Midnight at the Oasis

doublemailSo yeah … okay, not midnight but Ironsally does live at the oasis in Uldum in a teeny, little, tent. Ramkahem gets way too much traffic, she’s seen too many skeletons around there, not safe.

It has been one of THOSE weeks. The wonderful thing is though that I can blame some of the problems on my characters. My failed Mage Banker made a stupid mistake. I was feeling sorry for my neglected Shaman and thought maybe I’d want to play her if I could upgrade some of her gear to an appropriate level for Dread Wastes.

I tasked the Banker with this mission, procure at least one decent Shaman weapon. Simple, yes? Well, Banker Mage saw a suitable weapon, bought it, retrieved it from the mail and then saw she had clicked on the wrong weapon and paid 4,000 gold for it. I told her one more mistake like that and it’s back to the big scary world for her. That got her attention.

And then irl I grabbed the leash of a very large runaway dog to keep it from scaring an approaching woman and her dog. It’s amazing the momentum a German Shepard can build up in a very short time, ouch. So I pranged my shoulder all out of whack. This reduced me to one-handed typing which makes almost EVERYTHING I do nearly bloody impossible.

I’m reduced to activities like logging into Neverwinter every once in a while to level professions. I can manage that. So I was feeling grumpy and sorry for myself.

Then Matty’s perfectly timed post! The elusive Coilfang Stalker is now mine! Matty and Señor had kicked that Lady Vashj’s butt and wrestled it from her cold, dead hands! And a Tainted Waveling to boot! It’s like those two are psychical or something! I cheered right up.

Thank you both so much!

10 Responses to “Midnight at the Oasis”

  1. What wonderful friends! 🙂

  2. I hope your shoulder is back to normal soon and grats on your news pets. Can you resell the weapon?

  3. I know exactly the place you are talking about — it is one of my favorites, too! Do not think that a little shoulder injury is going to keep us from future summer fun – take it easy, get better, and I’ll be here!

  4. Hope your shoulder feels better soon. And I’m so glad Cat doesn’t have to keep looking for a tainted core anymore. And if nothing else you should be able to pet battle well enough with one hand. That’s the most important thing!

  5. Feel better soon. Oh yeah, getting older is the pits and it takes a bit longer to get over thing – just hang in there *hugs*

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