The Sha of Latency Strikes a Demoralizing Blow

zorakarCat finally agreed to leave off pet battling so my original character, my Hunter, could FINALLY get to 90 and fly around looking for beasts to tame. Do you see how pissed off that bear is? I don’t blame him at all. For the past two days doing anything has become excruciatingly painful to endure.

It’s a testament to the unyielding resolve of Hunters that she would not be swayed from her mission. Really more like she figured Cat would be back to play with her pets so this was her only window. She made it by logging in playing until it became impossible, logging out, logging in … yeah, painful. And when I say logging out, that wasn’t even possible, log out had to be done from the Task Manager.

I know nothing about networks but it seems if everything was fine and no changes were made on this end, the latency must be caused by something other than my computer. So I did a pathping, yeah kind of stupid as I have no idea what it says except, that can’t be good.

pathpingAgain, talking completely out my … left ear, doesn’t that looks like Comcast and Blizzard aren’t getting along. Correct me if I’m wrong, since I’m trying to analyze this from a position of complete ignorance. Make sense huh. But that’s how desperate I’ve become.

So I google and find there’s a thread on the forums. And apparently there’s another for Comcast users in the state of Washington. It’s not just me then.

I know better than to try to contact Comcast whose fix would be to try to sell me something. So I looked into doing a ticket but really, I don’t think the WTF folder has ever in HISTORY been responsible for anything. I think it’s blameless. I think it’s just busy work to get us off their back. And they want my MSinfo file that has all my errors. I think that’s too invasive. I took a look and saw an entry that said, “Derp just dropped her tuna sandwich on the keyboard, ha ha.”

Yeah, way too much info there. So here I sit with nothing to do. WoW is unplayable now, but I continue to try. At some point I will probably give up but I have to keep morale up among the troops.

admiredarnMy bank alt was whinging and moaning about not being able to trade. I told her to turn around and admire the lovely scenery … I won’t say what she told me.

16 Responses to “The Sha of Latency Strikes a Demoralizing Blow”

  1. Yeah, I think it has something to do with network throttling that Comcast has been doing. Part of their way of reining in “power users”, because they don’t have the bandwidth to deliver the speeds they promised customers. All U.S. high speed providers have this problem, but the cable companies have it worse than DSL because of the variable nature of their connections.

    • If that’s what they’re doing that really makes me mad. Pick on the people streaming movies, not my poor little Hunter. If anyone should be upset it’s game companies because they are the ones who will suffer if their games become unplayable.

      Battle of the Titans! Comcast vs game companies!

      • Unfortunately, Comcast would win that fight.

        You’d be better off getting Netflicks and Cloud companies on your side.

        • Yeah really, my husband has been shopping TVs for like forever. I think the fun is in the chase. He’s been comparing the relative merits of Hulu, Netflicks, etc. but if they throttle it there’s not much point in getting a new TV. There, maybe we can get Panasonic, Sony and everyone else on board!

  2. Roo the Hunter Says:

    I think you are sandbagging. Most don’t even know how to get as far as you did. 😛

    • I know how to get information but I have no idea what it means, lol. I’m dangerous left to my own devices! It’s my magic thinking. I think if I stare at it long enough knowledge will just magically enter my brain. Hasn’t worked so far but I’m not giving up.

      • Roo the Hunter Says:

        well, I know nothing about Comcast, EXCEPT they are the devil pig’s eye viewpoint.

        I have Cox, but I do pay for it. 😦

        good luck.

  3. I’ve got a feeling that Shaw throttles its network in Canada too. I feel your pain and totally sympathise.

    • Thanks Martin, I’m trying to get used to a fight frozen for a minute then resuming. I can’t imagine how frustrating this would be for someone who raids. I’m not even going to queue for a Scenario with her until this resolves (I hope)!

  4. I read your post and am sympathetic to your cause. It doesn’t look like throttling control, but an issue on AT&T’s end. The IP of is an AT&T IP. Here is the link that I found it at;
    Further research indicates, like you said, lag issues for otther WoW users as well. But this isn’t limited to WoW, it is limited to gaming, from what I can tell.

  5. Who is that hunter? I swear I have never seen her before!

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