You Know It’s True Love When …

trueloveI read Matty’s post about her first kiss. I was trying to remember mine, nothing. Not a clue. So I gave up and decided to yes, log into a game. This is a thing not done lightly, oh no. This takes skill and determination, sometimes I’m successful on my first go … sometimes not.

Years ago I had a gmail account hacked because my password was ludicrously easy to figure out from my email address. Never again. When creating a new password now, I close my eyes and let my fingers spastically drum all over the keyboard … something like this:

n a5ey7[02vf24gy 40 Y7q875CCY]I

I then remove any special characters and spaces and presto! My new password is born!

No one can figure it out … take that you hackers! Problem is I can’t remember them either. And every game and login has a different one.

What does this have to do with first kisses and love? True MMO love is when you’ve got that game’s password MEMORIZED! Apparently I have only one true MMO love, WoW is the only game I can log into without removing the Tome of Passwords from the safe. I got that baby MEMORIZED, this is TRUE LOVE.

I’ve been a little disappointed lately. I rely on this blog to provide me with some comic relief through spam and keyword searches. I’m puzzled by a recent spam approach, insults.

copiedWell I NEVER! Look here Mr. Breast Actives I most certainly did not! Yeah, it’s no Norwegian carrot cake recipe but you work with what you have.

And aren’t we all a bunch of serious business types, sheesh. Spawn points of unborn val’kyrs, camels. Where’s the fun stuff guys!

The best I could come up with is “compulsive wiggle butt.” Yeah … it’s weak but it’s something. You people are all way too serious … lighten up.

One more thing … a warning. The aliens … they are among us.

tulipsThere is my recreation of what these so called “Tulips” looked like on day one. They looked like nicely behaved flowers. By day three it became apparent they were no ordinary Tulips, they were alien beings trying to surreptitiously work their way upstairs and do WHO KNOWS WHAT while we slept. But the jokes on them.

Day four, GARBAGE DISPOSAL! HAHAHAHAHAHA! We humans will not be conquered THAT easily!

So anyway … just saying … be careful out there.

14 Responses to “You Know It’s True Love When …”

  1. Here’s an option for passwords if you’re interested. You take 5 or 6 random letters & numbers (c4r7yx as an example) and you memorize those. Then when you create an account / login for something you insert these 6 letters that you have memorized in front of a simple password. So like Verizon might be c4r7yxmobile. Or Netflix might be c4r7yxflix. And so on and so on.

    In addition to making your passwords easier to remember while still hard to hack, you can actually leave a list on your desk that says Verizon = mobile, Netflix = flix because you don’t need to write down your little memorized randomness.

  2. Breast Actives?

    Well, at least you don’t have your blog showing up because the brand name of a certain desensitizing cream isn’t the same as the name for the idiots who play Ret Spec Pallys.

  3. In the words of Pepe Le Pew, ah, l’amour!

    Too bad passwords are not as much fun as love!

  4. Beware the triffid Tulips!!! I hear they like to eat brains.

  5. Those tulips are creepy and now I am scared to have alien tulips in my house.

    Passwords. I hate them. If I have to make a complicated one I might as well not have one because I won’t remember it to save my life. Not even at gunpoint. Or Swordpoint. or Frostfire bolt point.

  6. You know, I used to live in a country town where they have a tulip festival every year. Now those are something to see!

    Your password logic is hilarious. I’ve been sending a lot of spam from my ISP email for a while but it’s more annoying when it’s sent from your email back to you =/

  7. Ah my favorite flower, tulips and omg yours look purple – gorgeous even if they turned out to be aliens hehe. Oh and Elf that password tip, THUMBS UP!!

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