Cheers and Put your Money Where your Mouth … oh

stranglethornbrewFinally! In all the years I’ve been a member of the Brew of the Month Club I have never once felt the urge to travel to Ironforge to purchase ale until now. I made a special trip just to buy a case of Stranglethorn Brew. I mean who wouldn’t want to be menaced by Angry Jungle Gnomes. Oh! Oh! Please don’t get me little Gnomes! I hope I acted appropriately frightened, don’t want to hurt their little feelings.

firefallYeah … I know … crazy. Well see, what happened was I read a post at Wow Insider about a former WoW developer talking about WoW being too easy. I certainly agree with that but I don’t know how else Blizzard could have handled it. Leveling to 90 would be a daunting task for someone just starting. Maybe give people a Flask of Accelerated Experience and let them decide if they want to zip through levels or not.

But of course HIS new game, FireFall gets everything right. Oh yeah? Put your money where your mouth is buddy, we’ll see about this. It’s like he threw down a gauntlet … I HAD to pick it up. Just had to.

What? Oh, it’s okay … What? Well, I really can’t say. I’ve been stuck in the tutorial since I arrived. I can’t pass it. It’s too hard. LOLOLOLOLOL. I have yet to manage flying around with my jetpack, shooting through hoops while firing fireballs out my …  can’t manage it so far.

Don’t let it go to your head Mark Kern, just cause it’s hard for me. I’m pretty sure my fourteen year old neighbor could do it just fine. Okay, breaks over. Back to school.

21 Responses to “Cheers and Put your Money Where your Mouth … oh”

  1. They do gives us something like your flask of extreme leveling boost. It’s all that boa gear with xp gain or recruit-a-friend.

    Good luck with your attempt to play Firefall! I’m going to stick with WoW. So what if it doesn’t require skill? I’m happy. Besides I’m not much good with skill. I know for sure there’s a Legend of Zelda I can’t get out of the starting zone because I can’t figure out how to fish. XD And Diablo 3! There’s one boss I have to shamely use other to get though because I die the moment he starts thoughing out the green fire.

    • You’re right, I didn’t even remember those, no wonder it’s so fast. I keep being disappointed when I out level a zone with my Monk. No wonder! She’s all dressed up in heirlooms.

      Ha! Anything that takes too much skill is out for me!

      Although I’ve managed to get out of the tutorial now I don’t think my stay here will be long. Neverwinter is more my style and of course always WoW.

  2. Interesting timing – suggestion by young leet druid to try another game, but alas, I’m in too deep in Azeroth. Leveling the characters doesn’t seem to be my issue: understanding them once they are “there” is. Oh well. Get schooled every damn day.

    • As long as you’re happy there. I sometimes think I’ve happily played WoW for seven years because I take vacations every once in a while but so far WoW is always home to me.

  3. I remember dying as a Priest in Eversong back in Wrath, but that was because I thought Priest = Cleric, where a D&D Cleric has mail and can wade into the fray without necessarily casting spells. Can’t do that in WoW.

  4. wordpress strikes again! Anyway, I guess that is how the young whippersnappers are – take the education that one company has taught them and dis’ them the next in favor of his own. Jumping thru hoops firing fireballs huh. Yeah, like I can do that. I lost that 14 year old agility 48 or so years ago….

    Also, watch out for that matty! She will dis you if you are a dwarf. She doesn’t have to bring tater salad to a haggis feast! Just more soot.

    stay frosty

  5. Just don’t turn your back on those “little gnomes”!!!!

  6. Dangfool Says:

    Fourteen year old neighbors are useful for configuring new printers to the wi-fi and for pet sitting. They aren’t welcome to critique the age of the Nintendo hand-held. It has a “DS” in the name, so what if it isn’t a “3DS”?

  7. Unfortunately even a flask of accelearted experience couldn’t help me get to 90 any quicker… on anything! 😀

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