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Restless Warlock on an Empty Server

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searchMaybe Fenris is jumping at night but it’s sure deserted when I’m around. Now as you can see Cat doesn’t care. Cat is spending most of her time in the Vale, soaking up the beauty in case it goes away. She’s on top of the shrine where she can hear if any groups are forming for the world bosses and tell Cim.

farmerdkDeath Knight turned farmer doesn’t care. She finally became exalted with the Tillers and now she can plant her OWN Motes of Harmony instead of unsuccessfully begging support to give them back to her. Since she takes roughly 10 minutes to kill any one thing I think this is a good plan. The little virmen that pop out of the ground are about all she can handle. Soon she will be able to make the CORRECT weapon and then may be able to take on two at a time! It could happen!

Cim the Warlock DOES care. Being the sixth to arrive she’s missed the boat on the world bosses, which without LFR is the only way to gain better gear. Frankly she’s pissed at me. I need to find her an outlet. Empty server, no one around … wait! No one around … quick Cim, head to Stormwind!

My mother tells me that as a little girl I would hang on her leg hiding. If asked what was wrong I would sniffle, “They’re looking at me!” Unfortunately I haven’t changed. I wanted to try the Brawler’s Guild but without an audience. I didn’t want it ruined by a bunch of snarkiness, I can do LFR if I want that.

Yay! A perk of an empty server! And apparently there must be quite a few! Finally my weird hours pay off! No one’s here! I felt kind of bad as someone came in, probably with the same idea and took one look at me and left.

clockemIt was a lot of fun, Cim’s mission was to obtain a Clock’em for Cat. All went well until Ixx where I had a little trouble telling his front from his back which is rather crucial but Cim sorted that out and got Cat her pet.

So now everyone’s happy. Cat’s got another pet to level, Cim something to look forward to. Farmer DK is happily digging in the dirt and no one else is unhappy. Big happy family. I do however think Cim should try to break iLevel 490 before continuing. She got a little close to some enrage timers. Maybe she’ll WANT to accumulate valor so she can continue.

So if you wanted to try it but didn’t want to learn in front of an audience, now’s the time! In ilevel 480s after a watch of Icy Veins videos it’s a lot of fun. See Cim, it finally paid off being sixth!

Potion of RNG Luck

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blueprotoSo I was looking for something different to do. Cat needed a mission. I know, I’ll look up some mounts I don’t have and do a circuit every once in a while. How about Skadi the Ruthless cause I love visiting Howling Fjord and then maybe stop by the beautiful Isle of Quel’danas for Kael’thas Sunstrider.

Great! I have a plan! So yeah … was there a memo or something that I didn’t read? Are they testing Potions of RNG luck for the store and I accidentally got some on me? I go in Utgarde Pinnacle looking forward to many visits to Howling Fjord and the mount drops first go. What the heck! This is not my beautiful luck, this is not my beautiful Proto-Drake. Geez … once in a lifetime.

I was happy, but so flustered I logged out of Cat and got Cim the Warlock to go suck up to The August Celestials on the seemingly endless grind for her Royal Satchel pattern. I was annoyed because if I was capable of getting her the last bit after the bridge with that stupid, stupid torch I would probably be done now. Oh no! The torch again. I give up. Damn, so close.

Flying back to the Vale I look down and see a Zandalari Warscout sneaking around the yak wash. Perfect! Just the guy to take out my frustration on! He usually drops rep I don’t need but he might have a bag of supplies. WHAT! WHAT! He dropped a Stolen Celestial Insignia with just the right amount of rep to push her to exalted. What is going on here? This is … freakish … but okay, I’ll bask in this unbelievable run of good luck. I’d better enjoy it, I’ll have this post to come back to when my luck goes back to normal.

I told Cat to stop being silly and to visit the Isle of Quel’danas, I love that place which is odd considering how much grinding I did there back in the day. Oh Kael’thas! We’re coming to get you!

gothawkYeah, first time. Something is up, this is not normal. This is too weird. Blizzard is gaslighting me. I just know it. I logged right out and hid in real life. Nope, everything looks the same here. Didn’t win the lottery, didn’t find a twenty in the road on the dog walk. Can’t suddenly sing. It’s just in Azeroth.

