WTB Helm of Focused Thoughts

eliteTownlong Steppes. Warlock is trying to get the last bit of experience to ding 90. I look at the little quest arrow in the map. It’s pointing straight towards them. They are all elites. Hmm … I don’t remember anything like this but whatever … must be those wimpy elites. So I progress through the gauntlet of elites to find … nothing, there’s nothing there. The quest is BEHIND the giant rock stupid.

I do this all the time, I do this in game and out. Why oh WHY can I never be paying attention to what I’m doing WHEN I’m doing it? I’m sure this is some type of disorder, it’s probably listed in the DSM-5, the compendium of stuff that can be wrong with you. I don’t want to know. I’d prefer remaining ignorant of just how flawed I am. I can never, ever, think about what I’m doing when I’m doing it, I think about something COMPLETELY ELSE. I am mowing through blameless mobs trying to get to a nonexistent door behind them thinking about calling the vet to refill the dog’s prescription.

In this case I just got a chuckle out of it because it was the Warlock so no harm done but today …

cryingYes. Death Knights do cry. I don’t blame her. She’s badly geared and has been trying to grind Motes of Harmony until she’s blue in the face to make a better weapon. The weapon only needed five Spirits of Harmony as opposed to the gear which each need eight. After spending hours in caves, finally! Finally! Five Spirits of Harmony!

She rushed back to town to craft the mighty Masterworks SpiritBlade Decimator so excited. I then used all her Spirits of Harmony to make the wrong weapon. I was probably thinking about where I saved that really good roasted asparagus recipe or something. I not only made the wrong weapon, I made one that not one of my characters can use. That’s not easy.

I used to find it odd that my husband can’t read and listen to music or have the TV on at the same time. I can read while watching TV while listening to music while cooking dinner. I used to think this was a good thing. Now, not so much. I’m apparently doing all those things badly. So yeah … if you have a Helm of Focused Thoughts for sale, I’ll give you top dollar for it.

And I’m not even going to get into how many charges in the bags of seeds I’ve wasted on untilled soil … oops.

14 Responses to “WTB Helm of Focused Thoughts”

  1. As soon as you find me a brain to put in my cranial cavity, I’ll let you have my helm of focused thoughts =P Something’s gotta be powering upstairs, ya know.

  2. Can you put in a ticket to get the mats back?

  3. Oh no, is it bad I got a chuckle out of this? I hope things look up for you very soon. You deserve it!

  4. Tome, I am somewhat of an expert in this subject matter. I have had to tell many a young squire or dame why they can’t listen to their I-pod and write:

    Our brains are still one of the most complicated things that exist on our planet, at least that’s what our brains tell us. In simple terms, if we are trying to listen to our language centers, such as read and listen to music at the same time, we are crowding out that zone, no matter our age. The focusing helm would be a good thing, this is for sure, but be careful what to wish for: those brains are really nothing better than zombie food most days!

  5. Makign the wrong weapon is not an uncommon mistake. One of my guildies did the same thing.

    Sorry abou tthat though Ancient 😦

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