There Comes a Time …

in every expansion when I officially call full-on faffing season. It has begun. It really took longer this time, usually starts about two months into an expansion. Cat and Sasche like to pretend, in the beginning, that they’re getting geared up for … well something. But they aren’t. Sasche’s foray into LFR certainly brought that home. Yuck. Sasche’s at iLevel 495 and Cat’s 494 and that’s about as far as they’ll be going aside from upgrades to existing gear. Let the faffing begin in earnest!

Now is the time of alts, Ironwomen, flying around the world looking at things again. And whatever else comes to mind. Signing up for betas based only on whether I like the graphics.

Cat made a video to officially kick off faffing season … yeah, Sasche’s not into film making, I think she’s off somewhere wallowing in filth trying to find a Filthling. What can I say, to each their own.

And oh yeah, Cat should really come clean … she’s flying into Moguland as though she’s going to get all badass when she only checks to see if there are any dailies available that can be done while in flight form. Yep … she’s that lazy. For shame Cat, for shame.


13 Responses to “There Comes a Time …”

  1. haha … I loved the stealthing through trees bit … I do that regularly, but then I usually get stuck in them. I also “stealth” into walls and off cliffs … I’m the ultimate ninja! *arrives in a puff of dust as she pats herself down*

  2. Great video – I usually do the thing with the trees and then, much to my chagrin, fall off my mount to high up – thinking I might be able to pull a John Wayne, drop the mount, charge in for the kill without missing a beat except – splatt!

  3. Rammstein!

    I knew I liked you!

  4. I like to use my nether ray mounts so i can sit stupidly in doorways dangling their tails in peoples faces instead of dismounting like normal people.

  5. Those leets? WHATEV. They would crumble before the power that is THE WATER SPIRIT – yet Catwyn prevails! Is TRIUMPHANT! ALL HAIL CAT! Throw your lesser charms at her feet and shut the hell up!

    Love this!

    And you know what was most impressive of all – finding a time to play when there were none of your friends on line…now that is stealthy!

    • Yeah, she’s a real badass when she’s not, you know, running into trees and stuff. Not that hard to see that “0” in the middle of the day, it’s lonely out there on the front where no one can hear you scream, aaaiiieee!!!!

  6. always late nor a bride.

    only thing I can say is…

    Du hast
    Du hast mich

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