I really should log back in and see if things are back to normal. Maybe stop by Uldum and visit Altairus as a test. If he doesn’t drop the Reins of the Drake of the North Wind I’ll know all is how it should be again.

Update: Whew, everything’s back to normal. No reins of anything dropped from Altairus, I’m kind of relieved. I’d be disappointed if I didn’t have an excuse to drop by Uldum anymore and sip Magaritas on the verandas at Ramkahen. It was a small RNG anomaly, my one day in the sun. I guess you get one every seven years or so. It was fun while it lasted though.

Everything’s …

same as it ever was

same as it ever was

When Turtles Fly and Should you Seek Medical Attention for Dramatization?

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flyturtleOkay, so I put in a ticket to trade the stupid wrong weapon I made for the mats. Blizzard said, “Ha! Ha! When turtles fly!” Um … Blizzard? Oh Blizzard? We have lift-off! The turtles are IN THE AIR! Can I have my mats now?

Yeah … I’m making all that up … except the flying turtle part and the part where I can’t trade my stupid weapon for my mats. Nobody will buy it, pretty much nothing sells here anymore so I have high hopes for this virtual realms thing in patch 5.4. I’m saving all my junk that won’t sell and hoping to flog it all off on my new compadres.

So anyway, I think Blizzard is expecting a little much. A doofus who makes herself the wrong weapon is probably not going to be on top of things enough to meet their expectations. So if you ever make the wrong weapon, SWIFTNESS is key. Learn from my mistake. Here’s the sad part of the response. Sniff …

“Sadly, in this case it looks like the Blade was crafted too long ago for us to be able to restore.  Whenever an item is crafted there is a very small window of time (2 hours) afterwards in which we are able to reverse the crafting.  So, since your ticket was put in outside of that 2 hour window, I’m sorry, but we will not be able to reverse the crafting for you.”

See, even THEY were saddened, we’re ALL sad.

OMG! And here I’d been thinking this was a simple matter of deleting my weapon and sending me the mats. I had no idea the spell of reverse crafting had to be cast, that probably involves Mages whose hourly rates are so high Blizzard can only afford to have them hang around for two hours. So always remember … act swiftly or there will be no reverse crafting for you.

The very nice email goes on to say … apologize for any frustration or inconvenience that this has caused. Thank you, but for the first time in seven years I find it’s caused anger. I have contacted support to the best of my memory maybe three or four times. It has never helped except for the time I fell in a crack in Nagrand in BC and was stuck. I have given thousands of dollars to this company, I have not unsubbed once. I’ve had their back for seven years through good and lean times and they can’t take the freaking weapon in her bag that says on it made by Janinna and give me five freaking Spirits of Harmony? Really?

Happy happy joy joy deep breaths … more deep breaths …

Maybe this coupled with constant oppressive latency from an internet provider too big to give a shit has made me a tad grumpy.

So to cheer myself up I took a look at recent search terms. They did not disappoint.

what check ups to do when your dramatized

Now see, I did not know this. I didn’t know medical attention was required if you’re dramatized. I could see that if you CAUSE a lot of drama something might happen to you that would require medical attention. Anyway, I hope they get back to me with the tests you need done in case it happens to me.

born on the back side if it werent for bad luck i

I love incorrect song lyrics and if you’re going to do it, it should be born UNDER a back side which just makes it so much better. Thank you whoever you are, I had so much fun. I went to YouTube and listened while loudly singing, “BORN UNDER A BACKSIDE.” It was wonderful, I might do it again.

So yes, I’m totally cheered. I’m not saying I’m ready to go grind 50 motes of harmony for that weapon yet but still, things are looking up. At least I wasn’t born under a backside. HAHAHA! Okay, I can’t help it, I’ve got to have another sing-a-long.

All together now!

Born under a backside. I’ve been down since I began …

The Lesser Hot Dog of Pet Leveling

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mailLast night Cat logged in, she had an hour or so and saw that she had about 40 minutes left on a lesser hot dog of pet leveling. Well, that’s it then, leveling pets it shall be. Who needs leveling? She ran out of the Shrine and then noticed  she had mail. Hmm … must have mailed myself something and forgot.

