View from Above and What the …

neverwinterI’ll get the WTF out of the way first. Wave! Hi! That’s me! I don’t know what that guy’s problem is, the inhabitants of Neverwinter sure are touchy about having their picture taken. Geez, take a pill … calm down. Yeah, I actually faffed myself into another dimension. Not my fault though, comes from reading blogs. The fault is She Rides Dragons, in a recent post Nev mentioned Neverwinter, so it’s free, why not.

So I made a Control Wizard as that seemed the closest to Warlock. As is usual I didn’t bother actually reading anything so spent most of my early time trying to find an auto-run button. After I found it I spent more time trying to find out how or where to access keybindings, unsuccessfully so far. Maybe you have to pay to see them.

So anyway, I left our heroine in a rat instance. She’s level six and I think I should have done more leveling first. She’s stuck on the giant rat end boss. While she can kill him and has REPEATLY, his bevy of followers then do her in. I thought when I came back I’d just have to finish them off but nope, he’s back with his whole gang. Maybe this is supposed to be a group quest.

It’s been fun but I don’t know how long I can stand using “T” for autorun because my autorun is “H.” My stay here might be short because of the letter T.

EDIT: I found the keybinds! Apparently they aren’t visible while wearing glasses, they only magically appear when donning the Contacts of Greater Visibility! Right there in Options! Sigh …

So this is kind of eerie, it’s like we’re all psychically linked, muhahaha …

swharborOver the last week or so I’ve been taking screen shots while flying around. There’s so much in Azeroth and other zones that’s beautiful or interesting viewed from the air.

stormpeaksSo I visit Mr and Mrs WoW and what do I see? View from above! Cue up the creepy music! This just in, WoW bloggers found to be psychically linked! Or not, but still … kind of fun to think.

invasionpI don’t know if it’s because I know where they were taken, but it seems even if you don’t know the exact location you can pretty much tell what zone each one’s in.

firewingSo flying around faffing is not without its rewards. There are many more zones I need to fly over in search of beauty or the weird. Lots to do.

guildrepWhat I want to know is what the hell did Sasche do. What kind of crime could she have perpetrated to lose guild rep when she isn’t in a guild. Heinous I’m thinking. She’s not talking but does this mean if she joins one she’ll have to start out at -42999? Damn girl, just what did you do?


15 Responses to “View from Above and What the …”

  1. The loss of guild rep happened to my alts when I was guildless for about a month but considering you lose it anyway when you join another guild it was a little annoying since I just wanted to stay unguilded for a while and join back to MischiefUs.

  2. Wow. Your guild rep really tanked, eh?

    I survived the Rat boss, but then again I’m a Cleric (which, if you know me, isn’t a shock) and I was a couple of levels higher. If you’re going to take on any boss, make sure you have enough healing potions. Unlike WoW and other MMOs, you can quaff them multiple times per fight. And trust me, it’s needed.

    • I know! She’s been guzzling those things but her predicament now is she needs some quick cash for buying more so I think she’d better do some more quests.

      My problem is she’s cleared the whole sewer up to that big rat and she needs to kill a bunch of somethings to gain her super duper power AOE for those adds but unlike the rat king and his buddies nothing else respawns.

      Off to earn money for those potions, and you’re right! You really do need them!

  3. The first picture makes me think that there’s a figure skater and a gardener hanging out together and they got surprised by this person taking a picture. LIKE WTF! How dare you interrupt our discussion about petunias?

  4. Her minions were spreading rumors about her on the bathroom walls near the farmers’ market in Stormwind. Ah, minions! Such pranksters!

  5. Anonymous Says:

    I just heard about Neverwinter nights. Been thinking of trying it out. Besides having to put on contacts to read the finer print, how else do you like it or even Redbeard?

    • Oh! A mysterious anonymous! Just got my character to level 10 and I’ve enjoyed it so far. Enjoyed it even more when I stopped being cheap and bought a whole stack of potions, lol. Oh, I’d say I like it just as much at that Redbeard!

  6. I dont know what is going on, but everything is requiring me to re-vailadate, oh fudge. But thats not what I thunked. I thunked the f- – – – word. Learned it from Schwartz.

  7. ok, now that I am back – how did you enjoy the game Neverwinter Nights? I read about it a few weeks ago, but like most things new, it takes me awhile to get into them.


    • I like it so far, oh, you read first! I just barge in and then if I think I like it THEN I decide to read up. She’s at level ten and there are decisions to be made so I stopped and I’ll do some research now. I don’t know why it’s reminding me a little of Diablo, I guess it might be the different way of moving.

  8. I was almost tempted to try it and then I got to “rat instance”….. Also leaving her there? Isn’t that the sort of thing they class as cruel and unusual punishment?

    • Oh! That would have been mean, I should have said I left her stuck on that quest, I didn’t actually leave her there in the sewer. Yes, they seem to have a creature problem with their sewers, I think I have another sewer job coming up, lol.

      But now I’m level 10 so I’m excited to try the crafting and see what that’s like.

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