for 45 gold. She doesn’t get the Elder Charms or Mogu Runes cause she’s capped. Oh sure, she could buy some of those doodads for the treasure room and she does, but she’s still got A LOT of these things. I want something to spend it on.

On my server, at least when I’m on, no one does world bosses anymore so that’s out. I don’t know why. It must get frustrating to spend all that time on content and then have people blow through it and consider it old in two weeks. But since Cat made most of those charms pet battling I don’t see why they can’t come up with something battle pet related to spend it on. Sell Battle-stones for some obscene amount of charms, I don’t know, say 3,000 charms for a battle-stone, how about that. Please get on that … make it so.

grandmastershuWhile I wait for Blizzard to make my dream a reality look at this. I don’t know about you but I’m pretty sure I’ve seen Grand Master Shu trolling chat. Really, what a sore loser, you should be ashamed Shu. You should take an example from Aki who’s behavior is always beyond reproach.

humanbattlestone Oh second thought while Aki the Chosen conducts all her pet battles in a civilized, mannerly, fashion I have detected a tendency to passive aggressive behavior on her part lately. Aki! Nooooo … I thought we agreed! No more Humanoid Battle-stones! Enough! I don’t need them, you promised. Then she smiles politely and hands me another one. I don’t know, maybe doing this for a living has side effects.

A lot of these NPCs seem to be acting up lately. Sasche’s Wrathguard is always saying, “I live to be commanded!” but the way he says it … yeah, he’s being a smartass, you can just tell.

Lastly, I made a Paladin and I’m hoping, HOPING, this time I won’t delete her. So none of the names I come up with are available … so I decide to be clever. I look for foreign words for “again.” Try to find one that sounds like a name. I’ve got it! The Hungarian word for “again” makes a great name, Ismét. There, I love it.

What I don’t love is that every time I want to send her mail or something I have to open a browser and google “hungarian word for again” cause I have no idea how to get that fancy “e” so I have to google and then copy/paste if I want to communicate with her. What was I thinking! This is bad, she already had one strike against her because of the whole, I always delete Paladins thing. Now this. I need to stay clear away from that trying to be clever crap. I’m not clever enough to be … well … clever.


28 Responses to “Wine, Lesser Charms and Trying to be Clever”

  1. Lol, those darn letters with accents! They just mess with everything although I shouldn’t complain since I use them myself to get the names I want. Your é is alt 0233 (hold down alt and than type in the numbers) If you go to they have quite a list of different alt letters you can use. If you only use the one letter you can just write it down somewhere where you’ll remember it.

    • Thanks Ty! I now have it written down in my sacred little black battle pet book where it will be safe! I don’t know why silly WordPress put you in the spam folder and then let through a spam comment about green coffee bean extract, lol. WordPress must have been having a bad day yesterday!

  2. Turn them in. Go to LFR. No one notices anything, and no one cares. TRUST ME. Get loot. Go again. Your analogy of having a currency you don’t/can’t/won’t spend is spot on. And what do I know? I would wager Blizz execs read your blog and then make appropriate changes. If they don’t they aren’t paying attention.

    • LOL! I don’t think the Blizz execs spend any time in this little backwater. It just seems that since she got them all pet battling she should be able to spend them on something pet battlish. Cat would never dare venture into LFR it’s that troublemaker Warlock that did it. She’s always stirring the pot!

  3. Roo the Hunter Says:

    Oi! Lossie, it be easy alt key + 0233 (make sure you turn on your num lock and use the number keypad, not the numbers above the letter keys. and hold down the “alt” key.


  4. Didn’t Blizz take away the ability to use special characters on names a while back for North American servers?

    • Now that you mention it I do remember hearing that a year or so ago. Don’t know if they never implemented it or changed their mind. I see people running around with five or six special characters in their name and always wonder how in the world do they remember it. If they still did it it would have saved me from myself, lol.

      • Did some research into this and found they did implement it, but reversed it after too many people complained.

        You would have seen those names anyways as any character created before the change was allowed to keep their name.

    • Roo the Hunter Says:

      no, not at all. Too be honest, if they took it away for North American servers, they would be in a world of hurt. We still have spanish, french-canadian, french-canjuns, and those of us who are transplants who use the character mapping.

      stay frosty

  5. If only you could sell the charms themselves. I wish I didn’t have to farm the charms every week on multiple characters. I had a nice stockpile on Cain from the initial grind all the dailies for rep, but it’s just about gone now.

    • Isn’t that the way. For the people who could use them they are in short supply unless they become battle pet fanatics and for ones like Cat who don’t need them they’re plentiful. I was amazed that you get way more from pet battles than from dailies.

  6. Here’s wishing Ismét some kismet to survive and level beyond the wildest dreams of all her predecessors!

  7. That’s a lot of charms! And I am laughing at your maxed out coins and runes!

    Yeah you could just sneak into LFR – maybe with Matty! I can’t help much with alliance unfortunately.

    • I really have no desire at all to do LFR with Cat and I’m fine with it. Chasing butts in a chaotic mess of nerdraging strangers is not for her. Sasche on the other hand is still tempted once in a while. I think she’s got around 1,600 or so of those babies, lol.

  8. At least you can turn the Elder Charms in for Sunreaver bounties (well the Alliance equiv) at 15 a pop. I still do the lower world bosses too for a chance at the mounts. Good luck with the new pali, she sounds like a stayer.

    • Exactly! A mount, peoples! There are mounts to be had! I think I have four or five bounties taking up bank space because they have elder charms in them that I can’t take out, lol!

  9. You can also simply press the CTRL+ALT keys at the same time as, in this case, the “e” .. that should give you the funny doobrie over it, too! Until I worked out how to do that, I used to have major problems trying to contact people with funny names, sending them mail, or inviting them into the guild (and then I realised I’d been doing it the long way round all the time!) 😛

  10. I wish for these things:

    1.) That you could turn in your Lesser Charms WHENEVER YOU WANT, and not once a week.
    2.) The charm giver should allow you to CHOOSE between Greater Charms and Mogu Crap of Fate, depending on what you can/want to run.
    3.) Forget the different charms and let all raids use the same kind of damn charms.

    • Yeah, I don’t know why they don’t consolidate them into the Charm of Extra Roll or something that works for all the raids. They should do that AND let me buy battle-stones with the lesser, lol.

  11. Postal is a mail addon which among other things, remembers your alts names so you can just select them from a drop down menu!

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