I’m No Rockette Scientist but …

rockettescienceDon’t you think it’s about time for Spirits of Harmony to be BoA? Please for the love of … I don’t know, Einstein. Can we please have AT LEAST BoA Spirits? Whine, whine, whine … please? I have two characters exalted with the Tillers who would be happy to make Spirits for my undergeared Blacksmith, BUT NO! She’s forced to try to grind out those spirits in her crappy gear. Maybe for 5.4? Maybe?

I’m not sure why I care, I can’t actually do anything right now anyway. Latency problems continue, one day is fine the next day unplayable.


So I had started a post complaining about Spirits of Harmony that’s still out there on the internet. Next I was going to complain about the game being intermittently unplayable because of Comcast’s latency issues. Well Comcast must have heard me complaining and I sure got my comeuppance, they showed me all right. Now I have NO INTERNET AT ALL but I’ll continue complaining in the hope that one day I will be able to contact civilization again.

I know who did this, I saw him on the dog walk. A Comcast truck was on the side of the road where all their cables stick out of the ground. Maybe I should go back with both dogs to intimidate him. TURN THE INTERNET BACK ON FOOL!


Anyway … this is Cim. She was my actual second main until something got screwed up and Sasche went first. I’m trying to remedy this but it’s proving hard. On my server at least, Horde side is pretty much dead. I’ve seen forum posts about whole guilds moving off the server. Alliance is a little more active so I’m hoping Cim might see some action.

I had planned on doing some scenarios with her but aside from Saturday when the lag was gone I can’t queue for things if I’m going to be stuck in a five minute cast. Now I’d be sooooo happy to be able to cast one of them or have Cat dig for five minutes for an archeology find. You don’t appreciate what you have until it’s gone.

Alright … I’m just stalling, starring at the Network icon in the hope WAIT! It’s back! He must have heard the dog comment! I’m sure the latency problems continue but now I can log in and enjoy those five minute casts!

What? Oh man, you noticed. I know I didn’t actually have anything to say in this post. It was a shameless attempt to crawl one step closer to five hundred posts. It’s taking forever. Sorry, I’ll try to do better next time. Maybe I can film Cat’s five minute digs, that should be riveting viewing!

6 Responses to “I’m No Rockette Scientist but …”

  1. Maybe you should go GY camping on the Comcast guy.

  2. A few years ago I was experiencing the same thing…horrible lag with a 3k-7k latency (sometimes it would bounce up to 13k+). I had contacted Comcast 3-4 times and each time they would do a “line check” from their end. Each time it would check out as good and that was that. Finally, I suggested/asked that they send a tech out to see if they could check the lines in my attic or something. Thankfully they agreed because the tech found two problems that once fixed resolved my latency issues.

    One problem was that one of the splitters outside (a connection that makes one line into two separate lines) had corroded some and gone bad. The other problem was that the cable modem had gone bad.

    Neither of these problems affected my basic internet connection…I could surf the net just fine. But because WoW requires so much information passed back and forth, it really bogged things down.

    Neither of these problems could be “seen” when they would run line tests from their end. But once the tech came out to my house and found them, he fixed them and had me up and running at around 250 latency in no time.

    Long story short, have a tech come to your home and check these things if you haven’t already.

    • You hit the nail on the head! This morning I went out to walk the dog and there was a Comcast truck in my driveway, then another arrived. I hadn’t called support yet but they were here because they said a line check found noise on the line.

      Turned out to be a bad cable from the box to our house, I am going to try it out right now and hopefully I’ll be latency free!

  3. Don’t worry, Comcast must have decided to update their modem/router connections last week and I found myself unable to play WoW for the better part of said week. Now that the router and modems have been reset, I’m back in business.

    I agree on your comment about the Spirits of harmony because I have six 90s grinding away at it when I can even get online long enough to play and not die of lag. Hope they listen soon because I have a bulk load of Spirits on my main Horde side that would definitely love to give some of them to my alts.

    • I tried resetting hoping it might help but no luck and Comcast replaced the cable from the house to the box and still no luck. I’ve done everything I can think of, only thing left is consulting a Witch Doctor, lol.

      The first time through I didn’t mind the grind for those motes but now I so want to share, let’s keep our fingers crossed for BoA motes!

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