Dealbreaker and Confession Time

dealbreakerYeah … Neverwinter … come on, this could be a deal breaker. Where’s show/hide helm. And that hat isn’t so bad. Her first hat looked something like this.

neverhatI am not kidding, how are you supposed to strike terror in the hearts of bad guys looking like that is what I want to know, geez.

Yes, on achieving level twenty I got a horse but he’s a rental. I’m not rich enough to actually buy one … so yeah, rental. This morning I caught myself perusing this page. Founder’s Packs. I think I’ve gone completely mental. I have played many, many, games without this sudden obsession. What is up, what’s going on here.

This all started in WoW so I decided to question Cat.

fessI found her in the Chamber of Enlightenment asking Historian Winterfur for a book on PvP pet battles. Cat he doesn’t have those, he has lore books. What is the problem here?

Cat sobbed, What We’ve Been Training For is the problem. I’m awful at PvP battles, I spent the whole day in Neverwinter to get away from them.

Oh Cat, I’m sorry. Here’s the problem. You’re like me, you’re spontaneous sorta. I mean you don’t think, you just do. You have to think or at least find someone else who does and learn from them. Here, read Tamer Liopleurodon there’s lots of good information on pet battling there, you’ll learn a lot.

The very thing she loves has turned on her, pet battling. Having a win/loss ratio of the other guy 154, Cat 2 is demoralizing, I know. No wonder she ran off to a different monster-ridden world. Things are becoming clearer now.

Cat I know it’s frustrating but Pandaria needs you now. This morning while reading the Godmother she made a horrible revelation. Well, not really … she didn’t reveal it, I googled until I found what she spoke of … horrific, just horrific. You’d better get back there and enjoy the Vale of Eternal Blossoms while you can.

Cat was SO MAD. Almost mad enough to consider going into LFR to kick Garrosh’s ass when the time comes. Well … maybe not THAT mad but almost. I think she’s off to do Golden Lotus dailies and fish in the beautiful Vale. And maybe do a PvP pet battle or two.

But Cat, you’ve got to get over that hurriedly picking any spell because you think it’s rude to keep the other person waiting … you’ve got to think. I’ve got a playlist made for her for battling. I’m leading off with this. You never know. It might help.


11 Responses to “Dealbreaker and Confession Time”

  1. I want that hat. Maybe it will keep angry thoughts out

  2. whoa, what , who, where do we find that thing you dont want to talk about?

  3. Oh poor cat 😦

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