What! It’s not from me! It’s from Helke/Ishtla/Ravenpayne! I’ve had mail from her before! It’s the very most wonderful kind. There was a Lumpy and a Living Sandling attached!

helkeI know. Cat looks stunned doesn’t she, well I think she was!  Thank you so much Helke, she will take very good care of them and make sure they do their lessons and become well-schooled level 25s in short order. I introduced them to Ravenpayne who can show them the ropes as he’s already a lofty 25 and has lots of experience to share with them!

The End Is Nigh … Who Will Fight for You?

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Zombie Apocalypse. Alien Invasion. The fight of your life, the fight FOR life is here. This is it, who will fight it for you?

Which of your characters? Which of the classes you play are most suited to fight at the end of the world? I know rl me isn’t up to it so it’s got to be one of them.

I know, I know, I watch too many post apocalyptic movies and read too many post apocalyptic books but still … I remember talking to a client who had a security business, I mean serious stuff like tactical knife fighting. He said he worried as his wife didn’t have the awareness in situations he’d like. She didn’t assess everyone she encountered for possible risk.

Well yeah … those of us lucky enough to be raised in a safe environment don’t. We’d have to be trained. The closest I get to threat assessment irl is assessing the traffic around me for potential jackassery and lane changing. So I’m not prepared. I don’t live at the level of awareness called for to deal with an influx in the Zombie population, but I know people who do!

Who makes their way daily through dangerous territory constantly knowing attack could be imminent? My WoW characters!

I immediately narrowed my choice down to two characters, Druid and Warlock.

Druid being a Night Elf is doubly stealthy; Shadowmeld and Prowl would enable her to sneak around, possibly avoiding detection until she struck. And she can turn into a freaking big bear! That’s a definite plus. On the downside … aliens … who knows what powers they have, they may be able to see right through stealth, sneaky aliens. And Cat is a little too … nice. She sits and chats with elites instead of killing them. I’m not sure she’s tough enough for the end of the world as we know it.

Warlock … she has a seemingly endless supply of minions to do her bidding. She is surprisingly hardy for someone wearing a party dress and … well … she’s just plain mean. I mean really, really mean. How mean? When she does the quest Money Matters she threatens EVERYONE not just that Spicemaster, she even threatens that sweet little Trader Jambeezi. I know! That’s damn mean!

It’s settled then, I’m prepared for whatever may come. Bring it on you stupid aliens! Zombies? She’ll laugh in your face! She’s even got a meteor strike in the ocean covered! 1,000 foot high tsunami? Unending Breath! Muhaha!

Um … yeah, sorry. Got carried away. Maybe I should find some alternate summer reading material.

WTB Helm of Focused Thoughts

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eliteTownlong Steppes. Warlock is trying to get the last bit of experience to ding 90. I look at the little quest arrow in the map. It’s pointing straight towards them. They are all elites. Hmm … I don’t remember anything like this but whatever … must be those wimpy elites. So I progress through the gauntlet of elites to find … nothing, there’s nothing there. The quest is BEHIND the giant rock stupid.

I do this all the time, I do this in game and out. Why oh WHY can I never be paying attention to what I’m doing WHEN I’m doing it? I’m sure this is some type of disorder, it’s probably listed in the DSM-5, the compendium of stuff that can be wrong with you. I don’t want to know. I’d prefer remaining ignorant of just how flawed I am. I can never, ever, think about what I’m doing when I’m doing it, I think about something COMPLETELY ELSE. I am mowing through blameless mobs trying to get to a nonexistent door behind them thinking about calling the vet to refill the dog’s prescription.

In this case I just got a chuckle out of it because it was the Warlock so no harm done but today …

cryingYes. Death Knights do cry. I don’t blame her. She’s badly geared and has been trying to grind Motes of Harmony until she’s blue in the face to make a better weapon. The weapon only needed five Spirits of Harmony as opposed to the gear which each need eight. After spending hours in caves, finally! Finally! Five Spirits of Harmony!

She rushed back to town to craft the mighty Masterworks SpiritBlade Decimator so excited. I then used all her Spirits of Harmony to make the wrong weapon. I was probably thinking about where I saved that really good roasted asparagus recipe or something. I not only made the wrong weapon, I made one that not one of my characters can use. That’s not easy.

