Familiar Places, Familiar Faces

valeCat’s been a tourist lately, flying around the Vale of Eternal Blossoms taking as many pictures as she can. I thought about my leveling habits since Cataclysm. I realized I avoid the zones with the greatest change.

Darkshore and Ashenvale had been big favorites of mine. I spent a BIG amount of time in them back in Vanilla trying to find quest items that didn’t sparkle and failing. My Hunter resorted to grinding mobs out of frustration so some changes I like. Sparkly quest items, I’m looking at you. Other changes, I’m not so happy about. I no longer level through Darkshore and Ashenvale, I avoid them as much as possible as going there breaks my heart.


I used to love Azshara, although there wasn’t all that much happening there, but now I avoid it. I love you my Goblin brethren but you are walking, talking, environmental disasters. One of my favorite zones now is Silithus because it’s the same as it ever was.

I was surprised how much emotion I have invested in these virtual places but there’s no doubt I have. I’ll go to Dalaran just for a shoe shine from Sheddle Glossgleam or to Fuselight to contemplate goat-kicking. There are so many locations I love to hang around in and now I realize just as many I avoid. The incredibly, beautiful Vale will remain ever beautiful here in this post where I can come back and see it, should things change.

fishchairCat finally caught enough fish to gain Nat’s devoted friendship. I knew that I wanted something he’d give me but it took so long I forgot what it was. Oh! Nat’s Fishing Chair! Cat hurried to show it off to Fish Fellreed. Cat thanked Elune that all was the same in Valley of the Four Winds as it had been, all her Tiller friends were fine. I hope they stay that way. Really Blizzard, don’t mess with the Tillers … they’re all my BFFs … really, hands off.


17 Responses to “Familiar Places, Familiar Faces”

  1. Our parallel virtual lives are so connected Tome; just this week I was taking my, gee, 143rd warrior through that zone, and having my heart broken all over again. I am never there in time to save Gwynneth.

    Ceniza does not use her port to Theramore: nothing but ash and pain.

    Now the Tillers — no one messes with farmers. You don’t mess with the food growers without getting a hoe up the tookus…we should be all right.

    • Nobody but Cat and Sasche completed Jade Forest either so they don’t have to see the ruin there. And Theramore! I must have blocked that! How could I forget.

      Any bears yet or are you still in civilization?

  2. I have to admit that I DO kind of like Silithus in a weird sort of way. It was always obsolete due to the opening of the Gates of AQ had already been accomplished, but it was one of those places where the old version of endgame still lived on. And it still does.

    Just like how I liked Ghostlands and Bloodmyst Isle for their “throwback to BC” environment. (Ghostlands is slightly altered now, however, due to the Cata revamping of Zul’Aman.) Once in a great while I get on Quintalan just to wander Eversong and the Ghostlands; no armor on, just a social set of pants and shirt with Quel’Delar strapped to his back.

    • I always liked Silithus, not sure why since I’m not fond of bugs.

      I do like some of the revamped areas but I seem to like to go hang around zones that haven’t changed much and reminisce. Sasche should go revisit her roots. At least visit Hardwrench Hideaway and get some crabs.

      Oh! Ghostlands sounds like a good trip!

  3. I like to level in Silithus as well! But my reason is that I just like getting the achievement for completing the zone since it’s only 19 quests. But the first time I leveled Darkshore on my first Alliance toon after Cata about broke my heart. I do remember my eyes getting misty because with all my night elves I spent a lot of time in Darkshore leveling. And all those npcs started to feel like old friends and their lives had been torn apart and they were dying! It’s awful. Come to think about it, other than finishing it for loremaster I’ve advoided that zone as well.

    • I know! I think the only time I went back to Darkshore or Ashenvale was to do the quests to get Withers, it was so sad, they did feel like old friends. I can remember being in Auberdine when I first saw another race. I was so impressed that they had made it from far, far, away Eastern Kingdoms. So many memories there.

  4. I think part of my dislike of Cataclysm was the fact that Blizzard managed to pretty much pick all of my favourite places to smash up. Aszhara, Darkshore, Desolace (although some might see it as a distinct improvement) and Menethil all completely changed. Then along came Mists and they destroyed Theramore, my home away from home.

    For me it’s not just the idea of change, after all the Plaguelands are a little less plagued these days and that doesn’t bother me, more the wanton destruction of zones I have such happy memories of.

    • I know, I liked Desolace when it was desolate, lol. And every time I go to Menethil Harbor it makes me so sad that no one’s helping them get up and running again.

      Yep, Cata was my least favorite expansion and I’m pretty sure the reason is the same as yours. Change the quests, okay, but leave my zones alone.

  5. I agree with you about those areas, although maybe not for the same reasons. I’m afraid I never liked Ashenvale. I’m not sure why – rocks or trees that seemed to suddenly spring up in your path, the architecture, the night elves (not a fan:) ). Whatever. Yes, it’s even worse now. Azshara, I agree, is another area that was wrecked by Blizzard – or the now omnipresent environmental disasters called goblins. Silithus and Desolace are areas that I try to make myself go to as they were out of the way in the normal flow of things and they were interesting in their own way. Heh, I seem to be reiterating all the comments above so Yes… You are right.
    Oh! I preferred the old Mulgore/Barrens combo as well walking through Taurajo village and such.

    • Yes, I miss Camp Taurajo too even though back in the day I only had Alliance characters. I think I would have been more happy had Deathwing just flown around breathing temporary fire on us and not the total destruction of certain areas and I really, really, wish the Vale would get a reprieve.

  6. Anonymous Says:

    Silithus brings back such good memories for me I don’t really need a reason to visit every now and then, esp with the handy port to Uldum. The Vale makes me rather sad though when I always see that ugly hole around the golden pagoda.

    I also only completed the Jade Forest on my priest as I wanted to keep it lush for my other toons.

    • It is nice to have the port to Uldum to get Silithus. I also like to fly by Un’goro crater to thumb my nose at those dinos that terrified me back when I leveled through there, lol.

  7. Oh, I have to agree that Cata did change a lot of my old familiar haunts – Darkshore was one of the places that I would spend hours and hours just kind of messing around. I have to laugh because I was doing RP standing there talking to people and fishing a lot. Oh yeah, Blizzard hit a lot of my favorite haunts with Cata – the Barrens was a gut wrencher for me because I have a few Tauren that still hang out there and I think about the way it used to look and now – you might die if you aren’t paying attention with the “war” effort going on.

    Congratz on getting Nat’s fishing chair – yep, gotta be one of my favorite things. 😀

    • Thanks! And it was a nice surprise to get the chair since I’d forgotten what I waiting for, lol.

      Changes in game play, talents, classes, I don’t get disturbed by, but when they destroy my beautiful world it’s really upsetting. I made it even worse by losing all my screen shots from those years when my computer had a nervous breakdown so I’m taking no chances with the Vale.

      • Oh, I can sympathize with you in regard to losing your screenies from the days gone by – I have gone through two different computers having a spazz attack and lost most of mine as well. At least this time, with computer number three in eight years, I am backing my screenies up to another source.

        Sure wish I had some of my old shots from those bygone days too. 🙂

  8. […] Tome of the Ancient prefers the places in Azeroth that haven’t changed. I must say, I’m rather adverse to change as well. But I haven’t even touched most of the Cataclysm leveling zones yet… (not that surprising, knowing my leveling record). […]

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