I Sense a Storm Coming …

thestormWhat? What? What IS it? Oh come on, you’re not impressing me with all this “my elven half” senses a storm coming, I mean look at my ears. I’m a full-blooded Elf and I don’t sense any … what … the local news? Oh.

Nothing really new here but I thought if I’m going to lose my beloved internet I should say something while I can. At least /wave. The local news is warning of stormageddon today. I usually don’t pay attention to their hysteria but then the federal government is now giving liberal leave to workers. So I have made preparations. I have both dogs leashes ready, and every pair of glasses or contacts I have and my iPad in a heap near the basement door. There. Prepared.

Since the rest of my family won’t allow me to leash and hold onto them huddled in the basement that’s about all I can do. So I thought if we lose power it would be nice for Cat and Cimmeia to have company. It might be a good thing. So far in five days I have spent the equivalent of two months subscription in Neverwinter. I KNOW! What’s wrong with me!

Uh oh, I’d better wrap it up, I think Cimmeia is right. The first round is here. I’d appreciate it if you two girls would send a few prayers to the power company gods for me. Food and water, who needs it. But not my INTERNET pleaseeeeeeeeee …

12 Responses to “I Sense a Storm Coming …”

  1. I’m not sure Abraham Maslow had this in mind when creating his hierarchy of needs, but I do understand. Please stay safe Tome – sending calming thoughts your way.

  2. Zeus was not amused. 😉

  3. Stay safe and yeee Gods, save the internet – after going through a full day w/o it – I was having withdrawal symptoms.

    • So far so good! We’re all hunkered down eating dog treats, well, they are anyway. The dogs get very disturbed when their routine is changed so were upset about walking at the wrong time of day, lol.

  4. Will pray to the capricious gods of the Interwebs on your behalf. Hope everything is ok and that you and your net safely weather the storm.

  5. Glad to hear you made it through ok, hope there are no more storms on the way

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