I used to find it odd that my husband can’t read and listen to music or have the TV on at the same time. I can read while watching TV while listening to music while cooking dinner. I used to think this was a good thing. Now, not so much. I’m apparently doing all those things badly. So yeah … if you have a Helm of Focused Thoughts for sale, I’ll give you top dollar for it.

And I’m not even going to get into how many charges in the bags of seeds I’ve wasted on untilled soil … oops.

Helm of Fierce Bison

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myhatI’ve been trying to figure out how to display my Helm of Fierce Bison without … you know … blowing my cover. Because once you’ve seen me it cannot be unseen. It’s for your own good. So anyway, I noticed all the news stories about Goth Barbies. That’s it! I’ll use Goth Barbie as my avatar!

Since Matty can’t login and check her mail (which really has Cat spazzing out) because I think lightening is menacing her or something, TA DA! Goth Barbie is modeling my new Helm of Fierce Bison!

I know! It’s the most wonderful helm ever! The heat index here this week is at 108 degrees Fahrenheit and yet I wore that baby for the first hour I had it! I think I will wear it to any special occasion coming up, my mother’s birthday party! Just the ticket! I am so excited to winter dog walk this year!

What? Well yeah … Goth Barbie would totally have a Lesser Voidcaller pet … no question.

Thank you so much Matty! I love it! Best Helm ever!

I’m No Rockette Scientist but …

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rockettescienceDon’t you think it’s about time for Spirits of Harmony to be BoA? Please for the love of … I don’t know, Einstein. Can we please have AT LEAST BoA Spirits? Whine, whine, whine … please? I have two characters exalted with the Tillers who would be happy to make Spirits for my undergeared Blacksmith, BUT NO! She’s forced to try to grind out those spirits in her crappy gear. Maybe for 5.4? Maybe?

I’m not sure why I care, I can’t actually do anything right now anyway. Latency problems continue, one day is fine the next day unplayable.


So I had started a post complaining about Spirits of Harmony that’s still out there on the internet. Next I was going to complain about the game being intermittently unplayable because of Comcast’s latency issues. Well Comcast must have heard me complaining and I sure got my comeuppance, they showed me all right. Now I have NO INTERNET AT ALL but I’ll continue complaining in the hope that one day I will be able to contact civilization again.

I know who did this, I saw him on the dog walk. A Comcast truck was on the side of the road where all their cables stick out of the ground. Maybe I should go back with both dogs to intimidate him. TURN THE INTERNET BACK ON FOOL!


Anyway … this is Cim. She was my actual second main until something got screwed up and Sasche went first. I’m trying to remedy this but it’s proving hard. On my server at least, Horde side is pretty much dead. I’ve seen forum posts about whole guilds moving off the server. Alliance is a little more active so I’m hoping Cim might see some action.

I had planned on doing some scenarios with her but aside from Saturday when the lag was gone I can’t queue for things if I’m going to be stuck in a five minute cast. Now I’d be sooooo happy to be able to cast one of them or have Cat dig for five minutes for an archeology find. You don’t appreciate what you have until it’s gone.

Alright … I’m just stalling, starring at the Network icon in the hope WAIT! It’s back! He must have heard the dog comment! I’m sure the latency problems continue but now I can log in and enjoy those five minute casts!

What? Oh man, you noticed. I know I didn’t actually have anything to say in this post. It was a shameless attempt to crawl one step closer to five hundred posts. It’s taking forever. Sorry, I’ll try to do better next time. Maybe I can film Cat’s five minute digs, that should be riveting viewing!

Catavars and Annoyed Warlocks

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catavatarSo I came upon Cat chatting with El, I figured she was getting carp tips from her but I heard her say something about her catavar. Catavar? What’s that? Well apparently they both play MMOs. I know! I asked if Cat could show me her … ah … catavar.

Um Cat? Why did you pick a avatar catavar with those ears and those eyebrows? What? No! No, I didn’t mean anything’s wrong with them at all, I just thought you’d go for a whole different look. Since you could. You know.

