Leveling’s Too Easy, Oops … Dead Again

dkpainI had been playing a lot of Neverwinter and I’m still enjoying it but as soon as I had latency problems with WoW, for some reason it became IMPERATIVE that I play WoW. Go figure. So with all the posts generated by the Community Blog Topic at WoW Insider I decided to get my Death Knight to 90 and see. Is it just right? Too hard? Too Easy? Because …

quintYeah, how embarrassing. I proclaim myself an altoholic and I don’t have that. What in the world have I been doing *cough* pet battles *cough* you might ask.

Death Knight and I go forth. OW OW OW! OMG! Now I remember why she leveled to 86 just by mining. This is painful. I don’t remember having this problem with her through Cata. She was wearing rags then, she was Unholy, I haven’t changed spec. OMG! Leveling must be hard.

We are at Fire Camp Ordo and this stuff is hard, OUCH! WHAT! Crap, as if she’s not having enough trouble already, Korda Torros wanders by and kills her.

I’m just leveling here! Leave me alone! I don’t want your small bag of whatever, go AWAY!

Okay, that settles it, leveling must be hard although I don’t remember any problems with this area on anyone else. Maybe I should take a quick look at MMO Melting Pot’s Death Knight guide.

Okay, let’s see. Yep, yep, yep. Okay. Got that covered. Oh come on.

Make sure you’re in Unholy Presence.

Like who wouldn’t know that, that’s …

nopresenceYES. I have moved the indicatorer into a more visible position for you to see. Apparently it’s not visible enough. This poor, poor, Death Knight has leveled from 85 to 88 without ANY PRESENCE AT ALL. Not the wrong one but NONE.

petexpShe had been so painful to level that I had stooped to any method of experience other than fighting. Does having Unholy Presence turned on make a difference?

Oh hell yeah it does, we are smoking, we are killing EVERYTHING! There is no stopping this Death Knight now. We’ll be at 90 sometime today.

Oh Korda! Hey, Korda! Where are you man? Yeah, don’t want to show your face now, huh, I’m looking for payback!

So apparently leveling’s not hard. I’ve just APPARENTLY been playing so long I’ve moved into my second noobhood. No big surprise there.

Sigh …

19 Responses to “Leveling’s Too Easy, Oops … Dead Again”

  1. Second noob hood….that is exactly it!! You hit on what I have been experiencing too…maybe I’ll just stay in the wilderness a little longer…or emerge victorious with my Helm of the Fierce Bison!!

    • I think I’ve forgotten half of what I knew but I didn’t know it, lol. I think to play some of these alts properly I’d had to start over from scratch, hey, that’s an idea!

      I so envy that fine Helm of the Fierce Bison, I might even brave testicle festivals to acquire one!

  2. I do that sorta thing after I die, sometimes. I run around without any shield at all on, wondering why the heck my mana regen is sooooooo bad. And then I go, “Oh.”

    • It’s the frequency with which I have to go “oh” that frightens me. lol. I’m glad I’m not alone though, I guess you have to pay the piper if you’re committed to altoholichood.

  3. Tyledres Says:

    I swear those presences do something funny. Tyledres is always pulling stuff and than realizing she didn’t turn on blood presence. Or trying to kill stuff and doing horrible dps until I realize that I forgot frost presence. And I probably shouldn’t mention those times I was being a really squishy tank on Ji-kun in lfr because I forgot to switch from unholy back to blood after a downdraft.

    • I know! When I saw it I thought, oh, that can’t be causing THAT much trouble but it was. Without Unholy presence she was standing around all the time waiting for spells to be ready getting beaten to a pulp. Now she’s kicking butt.

      I’d be in serious trouble if I had to remember to switch them like you do!

  4. Congrats on your achievement. Is it bad that I levelled a couple of DKs just so I could move around on a new server more easily? I don’t think I even plopped in her new talents let alone a presence. Will have to check next time I log into her.

    • Oh man, these DKs just get abused, lol. I should clean up my bevy that I left scattered around for finding battle pets. I can attest that if you ever want to play her a presence helps a lot!

  5. Oh, love the “second noobhood” completely! Yep, it happens and I’ve done some of the same stuff that you’ve encountered. I have a tone of alts and jump on them and wonder what happened to them – they were so “badass” the last time I played them at Christmas – Oh, yeah, nerfs, forgot to turn this back on…what do you mean I can’t do that now?

    Yep, it’s rollicking good fun to think that you’re forgotten more about the game than some folks have learned yet and you want to crawl under your desk and hide. ROTFL, thanks for sharing and reminding me – I’m going to steal your phrase to use in my brain. 😀

    • LOL! You may certainly use it! I know, I sometimes think I’m still trying to play a character like I did two expansions ago, with bad results. I’m probably doing better with my new little Monk then some of my long time characters but they are so patient with me.

  6. So glad to know I’m not the only one forgetting my DK’s presence. Never fails when switching from blood to frost that I will forget to turn on frost presence.

    • It sure looks like you’re not alone, someone should come up with a DK addon that beeps or something like GTFO when you don’t have a presence. Might hear a lot of beeping in Azeroth!

  7. Noobness? No! Merely a sophisticated senior moment, that’s all it was. I confess to enjoying them myself now and again.

  8. DKs get abused because of Hellfire Peninsula. And that BG range.

    As good a DK as you are (and I’m sure you’re doing fine), there are plenty of DKs that will drive you absolutely nuts.

    Still, going for 5 toons at max level, that’s an achievement.

    • I still remember the onslaught on DKs gripping all the quest mobs from my hands.

      She made my fifth, now I can get on with getting my Alliance Warlock to 90. I need a Warlock of both factions. There can never be enough Warlocks, lol.

      • And here I thought you didn’t like the Shivarra. 😉

        I know I ought to go back to my Lock because they’re just killing the BGs right now, but I’m stubborn that way. Yeah, I’m playing a Rogue during their down period, but I’m gonna suck it up!

        • This is on of the reasons I love my little dwarf warlock. I just imagine her cackling while she takes down horde much bigger than her.

  9. […] leveling too easy? Not if you forget how to play your class, as Tome of the Ancient helpfully demonstrates. Don’t worry — I’ve done that very thing P L E N T Y of […]

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