The Smoking Death Knight and The Fashionable Killing Machine of Death and …


A while back I race changed my Death Knight in the hope that we’d be able to bond. I may have made a mistake. Okay, I can overlook the fact that she has allergies, I have them too. So I can understand the constant snorting and sniffing, but man, the voice. This Death Knight sounds like she has a two pack a day habit.

So I was trying to get her to level 88 by flying around battling. We were in the midst of a battle and one of her pets bought the farm. The same instant there was a horrifying sound, I thought we were being attacked by … I don’t know … something terrifying … something … crap, it’s her sobbing. I thought the rhinoceros of doom was incoming.

I WILL NOT do another race change, I have to learn to live with my smoking Death Knight. I don’t know, maybe turn the sound off while playing her. Make her a silent Death Knight, that fits.

tricksterYeah … just, I don’t know. My Rogue Trickster looks like a cross between the Lone Ranger and a Vegas Show Girl by dressing herself in the clothes she just finds by rifling through the dead bodies around her. I mean there are a lot. So far she is a virtual killing machine. I don’t know if it will continue but at this point you can REALLY, LITERALLY, face roll with her and kill every living creature in the area. And look damn good doing it. If things change I’ll have to actually pay attention to her powers but right now I seem to be just along for the ride.

My Control Wizard on the other hand is now getting her hat handed to her at level 38. Her handsome bodyguard is now just eye candy. He’s usually flat on the ground, out for the count halfway through almost any fight now. Be interesting to see if the Trickster encounters the same thing when she gets in her thirties.

mountsCat FINALLY stopped being cheap and bought the remaining mounts to get to 150 and get her new kite. Whew. I don’t know why procuring 500 pets didn’t seem hard at all but the mounts … painful. I asked her what’s on her list of things to do next.

one fish two fish red fish blue fish WHITE FISH

I don’t know if she’ll have much luck with that. She doesn’t even have much luck catching a natfish. That darn Nat Pagle is playing so hard to get, I don’t know when we’ll be bffs. I know, I know. You have to actually FISH to catch them. Come on Cat, equip fishing pool and do eet.

mataoka So yesterday I read two posts at Matty’s. The first was about her lag problems and wishing someone would just make her computer work so she could get on with playing and not have to muck about with trying to fix it.

Then I read this post about needing a propaganda poster for Mataoka, so this one came to mind. Sort of a motivational poster that might make … I don’t know … someone want to help with the computer. I mean who wouldn’t want to help the Queen of the Draenei after all.

Don’t know if it would work hung in a strategic location but darn, it’s worth a try.

22 Responses to “The Smoking Death Knight and The Fashionable Killing Machine of Death and …”

  1. I can see that poster being motivational. Well, if you’re into Draenei, that is.

    Where’s Vidyala from Manalicious when you need her? šŸ˜‰

  2. It could be worse, given the trend of armor styles for women in fantasy RPGs… At least your trickster has pants, right? šŸ˜‰

  3. “the rhinoceros of doom”. XD That’s exactly what it’s like! I don’t know why they went so overboard for female Worgen voices, they sound terrible.

    In the Cata beta the female Worgen sound files were messed up. Not only was there CONSTANT sniffling, but the female laugh was the chicken emote. It was hilariously bad.

    But the other day I accidentally made my Worgen girl laugh by typing “LOL”. The sound that came out of her made me almost jump out of my chair.

    Seriously… bring back the chicken-emote laugh.

  4. What the HELL is wrong with you people?!?! “TRICKSTER HAS PANTS.” So what if my belt buckle hides my loincloth nethers?!?! SHEESH. Ya’ll are damn tacky – this is a fantastic piece of artwork! Don’t get my horns all steamed up now…shammy’s got tude.

    Thanks Tome — I love it!

    • That Trickster has pants and a mask but at least she is showing a touch of midriff there, lol.

      I’m glad you like it! Maybe displaying will get you some computer help I hope!

  5. I can only play Worgen with the sound off šŸ˜¦ Which is a shame really because I quite like my Harvest Witch Druid.

    Always have to remember to switch the sound back on for my Gnome though šŸ˜›

  6. Love that poster! Sorry ancient I can’t rember what else you wrote about busy looking at awesome poster šŸ˜‰

  7. LOL, your random adventures are always amusing to read. I can’t say I know what a DK worgen sounds like so I’ll just take your word for it. That poster is fantastic. I love it!

  8. Tome between you and Van you are breaking down my will to try neverwinter….

  9. […] Tome of the Ancient has a chain-smoking Death Knight. Yeah, you should go read that post. […]

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