Well yes, many of my characters are human. You’ve got a point, I see what you mean. So you were going for the kinda Human/Night Elf Halfling look? Yes, I see. Very nice.

whitecarpOh see, she was asking El for carp tips! And it worked! Yay Cat, two down two to go.

warlockallyYeah … please don’t say anything … about the … you know, look. I’m in enough trouble with my Alliance Warlock as she had to sit around dressed like that while EVERYONE else got to 90 first. She was NOT happy.

So over the last day or two we rushed through the same quests for the third time in a row. Oh, sweet Elune! She told me she wanted to do Battlefield: Barrens. I don’t know if I can do this again. No one does the champions anymore. One little mob at a time with an underpowered Warlock, oh boy.

But fair’s fair and she did wait patiently … sort of. Deal’s a deal.

warlocknowThere she is looking somewhat better and off we went to do the scenarios. Blood in the Snow went just fine. Yay! We’re almost to the Barrens! I kind of jumped the gun there. Dark Heart of Pandaria did not go well, again and again and again and …

I felt so bad for a little Shaman who finally said they would drop group so we’d be able to finish and although I felt bad for them, we were thankfully able to finish with another player. Yay! Barrens, here we come. Yeah, I was trying to get enthused. Be supportive … she’s been waiting a long time.

So we get there and take the quest to gather 15 of each resource. After that I ran screaming back to Pandaria. Maybe next week. She could use the gear. Just not right now. I can’t, I just can’t.

So I felt really guilty. How to make amends. Let’s see … 40,000 gold should do it. I’m cringing. I really did spend that on her, rather than gather lumber. And to get her to the lofty iLevel of 459 … and don’t tell her I told you … she’s using a borrowed weapon. Yes, Sasche and Cim are sharing a BOA. They have to send it back and forth. I know. But my Scribe absolutely refused to make another Inscribed Serpent Staff. WOULD NOT DO IT. They can share, she told me.

So now I’m broke and and being bossed around by a bunch of virtual characters. But on the bright side, it did take seven years before I caved to them. Come on, that’s something … isn’t it?

Leveling’s Too Easy, Oops … Dead Again

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dkpainI had been playing a lot of Neverwinter and I’m still enjoying it but as soon as I had latency problems with WoW, for some reason it became IMPERATIVE that I play WoW. Go figure. So with all the posts generated by the Community Blog Topic at WoW Insider I decided to get my Death Knight to 90 and see. Is it just right? Too hard? Too Easy? Because …

quintYeah, how embarrassing. I proclaim myself an altoholic and I don’t have that. What in the world have I been doing *cough* pet battles *cough* you might ask.

Death Knight and I go forth. OW OW OW! OMG! Now I remember why she leveled to 86 just by mining. This is painful. I don’t remember having this problem with her through Cata. She was wearing rags then, she was Unholy, I haven’t changed spec. OMG! Leveling must be hard.

We are at Fire Camp Ordo and this stuff is hard, OUCH! WHAT! Crap, as if she’s not having enough trouble already, Korda Torros wanders by and kills her.

I’m just leveling here! Leave me alone! I don’t want your small bag of whatever, go AWAY!

Okay, that settles it, leveling must be hard although I don’t remember any problems with this area on anyone else. Maybe I should take a quick look at MMO Melting Pot’s Death Knight guide.

Okay, let’s see. Yep, yep, yep. Okay. Got that covered. Oh come on.

Make sure you’re in Unholy Presence.

Like who wouldn’t know that, that’s …

nopresenceYES. I have moved the indicatorer into a more visible position for you to see. Apparently it’s not visible enough. This poor, poor, Death Knight has leveled from 85 to 88 without ANY PRESENCE AT ALL. Not the wrong one but NONE.

petexpShe had been so painful to level that I had stooped to any method of experience other than fighting. Does having Unholy Presence turned on make a difference?

Oh hell yeah it does, we are smoking, we are killing EVERYTHING! There is no stopping this Death Knight now. We’ll be at 90 sometime today.

Oh Korda! Hey, Korda! Where are you man? Yeah, don’t want to show your face now, huh, I’m looking for payback!

So apparently leveling’s not hard. I’ve just APPARENTLY been playing so long I’ve moved into my second noobhood. No big surprise there.

Sigh …