Dramatization: A Wake Up Call

catdeadYes, there’s Cat. Dead again. Matty was nice enough to accompany Cat to Serpentshrine Cavern this week. Cat’s two last pets for the achievement are in there and she always gets fed up at 2 or 3 cores and leaves.  Matty came to help with that bitch Vashj so she could get a shot at the pet … and this is the thanks she gave Matty. Sprawled on the ground dead waiting to be revived while Matty saved the day … twice. I KNOW!

What is going on here? I kept thinking that the problem was that I couldn’t build combo points on those low level mobs to get access to a Predatory Swiftness heal. It wasn’t until MUCH later that I happened to look at my UI and see an unfamiliar spell. OMG! What an idiot! Renewal, I had totally forgotten I had that.

I know it’s bad enough that I never thought to go bear form but I forgot I had a heal usable in Cat form. What is up? Where has all Cat’s druidy knowledge gone?

catbattlingCould it be too much of this? She does pet battle excessively, sometimes to the exclusion of all else. It’s like an addiction with her. Or could it be my fault?

myguardHave I spent too much time hanging out with my cute bodyguard? I seem to be able to hold only two classes at a time in my head well enough to keep them alive. Sasche’s still okay, but my darling Cat I have let down by trying to play a Feral Druid, Warlock, Trickster Rogue and Control Wizard simultaneously. The rest of my alts get by with me randomly mashing a bunch of keys because they don’t do anything that dangerous, but poor Cat. I’m so sorry.

bullliesI’ve also been distracted by sightseeing because of the Midsummer Fire Festival. Those horrible Kor’kron bullies are in Nagrand! Since I don’t raid I don’t usually get that worked up about the villain of an expansion, I mean in Cata I spent the entire time seeking Deathwing so he’d kill me in flames. But this time I really, really … no, REALLY hate Garrosh. I’ll be glad when you guys kill him. OVER AND OVER!

So anyway, they might be pulling Cat’s Cenarion membership card. I hope not, cause it was my fault. To make it up to her I bought her a new pet, a Living Fluid. Not sure if that will help with her druidness but it certainly cheered her up.

Now I’ve got to go down the Staircase of Forgotten Memories and see if I can remember to put the trash out for pickup when I get down there. Probably not. I really need the Helm of Memory Protection to drop.

10 Responses to “Dramatization: A Wake Up Call”

  1. I get like that sometimes. I must say that my reaction times have improved by doing those brawler fights but then I was having trouble today on Kael’thas. Go figure!

    • I hadn’t really realized that I don’t “play” Cat much anymore, she runs around pet battling and digging in hopes of the Crawling Claw, I should have known this would happen with my crappy memory. If I ever get up my nerve and go brawl, it will be Sasche. Her memory’s better, lol.

  2. I feel you. I’ve been playing shaman so much lately … then, last night, I switched to Therm to run LFR with guildmates. I HAD NO IDEA HOW TO HUNTARD.

  3. I feel your pain.

    I’ve spent so much time on my Rogue –both questing and in PvP– that I forgot how to space out attacks on my TOR Trooper in an instance. I kept inadvertantly pulling aggro, and in a game like TOR where you don’t have add-ons, you have to remember to space things out.

    • I don’t know what will happen when I get back to SWTOR. I had to make a new character last time because I forgot how to play my Bounty Hunter, lol. Now I’ll forget what to do with my Jedi Consular, oh boy.

  4. Baby cub walked by my computer yesterday and noticed how awful my lag is – the fault is completely mine. I need to clean up some bits and bytes, and clean things up.My shaman’s been a bit down-in-the-dumps lately – never fear, sweet Cat! You shall get your pets! I SHALL AVENGE YOU!

    • I hope you get your computer issues fixed up. I had a few days a couple months back when Sasche would start the casting animation and still be stuck there like a minute later, lol. But I’m pretty sure that one was Comcast, because it cleared up and didn’t return.

      Oh! I was reading your post and got side-tracked as usual, watching Amy Schumer videos and trying to decide which book to buy. I think I forgot to say anything!

  5. As someonw who plays one toon… maybe I should change specs more so I can feel like I’m playing Lots of toons. But I wish I could have helped you but unfortunately or two druids can never meet /sad
    God that pic is funny.

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